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26 Aug 19 19:35
Date Joined: 21 Dec 01
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I'm sure many of you have had the experience of reporting an issue via the Chat Message system or by email or perhaps by phone and had the frustrating experience of dealing with somebody that simply didn't seem to understand what you were explaining no matter how clearly you spelled it out. You may have also been promised some kind of email follow-up which never materialised. Most annoyingly you may have found weeks or months later that the issue persisted and when you went to report it for a second or even a third there was no record or acknowledgement of it having been notified by you or anyone else before and no briefing of the HelpDesk as to what known issues were already recognised and being dealt with.

So, as I couldn't find a similar thread, please put any known but unresolved issues here. If you have had a conversation with the HelpDesk and have saved the transcript then please do post that below as well, but remember to blank out or asterisk any names. Let's see just how seriously BetFair are treating customer concerns.

I'll go first.

I placed a bet the other day and was the first in the market. My bet appeared in the display, as expected, but, worryingly, it didn't show up in my unmatched bets window, so I would not have been able to quickly cancel it  (say if I'd set the odds too low or placed it on the wrong side of the market).
I was alarmed at not being able to see my bet, but not as alarmed as I was at the response  from BetFair. This is what I sent them and their unbelievable reply:-

"[Dear BetFair HelpDesk]

I'm raising this to escalations as I do not trust the BF chat desk to
understand this or treat this as important and pass it on.

I placed a bet on the Exchange market for Lancashire v Derbyshire on 26th

Bet ID 175911849888

At the time there were no other bets pending, which I suspect may suggest
the glitch relates to the first bet placed in a market.

My concern is that after I placed the bet I could see it in the market but
it did not appear in the panel on the right under "Open Positions".
Therefore I would have been unable to cancel the bet. I was able to verify
that the bet in the market was indeed my bet (and not someone else's by
some extraordinary coincidence) , by checking under "Betting History" from
which I was able to obtain the Bet ID.

I went back to the market and placed a second bet with the ID Ref:

Once I'd placed this second bet both bets appeared in the "Open Bets"
window as normal.

Please look into this glitch as it may be important..


****** *******      "

"Hi *******

Thanks for getting in touch.

I am sorry to hear about the issues that you have experienced with us.

I had a look into this for you ***** and it looks like you placed these bets on opposing selections, 1 on yes and the other on no.

The selection yes you had chosen odds of 50.00 and unfortunately this selection is not being traded at that price at the moment. It looks like the highest that this has been traded at so far is £13.50 so this will have a hard time with getting matched as it is.

With the selection no you had chosen odds of 1.10 and the price that this is being traded at, at the moment is 1.02. The highest that this selection has been traded at is 1.02 so as it is I'm afraid that this bet will not be matched.

I do fully empathise with your frustration on this however, I'm afraid that I cannot seem to be able to see any issues with this from my end.

I do sincerely apologise for any inconveniences that this may have caused you.



Betfair Customer Service Management "

I wish their was an emoji for "Man blows his own head off with revolver" as I would use it pretty often in my dealings with the Hinderdesk.
Bear in mind this was not the main chat window but the (supposed) next level up. The guy didn't even check to see that I've been a member since 2001 and probably know my onions.
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Report Escapee August 27, 2019 7:18 PM BST
The unmatched bets section on the website does not update as often as the market updates.

it is what it is.

if it's really important to you then use the api
Report VardonVoo. August 30, 2019 9:39 PM BST
The bets update normally at all times except on this one occasion when I was first in the market - my bet simply didn't appear for several minutes until I placed a second one. Yet I could see it in the market It's a gitch, not me being impatient I assure you.

Anyway the other point of the thread is the ridiculous response from Betfair.
Report TGMTEL September 12, 2019 6:19 AM BST
Yesterday they forgot to add streams for lots of tennis matches. This has happened before, and in order to add them they need to report it to live video team who can add the streams. When I reported this yesterday the first two people I spoke to at helpdesk would not even admit there was a problem.

Bf: Hi
Me: Hello. Betfair has forgot to put up streams for almost all tennis tonight/this morning.
Bf: It does depend on the live feed.
me: no.
me: Streams are available. Bet365 has them so Betfair should have them too. But someone from Betfair screwed up and forgot to add them.
BF: We operate differently,we do not forget to add streams,we rely on third parties.
Me: Oh trust me, Betfair forgets to add these streams. If you're gonna be all Bagdad Bob about this when I try to inform you of an error and get it solved, I'd rather talk to someone else.
BF: Ok,I am sorry you feel that way but I can only advise from our end.
me: It's not how I feel. You are giving incorrect advice.
BF: Ok.
Me: Is anyone else available?
BF: Yes indeed.
Me: thanks, please let me speak to them.
BF: You would need to start a new message please.
Me: I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm afraid you are very wrong on this and as a customer that's frustrating.
Me: ok I will.
BF: I can see if I can transfer you,please allow me a moment.
me: thanks.
BF: No worries.

To help you to with the details you have provided, we need to transfer you to another team.
Please wait and we will connect you to an agent as soon as possible.This is ... and I will be looking after your query today. I will aim to reply within 2 minutes.

BF: Hi there, how can I help please ?
Me: Hello. Betfair has forgot to put up streams for almost all tennis tonight/this morning.
BF: I believe that my colleague is actually correct.
Me: She is not.
BF: Apologies although due to the fact that we rely mostly on Third Party Live feeds sometimes we would not have the accurate information of what is happening during the game.
BF: On every bet slip there is a warning sign that states this :
Warning : Although the current score, time elapsed, video and other data provided on this site is sourced from "live" feeds provided by third parties, you should be aware that this data may be subject to a time delay and/or be inaccurate.  Please also be aware that other Betfair customers may have access to data that is faster and/or more accurate than the data shown on the Betfair site. If you rely on this data to place bets, you do so entirely at your own risk. Betfair provides this data AS IS with no warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of such data and accepts no responsibility for any loss (direct or indirect) suffered by you as a result of your reliance on it.
Me: Please let me talk to somebody else.
BF:  this is the standard response.
BF: Apologies although we are not a streaming company we are a betting company.
Me:  I've been with betting with Betfair for 14 years. I know how this procedure works and what's the reason for streams missing. This is Betfair's fault, not a 3rd live party.
BF: as mentioned above.
Me: Let me talk to someone else.
BF: I can transfer you no worries.
Me: thank you.

I eventually got to talk to a third person who reported it to live video team. Streams were eventually added.
Report TGMTEL September 12, 2019 6:24 AM BST
But it's always a hassle to get streams added when they fail to put them up in the first place, because it can only be done at certain times during the day. So if it happens during night for instance there is no-one around who can add them. And since live video team isn't customer facing you always have to convince someone from helpdesk that there's a problem that needs to be reported and passed on. And sometimes live video team can't even solve the easiest problems even when they're around.
Report TGMTEL September 12, 2019 6:40 AM BST
This is a classic one from earlier this year. It's with the Swedish customer service, which is believe it or not even worse than the UK one. I have since switched to a UK account.
Earlier this year they changed the commission structure by changing the rebate for Swedish customers without informing customers so one day I was paying much more in commission than I had before. I emailed them to see what was going on (This is before I was aware of these changes to commission structure, I was only informed of that later as I kept asking.) This is their initial reply (translated from Swedish).

Thank you for your email.
When you bet on the exchange you play directly against other players instead of against the company.
Therefore, on the Exchange there is a fee called a commission that is deducted from winnings because we offer the service to be able to play directly against other players.
Previously, the Commission was 6.5%, but it has now been reduced to 5%. This has recently been changed to 5%.
We are licensed in Sweden.
Do not hesitate to contact us with further questions!
Report elisjohn September 12, 2019 8:35 AM BST
elisjohn • September 10, 2019 1:43 PM BST
anybody else having problems on their betfair ashes correct score market, its been fine since sunday but today ( sounds silly) butmy p/l changes every so often, and my 2-2 scoreline disappears . Confused i have phoned betfair but whats the point, i just wonder if someone else noticed on their 2 mins ago my pl on england showed +322  and no bets showing on matched bets on 2-2, now its back ok as it  it should be, this has been happening all morning. its still continuing its a nuisance , its not showing the 2/2 score on the page, but they are on my history as still unsettled and matched, trouble is these are 4 figure sums and i need to trade on it during this test, .
MYexplanation here is poor but its easier to talk on the phone to explain, but what numpties they really are, i was passed to customer services and the chat service and i asked "what my profit/ loss on the market their end,"they didnt know what p/l was , they did have brilliant staff there years ago, Brian was very helpful, and there was a great girl there, but now youd get more sense from a few monkeys.
Report Nebs September 12, 2019 11:35 AM BST
HI, just logged in and I seem to have been "thrown out" of the cash race - last time I was at 31% and now I am not able to participate. Whats happening?
Info at 10:53, Sep 12:
This is Ian and I will be looking after your query today. I will aim to reply within 2 minutes.
Ian at 10:54, Sep 12:

Hi Francis! Thank you for contacting us. We are currently experiencing high volumes of contacts, so please allow me 30 min to get back to you. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

This is our new messenger platform. You can leave this window and it will not effect the conversation. Think of it like an everyday messenger. 
Ian at 11:00, Sep 12:

Unfortunately since you were excluded from promotions on sportsbook as part of our new policy this also includes Exchange promotions I'm afraid which will explain why.
You at 11:00, Sep 12:
so when did this happen?
Ian at 11:00, Sep 12:

Very recently I'm afraid Francis, you were excluded from sportsbook since 2017.
You at 11:01, Sep 12:
I'm excluded from all bets that I want to make on sportsbook
Ian at 11:01, Sep 12:

Even promotions unfortunately.
You at 11:01, Sep 12:
I was OK in the last cash race, earlier this year
Ian at 11:01, Sep 12:

Yes as part of the new policy we transferred that over I'm afraid.
You at 11:01, Sep 12:
I was OK in this cash race a couple of days ago
Ian at 11:01, Sep 12:

I can double check for you.
You at 11:02, Sep 12:
It showed my % increasing daily.
You at 11:02, Sep 12:
then today it shows nothing.
You at 11:04, Sep 12:
I was even sent texts on a daily basis about the cash race
Ian at 11:04, Sep 12:

So management have confirmed for me that this is the reason for not being able to use the cash race anymore. The change on your account was very recent but this is the reason.
You at 11:05, Sep 12:
Do you think the gambling commission will find it acceptable to offer a promotion that encourages higher than average betting, then take it away from people half way through?
Ian at 11:05, Sep 12:

We are well within our right to do so Francis, apologies from my end.
You at 11:06, Sep 12:
when, exactly, is very recent?
Ian at 11:06, Sep 12:

Perhaps a month or two ago but your account's restriction came in effect this month I believe.
You at 11:07, Sep 12:
Soyou don't have an exact date? Are you talking about sportsbooks restrictions
Ian at 11:08, Sep 12:

The sportsbook restriction was 1st december 2017 but the Exchange one no I do not have an actual date it came into effect.
You at 11:08, Sep 12:
What restrictions are in place on my exchange account, I have not been notified of any?
Ian at 11:08, Sep 12:

Your restrictions are only relevant to promotions not betting.
You at 11:09, Sep 12:
So why did you send me a text at 16.52 on 11sep asking me to opt into the cash race
You at 11:10, Sep 12:
and another at 17.09 on 11sept
You at 11:11, Sep 12:
and an email on 11 sept
You at 11:12, Sep 12:
and an email on 9 sept
You at 11:12, Sep 12:
and an email on 6 sept
You at 11:12, Sep 12:
and an email on 2nd sept
Ian at 11:12, Sep 12:

I see your point, I will remove these marketing preferences from your account as that is very unfair that you can't participate.
You at 11:13, Sep 12:
NO, my point is that you cannot make an offer, I accept, and then you withdraw it half way through
Ian at 11:14, Sep 12:

I can understand your point of view, I will escalate this to management as I do believe it is unfair.
You at 11:14, Sep 12:
splendid, what do I do next
Ian at 11:17, Sep 12:

You will be contacted directly by management in the coming days.
You at 11:17, Sep 12:
OK, thanks, bye
Ian at 11:18, Sep 12:

You’re very welcome! I will close our conversation for now, if you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact us again! We are always striving to deliver a great customer experience so if you ever feel you need some help, drop us a message and we will be more than happy to assist you and hopefully resolve any issues you may encounter. You will be sent a survey after you close the chat, I would really appreciate if you can take a few seconds to let me know how your experience was. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day!
Conversation closed by you 11:21, Sep 12
Survey at 11:21, Sep 12:

We would love to get your feedback with one quick question
Report elisjohn September 14, 2019 11:06 PM BST
a few of us had that email about2 months back, then 2 or 3 days later had an email saying sorry it was sent in error.
Last week you were contacted by us stating that your existing ineligibility to Sportsbook promotions was being extended to all Exchange promotions.

This communication from us was an error and we can confirm that you are fully eligible to qualify and redeem Exchange promotions.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the miscommunication.
Report elisjohn September 14, 2019 11:08 PM BST
this is the one i had few days earlier

We’re writing to you with clarification around access to promotions on your Betfair account.

As you are aware you are not eligible for Sportsbook promotions. This is to confirm that your existing ineligibility also extends to cover all Exchange promotions as well including the Cash Race.

Please be aware that this does not impact any promotions that you have already started wagering towards, or any prizes/free bets already awarded under those promos nor does it impact your ability to place bets on the Betfair Exchange and Betfair Gaming channels.
Report elisjohn September 15, 2019 8:45 AM BST
honestly thought i was getting confused but double checked this morning,

ive thought for many months now that the home page with the full list of sport on the left hand side, that sometimes it shows football, and sometimes it changes to soccer, anyone else noticed?Confused.
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