Why do U2.5 doubles, selected from the 'In Play and Coming up' tab on the Cash Out page vanish when the games start, effectively making no 'cash out' available.
Clearly your own rules state.... 'Cash Out is currently only available for certain bets. To ensure Cash Out is available for your bet, please check that all of the markets have the Cash Out icon next to them'.
So you accepted my U2.5 double selected via your 'In Play and Coming up tab' on the Cash Out page (so cash out was clearly available for these selections), it remained in place up until KO showing a net loss could be taken if desired, but then it miraculously disappeared....why?

Double (x1)
Hoffenheim v ADO Den Haag - Over/Under Total Goals 2.5
Under 2.5 Goals
PSV v Club Brugge - Over/Under Total Goals 2.5
Under 2.5 Goals
Potential Returns:
Bet ID: O/0008230/0000192
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