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inner city sumo
08 Dec 19 13:43
Date Joined: 18 Aug 02
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Anyone got any advice about getting bets on in shops? Looking at side market type bets, scorers, corners, bookings, player to be carded etc. What size bet before things get phoned through, how often can you go in there etc. How quickly do local shops in the same chain get word if you're doing well etc. Do local shops in different chains share intel?
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Report starship December 8, 2019 3:19 PM GMT
thought football bets were easy to get on shops and online
Report inner city sumo December 8, 2019 4:32 PM GMT
To be honest I've not tried either, but on the basis of what people have said on here over the years I want to stay under the radar as much as possible and spread my bets around as much as possible.
Report starship December 8, 2019 4:58 PM GMT
i bet greyhounds and i get accounts restricted after one day,
i started to put a few football bets on to keep the account open longer
Report inner city sumo December 8, 2019 5:55 PM GMT
Yeah. I tend to do the proposition type bets though, and I'm guessing they are a lot more jumpy about that than traditional match odds, correct score type bets. Would be interested in anyone who works for the dark side and hates it, whether they can shed a light on what gets flagged in shops. I want to use online as sparingly as possible.
Report darren_discombobulates_sports December 8, 2019 6:22 PM GMT
Bookies for many years have been using CCTV to identify customers who are going round multiple shops placing the same bet to get around limits, these days it's facial recognition technology and your image is immediately put on their system for other shops to view, what most do is simply get other people to place their bets for them if they can't get on.
Report inner city sumo December 8, 2019 6:33 PM GMT
Doesn't surprise me! Do the staff know before you even get to the desk that you're on file, or do they look you up when you ask for too much? Anyone got any idea of typical limits in shops for proposition bets?
Report ImSoLuckyLucky! December 8, 2019 6:47 PM GMT
Thought any liability above £k
phoned in

Report inner city sumo December 8, 2019 7:21 PM GMT
I'd settle for that. I suspect it's quite a bit lower on prop bets though.
Report Fashion Fever December 9, 2019 12:36 AM GMT
I was told in a joes I could win 5k on a football coupon

allowed to win 2k at freds on any bet without phoning a trader
Report ZEALOT December 9, 2019 8:45 AM GMT
Fixed odds betting is as near to impossible to win long term . If you do , you will not be noticed . Why not just bet online tho ?
Report inner city sumo December 9, 2019 10:11 AM GMT
Thanks for that FF, I have 3 Freds in walking distance.

Zealot, I will bet online too, it's just when you bet online they have the paper trail to assess your success over a period of time. I'm trying to preserve the life of online accounts by using shops too if convenient and viable. If you go into a shop every now and again it's less conspicuous and less of an audit trail. PP often have a good price on something I'm interested in, but because I'm restricted on here, I will be restricted online with them too. But they do have a shop in the city centre that I could probably use... and so on.
Report echo123 December 12, 2019 10:01 AM GMT
my advice, genuinely, is not to try, for reasons that haven't been mentioned here. The managers will aim to shame or embarrass you, or at least not care if that is the outcome. For many years here , near Durham, I've tried to use the shops, to do the right thing, and help to keep them open. But so often, for as little as £50 on a horse match bet, or £70 on corners on a live game, I've regretted ever trying, Take the calls to head office, for example, a friendly manager told me that, during a training course , they were told to say aloud whether the customer was a regular or a stranger, " to let any shark know we're on to them " Any kind of , by chance, winning streak, will result in restrictions and likely your description circulated as if you're some criminal. The final straw for me ,and by far the most important factor, was hearing that friendly staff would be given a hard time for not following their protocols, but only if , by chance , my bet had won( £120 at 8/13 ). I honestly don't think any reasonable customer, anywhere other than a bookies, would continue after that..We have got to see that any stake reduction , any odds change, or any risk of your description been circulated, is a very clear sign that we are not at all welcome.
Report exactaman December 12, 2019 10:25 AM GMT
I worked for Korals for about 13 years up until 95. Any customer placing a £50 bet or larger had their own file opened and all bets after that were logged . If anybody won even a small amount over a year they were then watched very carefully to see if it continued. They would then be either refused or limited to smaller stakes. Personally i would use as many different shops as possible and vary stakes keeping them to as small as possible.
Report inner city sumo December 12, 2019 11:02 AM GMT
It is utterly bizarre the way these chains work. Anyone would think they hadn't set their odds the way they carry on. I get only a finite amount can go on as they're trying to manage the book, but some of their practices are beyond the pale.
Report hulk23 December 12, 2019 10:22 PM GMT
do all the big bookies use facial recognition ?
Report darren_discombobulates_sports December 12, 2019 10:52 PM GMT
hard to know hulk as it's not something they admit

bookies over the years started to take less and less bets after the rise of FOBT's, they masquerade as bookies, after new government legislation was introduced/mooted to reduce FOBT's stake to £2 - I then read a report 25% of bookies could close down because they'd stand to lose 800 million in profit!
Report hulk23 December 12, 2019 11:14 PM GMT
wasn't sure how advanced it was, i know paddy instructed one of their managers to come out from behind the counter and covertly take my photo with his mobile phone (not 'covertly' enough unfortunately Blush), which will have taken pride of place on my file at power tower ...
Report ----you-have-to-laugh--- December 12, 2019 11:56 PM GMT
cashier in baldys in newcastle had his mobile phone out today, but was bragging about having
a £200 double up.

they cant be operating facial recognition via managers and cashiers , shirley?

cctv seems pretty rubbish whenever they have a robbery too.

ive had a few bets phoned through...just go to another shop, and nothing until they
get to know you.

pretty sure they would love to have facial recognition, but they would have it
pointing at the door to spot folk coming in, not wait to see them at the counter.
Report Deepdale Dreamer December 13, 2019 8:52 AM GMT
Sure they don't have facial recognition. What they can do after the event is dial into the shop cctv and get a pic of the person placing the bet. That can be circulated instantaneously then to all the other shops, so you're a known warm face.
Report Wildcat Army. December 13, 2019 9:30 AM GMT
I understood Hills were trialing facial recognition.  Camera was facing the shop door on entry with a computer behind the counter picking up the picture.

Not sure if they have moved it forward though as they closed the shop that were trialing it (Leeds city centre).
Report dambuster December 15, 2019 10:53 AM GMT
is facial recognition legal, for somebody who's not comitting a crime,and just trying to place a bet
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