Unmatched bets
Re: unmatched bets in-play.
In-play event. Where a punter is backing, laying in-play, this spectre of a bet unmatched comes up. Has the punter any facility where s/he can click so as if the bet is 'unmatched' the bet immediately lapses and the punter can start again putting on a bet? This must have come up already. Some time ago I put on a lay bet, a horse, the race in-running, I kept getting 'unmatched' as I tried to lay it. I tried repeatedly to get a lay bet on. At the end of the race here here five (5) lay bets on screen, all matched and the horse WON. This almost occured again last Sunday night.
Has the punter any option here? Can I press some facility that an 'unmatched' lapses immediately once the figure is not here? Let the punter have control and exercise their choice on it.
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