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dr . atkins
27 Dec 18 13:53
Date Joined: 07 Jan 07
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both never won the premiership when will the wheels fall off 13th april could be fun again this time we have no stevie g or demba ba playing
Pause Switch to Standard View so we have two chokers in the top 2...
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Report PorcupineorPineapple December 27, 2018 3:23 PM GMT
Liverpool. Dominating Chelsea fans' thoughts since 1905.
Report Can't Catch Me December 27, 2018 3:47 PM GMT
That’s right doc. Liverpool and Spurs topping the league. And Chelsea also rans.
Report buddeliea December 27, 2018 5:11 PM GMT
Report dr . atkins December 27, 2018 5:16 PM GMT
ccm with the flags out already even tho they have never won the premiership when do the bus parades and flares start plus the huddle must not forget that
Report buddeliea December 27, 2018 5:18 PM GMT
Won the league umpteen times,although of course it would be nice to win another one after all these years.
Report dr . atkins December 27, 2018 5:19 PM GMT
can see it now before the kick off flopp running on the pitch just before the kick off in the huddle come on lads we can this for steve g remember no demba ba this time and chelsea don't play with a forward
Report dr . atkins December 27, 2018 5:20 PM GMT
buddeliea was you alive it goes that far back
Report buddeliea December 27, 2018 5:21 PM GMT
What are you on about DR?
Are you another on here that has no life??

Beer time!!! Come on man it makes sense....don't it?
Report MrMeaner December 27, 2018 5:22 PM GMT
There's always the possibility that we beat Chelsea on the day & pretty much clinch the title.

That would be nice.
Report buddeliea December 27, 2018 5:22 PM GMT
Sadly I remember most of them
Report MrMeaner December 27, 2018 5:24 PM GMT
buddeliea was you alive it goes that far back

Nowhere near the 50 years you had to wait in between titles before you eventually had to buy it.
Report buddeliea December 27, 2018 5:27 PM GMT
Sad that I am that old, but certainly not sad to remember.
Would be nice to have another,but no chickens being counted yet!!
Report PorcupineorPineapple December 27, 2018 5:28 PM GMT
Got to say, opposing fans inventing Liverpool fans already thinking it's over has been my favourite social media thing in recent days. So desperate to get a reaction. Bless their cotton socks.
Report MrMeaner December 27, 2018 5:46 PM GMT
Sad that I am that old, but certainly not sad to remember.

Same here mate. Great times & great memories. I was only 19 when I made the trip - by train - to Rome in 1977 to see us win the first of 5. I'd pretty much given up hope of ever seeing us lift another league title in my lifetime. Glad to say that the hope is now back. Long way to go mind. If a team like City can lose 3 out of 4 league matches, then it's certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that we could too at some point in the season. Still, it's nice to be in there with a great shout at the halfway stage.
Report spyker December 28, 2018 9:45 AM GMT
Liverpool haven't really had a bad patch yet - or at least if the bad patch was at the start of the season then it wasn't all that bad. They are bound to lose at some point and drop points over a period - it depends how long that period is as to whether they win the league or not as City and spurs prob won't drop many more points from now on. Of course it also depends on how other teams decide to play in the run in - it's a shame that Everton have never really recovered from their embarrassing and shameful capitulation to City in 2014 - esp as it wasn't needed as Pool fecked things up for themselves!
Report lurka December 28, 2018 10:39 AM GMT
I'd say there's more choke in City than this Liverpool side. City win games easy and won the league easy when everyone sits off them and lets them have the ball. As soon as someone puts it up to them and makes life difficult for them their supposed big names/leaders go missing and they look ordinary. There are no leaders in that side when the going gets tough imo.

They have always been like this in Europe and even when they won the league twice before Pep they were out of the race and had the title handed to them twice. Lyon made them look like a poor side this year, Liverpool did last year and more and more sides are finally copping on to how to play against them. Their defence is abysmal and their keeper is not great either, despite all the hype about them being a great side. If they don't beat Liverpool next week I can't see them closing the gap or putting enough pressure on Liverpool to make Liverpool crack. I'd actually fancy Liverpool to come out on top in that game and they should be looking to win it although they know they don't have to.
Report buddeliea December 28, 2018 12:16 PM GMT
City and spurs prob won't drop many more points from now on. 

See absolutely no reason why Liverpool should drop more points than City and Spurs to be honest.

A lot can and will happen between now and the end of season, but to predict that City and Spurs will drop less points than Liverpool has no substance to it, and sounds like wishful thinking to me.
Report PorcupineorPineapple December 28, 2018 12:37 PM GMT
Don't think it's necessarily wishful thinking to suggest we will drop more points than City over the next half a season. They finished 25 points ahead of us last season and their numbers were off the charts for the first 15 games or so. They're clearly a very special team.

Could depend a lot on cup runs, injuries and tiredness now. We're in a good spell but got lucky to get 2 extra points at the pit and, since then, have played some poor teams who've sat off us rather than push up and be aggressive in our half.

Hope we carry on. We win the treble, get 101 points and remain unbeaten obviously but we haven't had a real knock to our confidence yet (apart from Red Star probably) so not sure yet how we'd react to our wobble if and when it comes.
Report mafeking December 28, 2018 12:53 PM GMT
fairly astonishing that team that had won 45 of their previous 53 league games suddenly loses 3 out of 4 from nowhere
Report buddeliea December 28, 2018 12:53 PM GMT
Yes, that's why I said a lot can happen and will.
Thing is at this stage,dare I say it!!, Liverpool do not look more likely to drop points than anyone else, in fact were I not a rather nervy Liverpool fan, I would probably predict that the gap will widen!!

But I aint predicting that!!
Report n88uk December 28, 2018 1:58 PM GMT
Tbh 6 points is quite a big gap when the top team has dropped 6 points all season. Yes you can think of way bigger leads being dropped, but in those days the points tallies were much lower.

If Liverpool beat Arsenal and City in their next 2 games hard to see them not winning it, yes Spurs might still only be 6 points behind, but they'd probably be looking at going virtually unbeaten themselves to actually win it.

From Man City's point of view they need to beat Liverpool really, even a draw for them, catching up 7 points when you don't even play the team in question is going to be difficult when they're accruing points at such a rate. Even if they won't sustain the current pace, you'd still not be allowed virtually any slip ups yourselves to win it.
Report n88uk December 28, 2018 2:06 PM GMT
Most likely way teams unravel is with fixture pile up with Europe etc. City themselves very likely be in CL in April given their draw, Liverpool and Tottenham have tougher draws, but could both still easily be in it come April as well.

If you look at Liverpool's only real rough patch of the season it was around the time of the CL games where they got turned over by Red Star and co., they had some average performances in league games around that time too, but they still won like all the games.

After this week Liverpool don't really have any fixture pile up until like April if they remain in CL then, as the fixture pile up for Europe doesn't norm being until the QF's when you have to play QF + SF 4 games in 5 weeks. Tottenham and Man City are both in the Carabao Cup themselves so have more fixture pile up in January.
Report mafeking December 28, 2018 2:10 PM GMT
agree it will taking an awful lot of losing should they pick up the 6 points this week

spurs could certainly get within 1 result of the lead by the end of feb - next 8 games are as friendly as you could ask for - but after that they still have the top 3 other best teams away. pressure could come into play then if it's close

i'd expect spurs to get somewhere between 85 and 90 from here with 11 home games left 9 of which are against the also rans. as you say though might need somewhere nearer 95
Report n88uk December 28, 2018 2:16 PM GMT
From Spurs pov you're of course hoping City vs Liverpool is a draw, and Liverpool don't beat Arsenal (rare I guess for a Spurs fan).
Report mafeking December 28, 2018 2:41 PM GMT
i think we want city to win. need liverpool to pegged back. be surprised if arsenal don't get absolutely demolished tomorrow
Report scandanavian_haven December 28, 2018 3:10 PM GMT
Liverpool should win comfortably tomorrow, Arsenal's defending is actually worse under Emery than it was under Wenger!

I believe this title race will still be between Liverpool and City, City will come good, not so sure about keeping clean sheets but there is way too much attacking talent to keep losing games?

Has Pep ever even lost 3 league games in a row for any club? I can't remember it anyway.

tottenham have played and lost to both Liverpool and Man City at home this season, can't see them going to Anfield and City and getting anything, but should finish comfortably above Arsenal and Chelsea.
Report n88uk December 28, 2018 3:30 PM GMT
His Bayern lost 3 in a row at the end of a season after they'd already won the title. 2014/2015 I think.
Report n88uk December 28, 2018 3:31 PM GMT

Dec 28, 2018 -- 2:41PM, mafeking wrote:

i think we want city to win. need liverpool to pegged back. be surprised if arsenal don't get absolutely demolished tomorrow

Imo both dropping points will be better for Spurs in the long run, and yer you have to expect Liverpool to win tomorrow, Arsenal's defending is a shambles.

Report MrMeaner December 28, 2018 4:23 PM GMT
Lets face it, if someone had told you a few weeks back that City were going to lose 3 of their next 4 league games, you'd have had them shipped off to the funny farm. We're only at the halfway stage of the season right now. With 57 points still to be won or lost, there's nothing that is even close to being decided at this moment in time. I'm not looking any further than our match against Arsenal tomorrow. I dare say Klopp will be saying the same to the players.
Report donny osmond December 29, 2018 4:58 PM GMT
Report mega88 December 29, 2018 4:59 PM GMT
No sign of sof ExcitedTongue Out
Report mega88 December 29, 2018 4:59 PM GMT
Welcome to chokerville Cool
Report lurka December 29, 2018 5:30 PM GMT
Spurs choking second place like they did the year Leicester won it
Report scandanavian_haven December 29, 2018 5:32 PM GMT
I don't think tottenham were ever realistically in the title race per my last post, Liverpool/city should tail off to fight it out imo.
Report sparrow December 29, 2018 5:41 PM GMT
1-0 to the Arsenal.
Report ImSoLuckyLucky! December 29, 2018 5:44 PM GMT

Report sparrow December 29, 2018 5:53 PM GMT
2-1 even.
Report The Dragon December 29, 2018 8:47 PM GMT
5=1 ft and spurs lose 1-3
Report dr . atkins January 3, 2019 9:55 PM GMT
oh dear
Report lurka January 3, 2019 10:01 PM GMT
Losing a game you were 3/1 to win isn't choking FFS
Report ffaith January 4, 2019 12:56 PM GMT
I wonder what yesterday's defeat has done to klopps physche? He must know many think he's a choke job
Report stridingedge January 4, 2019 12:58 PM GMT
surely he needs to drop pts like city and spurs have already done against the lesser sides before that comes into the equation.
Report spyker January 4, 2019 1:55 PM GMT
He must know many think he's a choke job

What is that based on - not his record obviously, unless you can provide facts that say otherwise?
Report ffaith January 4, 2019 2:21 PM GMT
He's lost 6 finals on the bounce. If that's not choking what is it? He's a bit unlucky?  He's tactically inept? Won nothing outside of Germany not saying he's a bad coach but that's his record.
Report duncan idaho January 5, 2019 9:47 AM GMT
ludicrous thread..OP either trolling or has the brain of a child
Report Can't Catch Me January 5, 2019 10:07 AM GMT
You’d have to make the latter odds on fav.
Report spyker January 5, 2019 10:30 AM GMT
So getting to a final and losing is 'bottling it' but losing in the 1/4's and semis isn't - just bad management? That must be why ferguson's record in europe is so good then with all those 1/4s and semi losses, bizarre argument!
Report buddeliea January 5, 2019 10:41 AM GMT
Jurgen has lost three finals as manager of Liverpool.
Twice they were 2nd favs,and the other I imagine would have been pretty even.
Dont know about the Dortmund finals.
I am pretty sure though that if City finish above Liverpool,from what I have see this season,
it wont be because of choking from Liverpool.
We are 4 pts ahead with half the season left!!
Report dr . atkins January 30, 2019 9:53 PM GMT
the choke on spurs out of 2 cups liverpool sh1t themselves at the back tonight was salah on the pitch
Report charwell. January 31, 2019 5:59 PM GMT
Why aren't you more concerned that your lot got stuffed 4-0 by a team who has barely picked up a point in the last 10 games! Your owner isn't around to buy you any more titles. You have a transfer ban incoming.

Chelski reverting back to being a tin pot club again. Pleasing scenes.
Report TENDY January 31, 2019 10:39 PM GMT
Op showing himself up again!
Report pushkin99 February 1, 2019 5:02 PM GMT
just the 4 (FOUR!) for your lot was it ratkins

what a sad lonely troll ratkins has descended into.....................
Report dr . atkins February 1, 2019 5:11 PM GMT
bottle jobs
Report Reynard February 1, 2019 5:16 PM GMT
How many chokers in the top THREE ? Mischief
Report pushkin99 February 1, 2019 5:28 PM GMT
just the 4 (Four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) eh ratkins

Report dr . atkins February 1, 2019 6:22 PM GMT
just 29 years grass
Report dr . atkins February 4, 2019 9:53 PM GMT
here we go here we go
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