Why wont Horse Racing Markets load on Exchange?
Last night the horse race exchange markets suddenly stopped appearing....all I get is totally blank white field.
However, greyhound and football markets still appear.
Anyone else got this issue?
Any ideas on how to fix it please?
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Answers (2)

Thanks Simon,
That seemed to sort it out.
Cleared cache, downloads and history.
Think it may have been due to some software I was using at work yesterday.
Still weird though that I could get up football and greyhound markets but not the horse ones!?
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July 7, 2016 11:29 AM BST
Hey Madhatter,

All appears fine this end and no other issues reported. I'd suggest it's an issue local to your PC/Laptop etc..

In this instance we'd suggest clearing your cookies and cache on the web browser you're using. The following link will help >

If all else fails, please give our Live Chat guys a shout (24/7) >

Hope this works!