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06 Apr 20 16:01
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1.Horses-Patti Smith
2Non stop erotic cabaret-Soft Cell.
3.A Wizard a true star-Todd Rundgren.
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Report Angoose April 6, 2020 4:07 PM BST
It always amuses me when the term "under-rated" is used, I always then want to know where I can find the official ratings that fail to accurately represent the "under-rated". Happy

That aside, I'll throw Waiting by Fun Boy Three in to the mix.
Report woundedknee April 6, 2020 4:08 PM BST
Dry... Pj Harvey...patti smiths dawterWink
Report Angoose April 6, 2020 4:16 PM BST
An astonishingly good album, but difficult to see how it could be considered as under rated Confused

Dry has since been featured on several best-of-all-time lists. It was ranked number 70 on Rolling Stone's list of the "100 Best Debut Albums of All Time" and number 151 on NME's "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" list.

Dry is also included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

I'll never forget the first time I listened to it, blew me away, a truly unique sound.
Report woundedknee April 6, 2020 4:28 PM BST
no one i know likes it Shocked
Report ----you-have-to-laugh--- April 6, 2020 4:45 PM BST
kaya ....bob marley
whathappen.....the beat
a tonic for the troops......boomtown rats
journeys to glory ...spandau ballet
the flat earth ....thomas dolby
dare ....human league
shes so unusual ...cyndi lauper

are any of them underated ?, dunno, but i love em.

most albums i have never see the light of day, with tracks pulled into
playlists, via mp3

but a few get an airing in proper order, just like the old days
Report giggitygiggity April 6, 2020 4:47 PM BST
Pink Floyd - Animals
Report Reynard April 6, 2020 5:11 PM BST
Animals was widely acclaimed . Radio Caroline played it virtually non-stop Cool
Report Aspro April 6, 2020 5:12 PM BST
A Wizard a true star-Todd Rundgren

RA (Utopia) I thought would have done better
Report Aspro April 6, 2020 5:13 PM BST
Animals has my second favourite Floyd Track... Sheep
Report Reynard April 6, 2020 5:14 PM BST
Every album Tangerine Dream have ever released has failed to gain the recognition deserved . Maybe a thread for most underrated 'groups' is required Cool
Report sixtwosix April 6, 2020 5:15 PM BST
Back To The Egg - Wings
Down To Earth - Rainbow
A Farewell To Kings - Rush
Report Reynard April 6, 2020 5:17 PM BST
Aspro - there isn't a track on the entire album that isn't brilliant .
sixtwosix - A Farewell To Kings is an absolute classic album . Hemispheres is not far behind either 9another underrated group Cool
Report Lee Ho Fooks April 6, 2020 6:19 PM BST
Pleased to see The Beat (English Beat anyone?Laugh) but mine would be I just can't stop it
Peter Gabriel Melt
Warren Zevon Excitable Boy
Crazy Horse Crazy Horse
Tom Verlaine Tom Verlaine
Donald Fagen The Nightfly
Report Cardinal Scott April 6, 2020 6:30 PM BST
Underrated was mentioned so I'll go with Electronic by Electronic

Report doridoru April 6, 2020 6:42 PM BST
The Colour Of Spring - Talk Talk
Report echobelly April 6, 2020 6:44 PM BST
A Few Small Repairs - Shawn Colvin
Report moonaxed April 6, 2020 6:58 PM BST
The danse society. Seduction
Rosie Vela...Zazu
Play Dead...the first flower
Hugh Mundell...Africa must be free by 1983
Freeez ..Southern Freeeze
The Fall...Slates
Report moonaxed April 6, 2020 6:59 PM BST
Bim Sherman..Danger
Report morpteh mackem April 6, 2020 7:34 PM BST

Apr 6, 2020 -- 6:42PM, doridoru wrote:

The Colour Of Spring - Talk Talk

just bought this , stunning

Report morpteh mackem April 6, 2020 7:35 PM BST
calenture- triffids
east side story- squeeze
trapped and unwrapped -friends again
walk across the rooftops- blue nile
starless- starless
Report Deplasterer April 6, 2020 7:40 PM BST
The beat brilliant ska band, mirror in the bathroom classic.

I always thought Ultravox albums underrated, no better electronic band IMO.

Never really got Farewell to Kings, Xanadu an exception, much preferred 80s Rush, Perm Waves etc.. but they were huge by that stage, so those early 80s albums werent really underrated.
Report differentdrum April 6, 2020 8:09 PM BST
Tarnation - Mirador

Walkabouts - Satisfied Mind

Tindersticks - Donkeys 92-97

Pal Shazar - There's A Wild Thing In The House

Oh Susanna - Johnstown

Josh Ritter - Golden Age Of Radio

John Stewart - Punch The Big Guy

Joe Pug - Messenger

Jesse DeNatale - Shangri-La West

The Heavy Horses - Murder Ballads & Other Love Songs & With Darkness In My Eyes

Gregory Alan Isakov - This Empty Northern Hemisphere & That Sea The Gambler

Greg Brown - Covenant

Doug Burr - The Sickle & The Sheaves

Catie Curtis - Crash Course In Roses

Brett Dennen - So Much More
Report dukeofpuke April 6, 2020 10:17 PM BST
Television -  Marquee Moon
Report sofiakenny April 6, 2020 10:21 PM BST
duke..good shout.Happy
Report pumphol. April 6, 2020 10:29 PM BST
Abandoned Luncheonette - Hall & Oats
Report screaming from beneaththewaves April 6, 2020 10:32 PM BST
Marquee Moon is wonderful, but hardly under-rated. It figures on virtually everyone's top 10.

If anyone could make a case that the follow-up LP, Adventure, was not a shocking let-down and devoid of inspiration, then perhaps that could go on the list of under-rated albums.

But no one can, so it can't.
Report sofiakenny April 6, 2020 10:36 PM BST
Another good shout from pumpy..found it hard to leave out a stelly dan album..but which one?..maybe pretzel logic.
Report screaming from beneaththewaves April 6, 2020 10:42 PM BST
This is a difficult one.

You can hardly call it under-rated - it's one of the most influential records ever made, from the motorik drumming on Isi, to the vocal style on Hero, which was copied just a few weeks later by Johnny Rotten. It was also the album which sent Bowie to Germany.

But hardly anyone I knew at the time had ever heard it.
Report windsor knot April 6, 2020 10:59 PM BST
some very interesting posts on here . ..i'd add one . dylan's blood on the tracks . if it was rated 6th best album of all time then it fits this thread.
Report sofiakenny April 6, 2020 11:03 PM BST
Whatever happened to kraut rock?..tangerine dream faust amon duul can neu and others.
Report windsor knot April 6, 2020 11:13 PM BST
sofia .. good one . can were groundbreaking . listen to tago mago then the happy mondays . a bit in common .
Report Ell April 7, 2020 12:57 AM BST

Slates by the Fall was a 10" ep.
Underated but Mark E Smith is an acquired taste ?.
Report ieff7 April 7, 2020 1:30 AM BST
by Klaatu
Report moonaxed April 7, 2020 7:50 AM BST
The golden age of wireless..Thomas Dolby
You're safe....Maxi Priest
Dim the lights....Winston Reedy
Peace at last...The Blue Nile
Ghostyhead....Rickie Lee Jones
Report moonaxed April 7, 2020 7:52 AM BST
Ell...Slates was a mini is 10"
Mark e is an aquired taste,so is marmite. It is still underrated.
Report sixtwosix April 7, 2020 8:20 AM BST
Trompe Le Monde - Pixies
Songs For A Blue Guitar - Red House Painters
II - Meat Puppets
Sleeps With Angels - Neil Young
In Through The Out Door - Led Zeppelin
Report N-east Correspondent April 7, 2020 8:59 AM BST
Gang of Four - Entertainment
Ultravox (Foxx era) - Ha! Ha1 Ha!
Lou Reed - New York
The Sundays - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
The Fall - Extricate
Report Hanx April 7, 2020 10:29 AM BST
'Under rated' is a difficult concept.

If no one's heard of it and it was a commercial flop then it was probably 'rated' about right Grin and it's down to personal taste then.

There's some cracking stuff out there by bands very few will have heard of however, that deserve more widespread exposure.

'Master Volume' - The Dirty Nil (Punk / Hard Rock crossover)
'Waiting To Burn' - Hana Piranha (Tori Amos with balls!)
'Unhinged' - Callow Saints (Female-fronted bluesy rock)
'The Green Album' - Woods of Ypres (Doom Metal)
'Personal Troubles and Public Issues' - The Wall (early punk rock, featuring brilliant single 'Ghetto')
Report salmon spray April 7, 2020 10:50 AM BST
Glad to see somebody else has heard of Rosie Vela. Her one and only album was produced by Walter Becker so there is a Steely dan connection.
Starsailor - Tim Buckley
Road to Cairo - David Ackles ( originally just David Ackles )
Report moonaxed April 7, 2020 12:26 PM BST
Rosie Vela,managed a top 30 hit single but i think a&m promoted her poorly i have owned in excess of 1200 vinyl l.p and 12" singles over the last 40 years and Zazu is in the top 10.Along with a Wendy and Lisa l.p which is also on a& m its the thinnest 12 in the 1200!
Rumours of a 2nd Rosie Vela album are true but only the occasional bootleg cassette seems to turn up and never to me!
Report Ell April 7, 2020 1:11 PM BST

We'll have to beg to differ whether it was an LP or not.
Rough Trade singles had serial numbers starting RT??? and LP's were Rough??, Slates was RT061.
Still got my original copy.
Report moonaxed April 7, 2020 1:21 PM BST
Worth a few quid now ell
Report bigmo April 7, 2020 1:47 PM BST
Rumble Doll
Patti Scialfa
Released 1993

Rumble Doll 3:25
Come Tomorrow 3:54
In My Imagination 4:22
Valerie 4:59
As Long As I (Can Be With You) 4:47
Big Black Heaven 3:38
Loves Glory 3:47
Lucky Girl 4:08
Charm Light 3:44
Baby Don't 3:11
Talk To Me Like The Rain 3:44
Spanish Dancer 4:50
Report Ell April 7, 2020 1:50 PM BST
I know. They still turn up cheap on eBay or boot sales.
It was plugged big time by John Peel on the radio.
Seminal Live is my favourite Fall release.
Report moonaxed April 7, 2020 2:25 PM BST
Favourite fall single
How i wrote elastic man
City hobgoblins
Report Ell April 7, 2020 2:29 PM BST
I would have picked Spoilt Victorian Child or Ghost In My House.
Report Lee Ho Fooks April 7, 2020 2:39 PM BST
Magazine - Real Life
Nils Lofgren - (fatman album)
Tommy Bolin - Teaser
Jess Roden - Jess Roden
Report Lee Ho Fooks April 7, 2020 2:41 PM BST
Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes - Hearts of Stone
Report PorcupineorPineapple April 7, 2020 2:47 PM BST
Ben Folds Five (self titled)

Masterpiece of an album. Great melodies, musicianship and lyrics too. Cracking live band. Had another two really good albums but this album is the shizz.
Report PorcupineorPineapple April 7, 2020 2:48 PM BST
Big Thief - Capacity

Maybe too early to call it a classic but possibly the best album of the last five years. Heartbreaking, uplifting.
Report PorcupineorPineapple April 7, 2020 2:49 PM BST
Wilco - Summerteeth & Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

Band seem to have done very nicely for themselves without being huge. These two are my faves. First is an easy listen, full of McCartneyesque pop hooks and very consistent while latter is much bumpier but deeper and the highs are higher.
Report PorcupineorPineapple April 7, 2020 2:51 PM BST
Brakes - Give Blood

Still amazes me these didn't make a breakthrough. A bit of a punk-XTC-Pixies fusion. Short album with loads of songs that just makes me smile.
Report PorcupineorPineapple April 7, 2020 2:53 PM BST
Cotton Mather - Kontiki

Another cracker from a band who did nothing whatsoever. Bit this is ridiculously good. Along the lines of Crowded House in terms of craftsmanship but with a slightly gnarlier edge. Tunes like Password and She's Only Cool would make a career of some people but these guys' faces just didn't fit.
Report Lee Ho Fooks April 7, 2020 2:58 PM BST
Probably not under-rated but definitely worth a listen (if you're not old like me you may never have heard it).

Dr John.....Gris-Gris
Report chewy11 April 7, 2020 4:16 PM BST
Don't know if it's under rated but
Little Creatures - Talking Heads is an album I've never tired of after 35 years.
Report dukeofpuke April 7, 2020 11:58 PM BST
Xmal Deutschland - Fetisch
Report dukeofpuke April 8, 2020 12:20 AM BST
23 Skidoo - Urban Gamelan checkout the 1st track g,i.f.u. which became coup and was ripped off by the chemical brothers for block rockin beats
Report dukeofpuke April 8, 2020 2:19 AM BST
The Church - The Blurred Crusade
Report doridoru April 10, 2020 4:43 PM BST
Inspiral Carpets - Revenge Of The Goldfish (1992)

The Brit pop album before brit pop and sounds fresher than most of Oasis stuff today, Noel was the roadie for this album tour....
Report Fire-and-Ice April 10, 2020 4:54 PM BST
Ready N Willing - Whitesnake
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