Why do card withdrawals take days when card deposits are straight away?
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I have 2 bank accounts. One I have had for over 20 years and up until a year ago I used this account for all deposits, withdrawals from Betfair. I opened a new bank account a year ago and have since used both accounts for transactions. My older account is shortly to be closed so I have been trying to withdraw funds into my new account. I am getting the money laundering message saying I cannot withdraw funds to new account until I have withdrawn a certain (large) sum into my old account (which as I say will be closed shortly). I fully understand the reasons for this, but under the circumstances I really need to find a way around it. Can you help please. A cheque would be acceptable.
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May 20, 2016 1:20 PM BST
This is standard practice for most banks, and unfortunately it's not something we have any control over.

You'll usually receive your withdrawal within a day or so, however, it can take up to three working days for the funds to clear in your bank account.

Don't forget, Bank Holiday's and weekends are not classed as working days. If there's a Bank Holiday or a weekend after you've made your withdrawal, it'll take a little longer for the funds to appear in your bank.