Why haven't you fixed the Cash Out yet?
I've reported several serious issues with the Cash Out on more than one occasion, none of which have been fixed after over a month.

The main ones are as follows:-

1) On some markets where runners get eliminated over time so that their odds go to 1,000, I'm finding that the Cash Out figure offered is often several hundred pounds red when in fact my book is net profitable.

2) In the above markets, hovering over the Cash Out with the slider at maximum SHOULD result in roughly equal reds or greens across all runners, but often the figures are wildly different and the 1,000 shot runners end up having any pre-existing green increased whilst the short favourite reds sometimes end up bigger red - this is insane!

3) If you move the slider from Max to Min on a red book it changes to green when the figure exceeds £1,000 even though the figure is still a minus amount.

4) Sometimes the Cash Out is offered on a book that is not yet complete - how can the user know how it is calculating a meaningful figure if there is an invisible "Any Other" carrying an unseen red or green with no associated odds being offered by anyone?

5) How about a custom Cash Out with tick-boxes against the runners you wish the Cash Out to use in its calculation? I really don't often want to green up my entire book by betting on eliminated runners at odds of 1,000 even if it is only for a few pence here and there.
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Answers (2)

Hi there.

I am sorry for this, thank you for the feedback, however these are normal conditions of the markets on the Exchange.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us via live chat, Twitter, Facebook, or a call.

Betfair Customer Service.
Hi there,

Thank you for sending this in. We have sent your feedback over to the relevant department.  We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Betfair CS
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February 2, 2018 7:37 AM GMT