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07 Dec 09 21:18
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betfair are based
Pause Switch to Standard View anyone know where
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Report L'Chambre December 7, 2009 9:33 PM GMT
Report thankyoumugs December 7, 2009 9:35 PM GMT
hammersmith along the river, 10 min walk from fulham football ground.
Report Video_Lounge December 7, 2009 9:41 PM GMT
why? you gonna bomb it?
Report Moon Light December 7, 2009 9:45 PM GMT
Expensive location.
Report SHAPESHIFTER December 7, 2009 10:56 PM GMT
None of this is real.

All part of a neurological network that was devised by the government and gambleaware to cull those that were causing havoc with both the economy and/or personal cash flow through gambling.

In your case, chuck, around the 20th of May, 2008, either family or your workplace was contacted by a special branch of the government that informed them that, based on a load of data presented in power point, that you, like the rest of us, were going to cause a meltdown in the economy through our betting behavior.

In return for, as they put it, on "pause", your family and the company you work for were compensated. This amount is close to double of what you were putting into the economy but put into other peoples hands. For example, my wife received mine and has helped the economy by buying alot of clothes, shoes and bags.

For you, this existance started iin the early hours of 1 June, 2008. They arrived at your home and proceeded to attach a router box directly to the back of your nervous system.

Your mattress was replaced with one that flexes your muscles every quarter hour and a sprinkler system sprays a mist of moisturizer that keeps your skin soft while repelling pets from knawing on your body parts.

In your mind, you woke as you always did but sat down on a sunny Sunday afternoon and decided to join "betfair". Your first bet: a horse in the 2:40 at Bath named Maybe I Will. It won and you had a £2 flutter on at 50/1, well over the 20% better as advertised. Similar bets happened to all of us and immediately the program kicks in. What we weren't aware was there was around a ten minute delay that allowed the initiators to find a bet that would satisfy us from the start and make the transition into this fictional world easier.

Day after day, you see the same matrix of information. All fiction. All just a bunch of pixels of numbers that your mind chases. A repetition of results from around the world. Most real. Some created by the programmers. For example, like Big Brother, X-Factor was cancelled but "the programmers", realizing that once woken, none of it will affect your life, creates avatars of performers and opportunities to bet on them. Many are sucked in to the fiction but it helps massage parts of your brain that are simple to please, like giving a kid a lollipop.

As part of the agreement that they are paid to keep you on pause, friends and family are "scanned" and enter your world for a visit. The chat is all real though it is done through typing and vocoders. As complex and in depth as this program is, it has some faults, especially on visits. For example, next time you're in a room with several people, you may notice that the men all blink at the same time as do the women.

The program was created by Dr Andrew Black. A bit of an eccentric fellow who created it while working with several governments on theoretical schemes that would strengthen the global ecoconomy.

He is paid a commission of around 5% of what the government saves per year by having betfairians on "pause". People assumed that the "premium" also went to him. It doesn't. This was introduced to be charged against "players" who were costing more to keep. It started at the same time as the utilities of gas and electricity went up. I also have a theory that it might also be charged to overweight people since they would need larger bed and more moisturizer.

How will all this end? Unfortunately you ride a recurring cycle of success then heavy loss again and again. No one really knows how many times but they build your hopes about becoming "full time" then throw it away through a series of silly moments. Eventually, your brain is smoothed out and you realize that, money aside, time could be better spent elsewhere with family and friends (again, information that is gathered through questionaires on how your life should be according to those around you). By watching how your brain reacts to bets, they know when to unplug you from the Hammersmith 3000X.

You won't know when it will happen. For some, it will be when the Olympics comes as commentators push the message that it is a "pure event" and you will have no urge to gamble on it. For others, they'll find themselves in their local watching their team remembering what it was like as a kid to watch their heroes for what they were rather than as a potential gain or loss.

But one by one, each of the "sharp minds" are blunted and released back into the economy.

How do I know all this? Well, years ago, during an upgrade, there was glitch and it was as though a door opened in my mind that I didn't know existed. Before me was a wall of buttons with letters just floating there. There was a five second count down and I kept entering different words and names but every time the clock counted down and the door faded away. I just couldn't beat the clock. It happens every time there is an upgrade.

Day after day, I kept trying to find the word that would open the door. I kept searching the "forum" for clues till one day I tried "court siders" and lo....I beat the clock and every other persons transmission.

It was a moment of orgasmic binary and I shot through the door and found myself floating freely among a sea of zeros and ones. I felt calm even though I had discovered that my world as I knew it was all fiction.

I gathered info through leaks in the systems and have tried to find a way out but can't. So now I accept where I lie looking forward to meeting my children, Shapeshifter Jr and Princess Shapeshifter (though I was on pause while both children were conceived and am scared that they don't actually exist. Both have blue eyes and blonde hair while I have generations of brown eyes and hair on my side of the family).

They changed the code of "court sider" after I got in. They've tried to flush me out but they can't. I'm ahead of the five second clock and disconnecting me only means that the world will find out about our plight. Unfortunately, my gut tells me they simply upped the compensation to Mrs Shapeshifter and she's out buying more clothes than ever while I'm possibly a bouncy castle for my children and their friends. I could be here a long time.

I do know that Dr Black made a fortune and the world economy is doing fantastic without us screwing it up (the programmers are having a major laugh at our expense by creating headlines about "credit crunches" - an expression that one of their children came up with - and charts showing the collapse of the nation). This is all to prepare our minds for when we come out of this with nothing in the bank and a real sore back.

I did find one file discussing a "floatation". This isn't what you think it is. The plan is to build giant "betfair pools" around the world to float all the betfairians in. This will save on moisturizer and will cut the costs involved on keeping us on "pause". More money for the founders.

So there you have it. I'm still not sure if this is real time or not. Perhaps two years would have passed just reading this post by me.

Stay strong but accept the situation. Perhaps we will be one of the lucky ones to score a 999/1 in-running bet that will make the "pause" easier. But don't expect to hold onto those winnings. As I said, it all gets "recycled" back into the matrix.

It is dark outside and I am alone. Both my children are asleep and Mrs Shapeshifter is in the bedroom.

So based on that feed, I guess the appropriate thing to say would be "good night".
Report Moon Light December 8, 2009 1:32 AM GMT
A classic thread. Awesome revelations by Shapeshifter.
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