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29 Jul 16 19:52
Date Joined: 29 Dec 02
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If you are interested in   ....  Fantasy Football   .....   

I have created a league -   Details below
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Report stewpot July 29, 2016 7:54 PM BST
Apologies if this has already been done

If you are interested in   ....  Fantasy Football   .....   

on the Fantasy Premier League site   .....

I have created a Private Classic league -                 Napsters Premier League

Password  ....  158242-161259
Feel Free to join

The competition is FREE  ........  with plenty of prizes for the lucky ones

Please note

there is NO anonimaty on your Names in the league positions tables

Head to Head League
In addition there is also a there is also a Private Head to Head league

'Napsters Hd2Hd Premier League'
password 158242-161432

Plenty of rules as usual, please read them carefully
a few simplified selected below 

You can juggle your team as many times as you want upto the first kick off
15 players, 4 subs a week
the team you select has 38 Gameweeks per season
you can select your first 11 once per Gameweek
you have ONE free transfer a week
you can make more at a cost of -4 pts per extra transfer
max 3 players from one Team

I can attempt to answer questions not addressed on the site

Im sure there are a few star coaches out there
who can show us all how its done
Report stewpot July 30, 2016 4:46 PM BST
Report TUB July 31, 2016 10:01 PM BST
cheers... just joined
Report stewpot August 1, 2016 9:15 AM BST
Welcome on board TUB
best of luck

Just a note
It is worth joining BOTH leagues guys
with the Head 2 Head you can get lucky or unlucky
so the outcome can be entirely different
Report topshot August 1, 2016 1:29 PM BST
Blimey what the hell have they done to the web site....been playing on their site the last few years...and they have changed it to green,yuk.....will still play again this year though!
Report stewpot August 1, 2016 2:06 PM BST
Isnt that what they say topshot

"the grass always looks greener on the other site"
Report topshot August 2, 2016 1:39 PM BST
Thanks Stew, popped my sunglasses on and have entered..quiet a few already joined so hopefully we will have a good close comp.
Report stewpot August 4, 2016 12:51 PM BST
Thanks Topshot

Numbers building up nicely

deadline 9 days away
you can pick early and alter as many times as you wish until last day deadline

I have noted some of you have only joined one of the leagues
its no extra effort to join both
the same team is applied

DEADLINE 11.30  13 August
Report s.kenbo August 5, 2016 6:53 PM BST
I'm in again, Stew. Thanks.
Report Mr Spock August 5, 2016 7:53 PM BST
I'm in both, good luck to all.
Report stewpot August 5, 2016 11:33 PM BST
Welcome back s.kenbo
I seem to remember you were a little unlucky last year a slow start robbed you 
hope your pre-season training is going better this year Cool

Im still trying to learn but the clocks ticking BlushLove

Welcome Mr Spock

not long to lift off .. enjoy

Numbers up so Hd2Hd could have a few interesting times ahead 7.5 days and counting Shocked
Report s.kenbo August 6, 2016 3:59 PM BST
I was very slow out the stalls last year, I ran on well though. Grin

Should be a nice competitive comp again. Good luck to everyone.
Report stewpot August 7, 2016 12:51 PM BST
Tap Tap BOOM

less than 7 days to go guys

Deadline -  11.30 Saturday 13th August
Report Kit-Kat-Dan August 7, 2016 6:05 PM BST
Just signed up and joined both leagues - good stuff Stewpot & good luck everyone.
Report bigH August 7, 2016 11:44 PM BST
I am in
Report stewpot August 8, 2016 9:32 AM BST
Hi guys numbers looking good - 

just an observation
one or two have only joined ONE of the leagues
to cover your options I would recommend both
you can be mid table in one but be top of the other  -  I wouldnt want you to miss out on some glory ShockedSilly

Hd2Hd league
Head-to-Head Scoring
In a league with head-to-head scoring, every team plays a match against another team in the league each Gameweek.
The match result is based on the Gameweek score of each team minus any transfer points spent preparing for the Gameweek.

3 points are awarded for a win and 1 point for a draw, teams are then ranked on points earned in Head-to-Head matches.

Head-to-Head fixtures are generated at the start of the league's first Gameweek.
Once these fixtures have been generated the league is locked and teams will not be able to join or leave.

If a Head-to-Head league has an odd number of teams then an average team will join the league
to ensure each team has a fixture every Gameweek. This team will always score the Gameweek average. 

The normal Classic league Scoring

In a league with classic scoring, teams are ranked based on their total points in the game.
You can join or leave a league with classic scoring at any point during the season.
Report ccjefc August 8, 2016 10:53 AM BST
In - Evertonia.

Thanks stewpot.
Report stewpot August 9, 2016 11:25 AM BST
some new additions maybe some bargain basement offers

Pogba now available at a very realistic 8.5

given that evaluation will Mourinho be able to claim a refund

Transfers available upto deadline time
Report stewpot August 12, 2016 11:29 AM BST
Tippy Tap BOOM

less than 24 Hours  to go guys

30+ Teams Already  ......  Cracking support from those already IN - Many Thanks to All Love

Deadline -  11.30 Saturday 13th August

If you are just struggling for a Team name (or even if you are already IN)
here are a few to choke on - they may still be available Blush

Ayew Ready For These

I’m Lovren it
Crouch Potato
It’s All Gone Long
Agu Diouf Diouf Diouf
Costa Fortune
Lord of the Ings
Giroud Let The Dogs Out
If it ain’t Stoke, don’t fix it
Klopps n Robbers
Men Behaving Chadli
The Balotelli-tubbies
Dukes of Hazard
Hazard Lights
Sterling Silva
You Can’t Handle The Huth
Martial Arts
The Wizard of Özil
Hip Hip Payet
Dyslexia Untied
Bonnie and Clyne
Bad Kompany
Lads On Toure
Man Chest Hair United
Wingers an Whingers
The Icelandic Geysers
Real Soso Bad
Inter Row-Z
Zil, Zlat & Zaba for starters
Wrong Direction
Roller Coasters
Bus Parking a Speciality
Oceans 15
Havent Got A Kalou
We Arbeloa Lot of Teams
Game Of Stones
Game of Throw-ins
Origi Wan KenIwobies
Absolutely Fabregas
Stop Sitting on Defence Happy

You are still welcome

Deadline -  11.30 Saturday 13th August
Report Kit-Kat-Dan August 12, 2016 7:24 PM BST
Don't forget Borussia Munchingflapjack.
Report the geek August 12, 2016 9:59 PM BST
im in, Rons blue army. gl guys
Report topshot August 13, 2016 1:21 PM BST
Hope everybody managed to get their teams on...the site crashed with the massive amount of people trying to get on earlier this morning
Report stewpot August 14, 2016 7:16 PM BST
Hope you got on Topshot
I think when the site crashes they should only give access priority to 'League Managers'
yes I got caught out
well thats my excuse ....... I was leaving 2 last minute transfers

Wouldnt care I was going to put a note on here to guys warning not to leave it until last minute .....Cry   over 3 Million entries

Suspect in the long run it may have cost me the League Title
Im now in panic mode rather than in week 3 LaughLaugh

I just had to give Kenbo a start BlushCrazy
Report topshot August 14, 2016 8:02 PM BST
Hi Stew, seem to remember something similar a couple of years ago, so I was on a good few days ago.....don't be to downhearted,as they say it's a marathon ....and my team were carp so I suspect by week three you will have caught up with me!
Report s.kenbo August 14, 2016 8:08 PM BST
I won't take much catching at the minute, Stew. I've had another sluggish start! Wink
Report stewpot August 15, 2016 10:58 AM BST
Well nice to see a Very Good entry guys 39 Teams

how do I know that because Im 39th in the league
see like all good coaches thought I would give you all the Feel Good factor on a Monday morning LaughCry
Still got a critical match tonight so it all may change Mischief
so I wont congratulate any leaders until after tonight

Future Admin note
they dont deduct negative transfer points until just before the next week scoring starts
so scores can be subject to very late minor changes

In the head to head all I can say is Surreal Madrid
were very lucky when the fixture list came out
to get me in the first week of the season CrazyCool
Report stewpot August 15, 2016 11:03 AM BST
Btw guys

Nothing to stop you creating a Hd2Hd league of your own
for a smaller select band / leagues if you wanted to
Report Kit-Kat-Dan August 15, 2016 1:36 PM BST
Surreal Madrid have been set up for a slow and steady start, which will build in momentum over the coming weeks whilst opponents foolishly discard their chances with nary a second glance.

Or, I'm a crap manager.
Report stewpot August 16, 2016 9:17 PM BST
I have a feeling there are TWENTY of us adopting these tactics Happy
has anyone read Chapter Plan-C Mischief
Report stewpot August 16, 2016 9:21 PM BST
Fantasy Headlines News Feed

Classic Leagues Top Three
1, Rufford Rovers
2, Home and Away
3, Ure havin a tin bath

Weeks Top Scorer
Rufford Rovers 65

Hd2Hd Top Three
too many to mention in early weeks

Hd2Hds weeks    'Unluckiest Loser'
samthedog 55 v 57 (The Dukes of Europe)

Next weeks Hd2Hd 'Match of the Day'
3.Ure havin a tin bath   v   4. PSV Agra
Report stewpot August 18, 2016 7:13 PM BST

This weeks deadline for picking your Team & Transfers  is THIS   FRIDAY 19.00 19th August

Yes FRIDAY Shocked

I know I should have kept quiet .... sorry,  no more Help
Report s.kenbo August 21, 2016 7:30 PM BST
I've used my wildcard already! BlushBlushBlush
Report stewpot August 24, 2016 12:56 PM BST
Good move Kenbo, I may well be having to join you
at least it is nice to have such an option at this stage BlushBlush
Report stewpot August 24, 2016 1:04 PM BST
Fantasy Headlines News Fred

Classic Leagues Top Three

1, Rufford Rovers
2, Woking Wally's
3, Headhunters

Weeks Top Scorer

Headhunters 80
Danny's Buoys 80

Hd2Hd Top Three
too many to mention in early weeks

Hd2Hds weeks    'Unluckiest Loser'

Usual Dolphin Please 68 v 75 Woking Wally's

Next weeks Hd2Hd 'Match of the Day'
2. Woking wally's v 1 RUFFORD ROVERS

A real top of the table clash
so early in the season
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