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26 Jan 17 13:01
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Has to be the worst out of all the major firms. I have been routinely waiting 14/15hrs on boxing matchs they've covered in the sportsbook to be settled in spite of me getting onto customer service agents 4/5 times. Last night I turned on the williams vs coco women's tennis match, wlliams had just held and coco was 4/6 to get the first ace it was only 1-1 or maybe 2-1 so i backed it, at 15-0 she serves an ace and i'm happy out. Turns out they forgot to suspend it because it was her second ace. I mention how bad betfair are and how little accountability they take and bring up a fight I backed in 2014 that I proved beyond all doubt should of been voided but it lost and I didn't get refunded and the customer service agent either humoured me or gave me the runaround at 5am on a slow night, but here's that story.

I was looking at the ufc prelim betting and backed nick hein at 1.28.57 it was scheduled to go off at 1.30. I find a stream and the fight is already on. They dont cover prelims in running, at least not in 2014 and my guy was getting bashed, they had been slow to suspend the market. I immediately got on to them when the fight was still on and they were having none of it, got a timestamped in running shot from bleacher report and they still weren't having it.

Years earlier I backed a ufc fight in running that was in australia, there was a 9/10 second time delay. It was on the exchange the moment I backed my guiy he immediately got ko'd. The ref had waved the fight off as soon as he hit the deck and i watched as the counter went down and then instantly was matched when the fight was already over. Again betfair slow off the mark

I have paid betfair over 14k in commision over the years, never mind money blown on the sportsbook and I really, really cant get over how bad they are.
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Report Latalomne February 6, 2017 9:02 PM GMT
It is getting worse.

Wenbo v Dale in the World Grand Prix snooker was suspended midway through the fourth frame.  I initiated a chat and pointed this out.  I was told that suspensions are handled by a third party and there was nothing he could do to find out why.  When I mentioned that this was the first time in 15 years as a BF customer that support had not been able to raise the issue of an erroneously suspended market with the Market Operations team, he suddenly decided he might be able to do something about.  Apparently, eventually, I was told that BF had lost the feed (not impossible, but B365's was working). 

When I pressed him on the third party point, he apologised and back-tracked completely.... It's all still managed by Market Operations.
Report grrrrrowl February 12, 2017 7:10 PM GMT
Betfair online chat are only there to waste your time, fob you off and sometimes say they have emailed the 'traders' to which the traders respond to in their good old time.

In the past week I have had 3 bets on the exchange that have taken 3, 9 and 10 hours to suspend a settle. One of those games was on TV, another was on live video and the other took 4 bloody requests.

You're right, their market ops/traders have no accountability. They are uncontactable and will do as they please. There is no way to make them pull up their socks other than leaving or vastly reducing your activity on here. They don't take us or their site properly and now neither can I.
Report Sabu February 23, 2017 2:56 PM GMT
I said to the guy who I was on to, "I know it's early in the am and your only stringing me along saying you'll investigate this to pass the time" I got an email saying they'd look into to it, and of course.....nothing since.
Report ericster February 23, 2017 4:58 PM GMT
It's all just a sign of the times, world we're living in, and it's a shame.
Sorry, I know that doesn't help any but it's how I see it.
Report Sabu March 27, 2017 8:22 AM BST
I had a bet on conrad cummings, I was paid out and then this was changed to void without being told. Then I was told it was already over when I bet on it. I asked for evidence citing my bet and saying "twitter and bleacher report" are apparently not good enough as proof because they aren't offical, can you forward me the OFFICAL evidence or site you used to tell me this fight was over. They just said they are under no obligation, there isn't a site. They are full of s***
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