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23 Feb 22 15:49
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Some of our younger darts fantatics might not be aware of Evans, other than maybe from Sid Waddell's many enthusiastic reminiscences of him in commentary and prose.

Evans wasn't to everyone's taste it's true to say, but he was a formidable competitor, particularly in what I would call the Pre-World Championship years. I first became aware of him in 1972, when as a young boy I saw him on my Auntie's new fangled colour telly thingy TV competing in the 'News of the World' Darts Championship on ITV's 'World of Sport'.

Never won a World Professional Championship, but won the 1975 (?) World Masters which was as good as it got back then. Reportedly made loadsamoney on the exhibition circuit, famously travelling in a purple Daimler between gigs. I was too young to attend any of these shows, but an older friend of mine recalls some fabulous tales of unusual checkouts and none of the edgy and intense behaviour that sometimes accompanied Evans pro matches.

A new 30 minute documentary is scheduled tonight, which I'm sure will be available on iPlayer for those unable to tune in 'live' as it were.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the programme contain footage of some of his encounters with Bristow, particularly the 1979 Embassy, and the aftermath in the studio. I also remember an edgy and unpleasant World Championship match with Jockey that left the Kirkcaldy Kid near to tears.

Sid Waddell's 1999 obituary piece about Alan Evans is a splendid read.

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Report DartsnBooze February 23, 2022 10:33 PM GMT
Alun, i'm glad you not only posted this but got to watch it. I was in dire need of shade so headed to the nearest metro which also has wi-fi and from logging on my phone a BBC article about the great man appeared. I was eager to read it and began drooling. Unfortunately the wi-fi was down in the hotel so I mised it. Only available in Wales. I will look out for it on the iplayer. Cheers butty!

P.S. The only story I heard about Evans and Bristow was of Eric picking up a Welsh flag and gesturing to wipe his @rse with a big grin on his face. Evans was on the warpath.
Report alun2005 February 23, 2022 11:50 PM GMT
Glad you spotted my message DnB. It was an enjoyable little programme with some footage from the infamous Evans-Bristow 1979 WC QF at Jollees, and even more notorious post-match joint interview with Coleman.

I happened to be on a train to London the next day from Wales, and there was only one topic of conversation in the carriages !
Report DartsnBooze February 24, 2022 2:27 PM GMT
Great Alun, glad you got to see those juicy clips. Three cheers to the beeb archives! I will patiently wait for my viewing opportunity. Cheers
Report alun2005 February 24, 2022 8:00 PM GMT
I'm pretty sure that some of last night's clips were taken from Sid W's BBC film about Evans from around 76/77, the title of which escapes me ('The Prince of Darts' maybe?). But the memory does play tricks so I couldn't swear to it. Definitely seen some of it before.
Report DartsnBooze February 25, 2022 12:00 AM GMT
I looked on youtube earlier today hunting for anything with Evans v Bristow. There was a very brief 40 seconds clip where Evans gave it to Bristow in the studio. The one you mentioned was not on there, though this clip might have been from said interview. I ended up spending a few hours watching clips of the greats of yesteryear. One was about a money match race (no footage) in Wales between Evans & partner and John Lowe & partner who brought a coach load. According to Lowebo there was £1,500 put in the pot and the winner wasn't Evans. £1,500 in mid 70's is around £8k today. The most I played for was £200. Also saw a clip of Alun's last match against Bristow before he left us. Wonderful memories of the greatest game ever invented.
Report bin bagged March 5, 2022 4:25 AM GMT
Thanks for the link. Great documentary. Shame about his last 3 darts on bully. Also reminded me how blokes in their 20s and 30s back then generally looked 15 years older!
Report alun2005 March 13, 2022 11:04 AM GMT
Glad you enjoyed it.
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