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15 Feb 18 10:45
Date Joined: 29 Jul 17
| Topic/replies: 2 | Blogger: Galloper's blog
Hi there. First time posting on the forum. Been meaning to make this post for a while but just haven't got around to it until now. Well I say that but I tried once before and when I went to submit post, I got an error. Maybe they are trying to stop me!

So basically, I bet casually. just for fun really on football and horse racing mainly. Now last summer I was informed by Paddy Power that I was no longer eligible for BOG. I was angry at first as I couldn't understand what I had done to warrant such an action. However, as time went on I just thought, ok, only one firm, I’ll just have to accept it and move on so I did that. Now about 3 months later, the Betfair Sportsbook decided to follow suit. Again, I was taken aback by this as I didn't understand why this was happening since I was experiencing a lengthy losing streak around that time too. It made no sense to me so I made numerous phone calls and sent off various emails to try to get some clarification behind their decision. Unfortunately, nobody from Customer Service was prepared to offer me an explanation as to why BOG was removed from my accounts. I felt like they were treating me like scum in all honestly when all I wanted to know was why my accounts got flagged.

Now I lost a pretty good concession there with two bookmakers that I’d enjoyed betting with previously but I think what hurts more is being kept in the dark over the situation as I don't understand how I could end up in such a position. I would probably feel a lot better if I was given reasons for why BOG was removed from my accounts. Of course, I talk as if it is two separate issues but as we all know, both firms are joint partnered now so it's probably a case of one firm copies the other. With the likes of Cheltenham coming up, I would’ve loved to have had these two firms at my disposal but that won’t be the case obviously.

The question I want to ask the forum is what can I do that will help me to receive some clarification on why this happened? Surely, I deserve that at the very least? Instead it’s all just top secret and I’m supposed to assume I know why my accounts got flagged. And finally, will these restrictions ever be lifted and is there really no way that I can convince them to re-look into my case? Thanks in advance.
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Report DenzilPenberthy February 15, 2018 4:49 PM GMT
Are you an ownwer/trainer/media/journo in Horse Racing?
Are you a sportsperson or celebrity with deep pockets?
Are you a social media mouthpiece with many followers?
Are you a bookmaker affiliate?
Are you a gambling addict?
Do you spend silly amounts on casino and games?

If you don't fall into one or more of these categories you will get all your bookmaker accounts restricted to pennies eventually,in many ways it's up to you how quickly this happens
This is the reality of betting on Horse Racing which is NOT SHOWN IN TRUE LIGHT PUBLICLY but is as bad as it's ever been and getting worse

Now you can look on with the resentment felt by 1000's of others having to the swallow the lies from the racing media etc.
The Good thing for you is there are at least 30 more companies for you to go through
Good Luck with your endeavours
Report pumphol. February 15, 2018 8:21 PM GMT
Paddy Power & Betunfair Sportsbook are one & the same company so you really have only been restricted from one firm not two.
Report aye robot February 16, 2018 12:05 PM GMT
If you show any sign at all of not being a complete moron all the sports books will restrict or ban you. They don't even wait for you to be a winner, just show a tiny modicum of intelligence and they will flag you as a bad risk and that's it. There's no use complaining, in the end it's their business and they're not in it to loose. Just take it as a compliment and bet on the exchanges where your money will always be welcome.
Report DenzilPenberthy February 16, 2018 1:47 PM GMT
That's true aye robot though the main gripe of mine is the FACT that those within the game with priviliged information CAN still bet as can racing journo's,media,celebrities,affiliates,sportspeople and anyone else of any voice or importance whatsoever.
Report PeteTheBloke February 16, 2018 6:44 PM GMT
Keep your stakes small and you'll usually be beneath the radar. If you bet £100+ they'll
instantly take an interest: is it an arb; is it a steamer; is it the same trainer each time;
is it for laying in-running? It doesn't have to win.

They never tell you why. If you can be bothered, you might find out something by making
a request under the data protection act, but I think they can choose to hide sensitive
business information.
Report DenzilPenberthy February 16, 2018 8:01 PM GMT
Pete keeping your stakes small does not always work and quoting £100 as a cut off is ridiculous as I've had losing accounts restricted within a few days betting no more than £10 win on singles not top prices and £2.50 @ sp on multiples.
I opened an account a few weeks ago to see what would happen stakes wise and was immediately £0.01 on multiples without any bets being struck and £150 take out on singles when taking a price,if I bet this account will be restricted to pennies very quickly.
Report YDNA_got_it_right_now February 16, 2018 9:22 PM GMT
it's a traders decision of course
Report PeteTheBloke February 17, 2018 2:14 PM GMT
Denzil - you're right, of course, but what I said was £100+ attracts instant attention.
Galloper clearly isn't well-versed in the foibles of the bookies and he doesn't make it clear
whether he wins or loses. The bookies are more interested in patterns than whether you win.
If you follow the right pattern, you'll end up beating them and they know this. Their software
doesn't always hit the target, but they have "traders" to back up a decision.

If your account was restricted before even playing, then I'd say you're on some blacklist.
You need a few more IDs and a few more addresses Wink
Report DenzilPenberthy February 17, 2018 4:54 PM GMT
Maybe I could sell my soul and become a bookmaker affiliate Devil
All I need is a Twitter page and I can post my own tips at various fantasy island prices whilst my followers blow their horse winnings on the casino and games
Next all I would need to do is wait til I get credited with my monthly blood money to top up my bookmaker horse winnings,sounds simple but plenty do it if you look and they NEVER complain about being knocked back Crazy
It's a bent bent world
Report ericster February 18, 2018 4:13 PM GMT
And here is little old two quiding me trying to figure out a way of finding an edge, or should the be hedge?
You find your wings, if you're lucky, and then you're totally blown out of the sky.

I'm disappointed.
Report DenzilPenberthy February 18, 2018 4:28 PM GMT
When you can bet freely anythings possible that IS the EDGE
If you know anything about Horse Racing and can bet freely i.e from day before early prices you will win and if you can't you should give up the game.
Starting with small stakes you will go undetected for a while stick to a B356 account and when that goes open about 5 more and keep small stakes combined with betting on here and keep opening more and more til you're left with shops and here.
By that time you should have made a fair bit and learned a fair bit,don't worry about starting with very small stakes as long as you're winning you can still build up a decent bank betting freely.
The main difficulty is when you can't and all the night before geniuses tip the horses you would've bet on (they somehow still can which I doubt) and the prices are crippled by the time there's any liquidity,until then don't worry Grin
Report ericster February 18, 2018 4:42 PM GMT
I'm a "would be/wanna be " football inplay trader.
Report DenzilPenberthy February 18, 2018 4:49 PM GMT
They accommodate football well but exploiting ricks only will get you restricted quite quickly I'd imagine
Report ericster February 18, 2018 5:00 PM GMT
We shall see and I shall be quick to bleat if they shut me down.
There was a time when being shut down was quite an accolade but I'm just one small guy with a lifetime of losing behind him. I've paid my dues.
Report rose of the shires February 19, 2018 9:25 PM GMT
I think accounts taking a price and "beating" SP attract more attention than a few winning bets. Any hint/suspicion of inside info. and they will restrict you to pennies....
Report PeteTheBloke February 21, 2018 9:04 PM GMT
What still p1sses me off most is that they'll knock you back to pennies
but leave the price up.
Report Galloper February 24, 2018 11:33 AM GMT
Hi guys, thanks for the replies. Had some issues trying to reply this week, lets try again.

Some very true points mentioned but nobody has really talked about whether I am justified in receiving an explanation? Wasn't there a Racing Post article recently referring to just this where punters were kept on the dark about trading decisions relating to their account?

Just to clarify though, I was with Paddy Power for 3 years before they removed BOG from me last year. Betfair were obviously going to follow suit eventually which they did a few months afterwards.

I don't stake big, even £20 is a lot to me so i'm not being flagged for that. I might not be the biggest chump around who places multiples left, right and centre but I go on losing streaks far more than I go on winning streaks in my honest opinion. I like horse racing in particular and place some bets to win, some EW, it depends on the price but all I ever do is back horses as a fun interest through studying the form book.

As I said before, I just don't get how it got to this point. I did nothing underhanded unless trying to have fun with a few wins here and there is suddenly a bad thing now? I couldn't get their customer service to provide me with any information from the trading department and for the past month I haven't pursued my case. How the governing bodies can continue to allow these bookmakers to operate in such a secretive way I just don't know.
Report dave1357 February 24, 2018 4:39 PM GMT
Galloper everyone who is not a colossal mug gets these emails.  BOG is a good concession and they only want to give it to people who immediately bet their winnings on other gambles.

It isn't worth bothering about.
Report Rob_The_Bantam February 24, 2018 11:23 PM GMT
it depends on the price but all I ever do is back horses as a fun interest through studying the form book.

You've indicated that you might use an intelligent approach.  Therefore, your business is not welcome.  You'll be welcome to play casino and slots to your heart's content with no restrictions, though.
Report Gin February 26, 2018 3:59 PM GMT
Sadly true..........
Report dukeofpuke February 26, 2018 5:26 PM GMT
Galloper - you are asking why wont they tell me why they have removed BOG - the answer is they will never say exactly why they may say our promotions are for recreational gamblers or new customers so your 3 years counts against you.another is this they think if they tell you then think they are giving away their secret formula to restrict accounts and this could be used against them with multiple new accounts.basically you are not important so stop wasting your time pursuing this just carry as best you can in the style of betting you do.paddy use threatmetrix so have a read via this link
there is also possible collusion between various books (dont forget a lot are governed by gibraltar laws) so not much chance of any of us challenging them.i had these 3 accounts restricted in some way at start of the year over a few weeks bet365 removed all offers and BOG soon after paddy restrict to £0 on all sports totesport remove BOG heavy restrictions on boosts etc are they colluding in breach of data protection are they using out side sources
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