How to keep money separate in my account
Hi, I have on the odd occasion made a back when I intended to make a lay and vice versa. This can be fatal if the difference between the two is considerable. I did it with a horse a year or so ago the night before when the market was undeveloped and ended up laying it for two pounds at about 75 to 1. Fortunately for me it was a non-runner. Other times since I didn't have more than say 50 pounds in my account I got a "funds exceeded" message.

But right now I have quite a bit in my account and I was wondering whether there is a way of ensuring that I can't wipe my bank out by a mistype. I tried the loss limit option but it stops me from placing multiple bets on the same day and isn't fit for the purpose I have in mind. The only other option I can think off is tying some money up in a silly bet like laying Man City at evens to be rock bottom of the Premier League. But there must be a better way. Am I missing something? TIA.
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Hi there, would you be able to contact us via live chat so we'd be to get a better understanding of what you'd need to do in this case and to able to discuss this further please?

You may reach live chat using this link
Thanks very much.