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15 Jun 20 00:24
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TV was usual rubbish on Sunday, so after Colombo, browsed thru utube, came across Carl sagans cosmos, vague rememberence of it in the 80s, watched first 4 episodes, fantastic.
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Report zorrostrikes June 15, 2020 3:09 AM BST
I have it on tap. It sends me to sleep. His voice is very relaxing. Its very out of date though. I collected quotes he made about the universe.
Report jed.davison June 15, 2020 6:01 AM BST
That's the beauty of science zorrostrikes, it evolves as established principles are challenged, or new discoveries made.

It does not regard those who continue to believe in discredited mumbo jumbo as fundamentalists, it regards them as buffoons.
Report Deplasterer June 15, 2020 5:17 PM BST
Is a bit dated zorro, episode 6, best yet. Music at beginning is hynotic
Report zorrostrikes June 15, 2020 5:51 PM BST
Again... Almost half of all scientists are believers in a god. This is a direct quote from neil degrasse tyson a prominent atheist and tv pundit for science. Because the bbc fields only atheist views about science does not mean all scientists are atheists. It shows they are biased.
Much like the black lives matter movement today. Black people feel they are not represented. Per capita.
If 90 percent of the world population identify with religion, then anyone can extrapolate that science is not atheist.
You are arrogant to dismiss the history of science , tv has warped your brain, Newton,pascal,maxwell are top ten scientists that are the bedrock of science.  My school friend is now an astro physicist, he contributed to a tv show on James Clerk Maxwell, the scottish Einstein.  It was on Bbc4. He was a big ass christian. Who was Einsteins hero. He took the mechanical steam world of science, turned it on its head, inventing new exotic terms to describe energy and matter. CHRISTIAN. First man to make a colour image projector. Pioneer in electro magnetism. His science layed the foundations for Einstein. Einstein credits him as the greatest scientific pioneer.
Carl Sagan would bend over and kiss maxwells feet.
Go read a book.
Report Deplasterer June 15, 2020 6:04 PM BST
I'm halfway through the "God delusion", excellent so far, even though Dawkins head is stuck up his arse.
Report Just Checking June 15, 2020 6:08 PM BST
"The Blind Arsemaker" is one of his most famous books.
Report zorrostrikes June 15, 2020 7:16 PM BST
Do you investigate who dawkins is? His associations, his loyalties. His scientific credentials.
Many qualified biologists with better credentials , not zoology? The gold standard degree of dawkins.

Any links to freemasonry ?

If i was reading about the god delusion from a man who hates god, i would consider the book tainted.
Why not read the account of alitair crowley, he really hates god.
Science cannot take sides. Its a tool. Knowledge. I respect Carl Sagan, he does not try to draw god into his science.
He was an atheist, a prominent one. But he respected the rights of others to choose. Dawkins is a active pundit. A spokesperson for atheism. He is not a scientist. He sells controversial books hoping for a pay out.
The god question for me will soon be resolved. It is not open ended. No space station god in the future.  The bible gives a sell by date.
6000 years of man ruling himself. I believe that time is up.
Newton wrote a million words about god and the bible, thats far more than the entire bible. He dissected the bible, oxford press, online, he calculated the end times to begin in 2016. Its a slow burner. His calculation is good? Israel exists in 2016. If he said 1910, there is nothing to back up his theory?  Newton did not pick a time in his life span. He picked out a time three hundred yrs from his time. He had many consultations with other scientists about the end times. They knew the bible ends. Its not open ended.
Resolution comes. Christianity will either be proven within two hundred yrs, year is 5780 jewish calendar. Or its defunct. The year count is dubious. Adam was 4000 bc, we are in 2020. It seems likely the 6000 years are now.
I consider Newton to be the smartest man who lived, self taught. If he were alive in our time, he would arguably be like Einstein. He was arguably a bastard. A devisive christian, trying to unlock the mind of god. For personal gain. I would rather be me, than him. His motivations are his alone. Ive read his thoughts online and disagree with a lot of it. The old english from latin translations is frustrating. He is mired in church views.
I live in the 21st century, its not the same world he lived in. I live in a world with illusions, thousands of images are bombarding my brain daily, adverts, texts, ideas, newton would call them unclean spirits. They try to influence me.
Witchcraft was manipulating people by magic or influence. The madison avenue industry would qualify as witches. We dont see it like that. Its respectable. Talking dogs to sell insurance is normal. Animations that show dinosaurs. Fish to apes to men animations. Its very believable. But where is the reality?  Its all facade. Even computers which used to be numbers and code are hidden. We deal with GUI interfaces. Its very slick. Illusions. How would our society cope if a solar flare knocked out technology. No more screens. Our perceptions are hung on a premise that we are evolving and getting better. But i justvsee we have better tools. Naturally because time allows us to keep refining our tech. I played with valve tv sets. Now they are paper thin. Still a tv.  Better tools does not mean better people. Every nation today is beset by troubles. Places i did not know existed, 200 countries, all in some wavering trouble. I think Newton guessed well. Israel will be attacked again. The bible names half a dozen countries who attack it. Russia,turkey,libya,syria and a couple more. All muslim. Another massacre of jews on the catd. Millions to die. Thats the future. Its harsh. Its murder. But souls are eternal. Evil is seen. It must play out. God cannot condemn avsoul by saying,,, in the future you murder people, treat other souls as inferiors. We would deny god must let it happen. Evil must exist. A corrupt world is necessary. Our choices are contingent on our beliefs. If i believe murder is okay because we are all animals. No soul. Then i can murder with some minor reservations. Get through it. If i recognize we have immortal souls. I can refuse to murder even when threatened by authority. I can choose to die as an objector. Free choice is my right. Even in extreme situations.  Be an animal. Or be a king of heaven?
Report zorrostrikes June 16, 2020 1:41 AM BST

Carl sagan.  -  Many scientific papers are written each year about the Oort Cloud, its properties, its origins , itsence evolution, yet ,there is not a shred of direct observational evidence for its existence. ... Carl Sagan and A.Druyan, 1985, Comets, random house,newyork,page 201.

How many papers,how much conjecture, filling up books with maybe,if,perhaps,could be.
Report Deplasterer June 16, 2020 11:40 AM BST
I've seen and read things in the past claiming the influence of the sun might stretch as far as halfway to proxima centauri?
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