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17 Mar 12 07:09
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Enhanced prices each day that were available at 8:30
Up to £50 free bet via mobile if your horse came second - easily the best concession of the week.

Well done Hills

For me VC were actually very good.  Took a couple of decent ew bets and every play I had with them lost so they ended up winnng the most off me of any book.  They also had a fair offer each day and did some good enhanced place terms throughout the week.

PP seemed to go into their shell after the Sprinter Sacre offer (it was also a touch worrying that they added the "reserve right to not refund if you backed multiple runners" bit to the Arkle offer) and gave nothing more than a £20 free mobile bet, some enhanced place terms and 3 money back if second to SP fav on the last day.

Similarly Boyles - money back if second first 4 races on first day, but then as is usually went missing in action with only a couple of enhanced places on show for the rest of the week.

Lads just not good enough.  A couple of £25 offers if your horse came second, but come on,  Hills were doing £50 in EVERY race - and that was about it.  Biggest joke from them was ½ the odds on the world hurdle. They should have been filling the satchel on Oscar W and Thousand S but max on Oscar was £25 ew. Oh how I smiled when they trailed in 4th and 5th Laugh

SportingBet - a known dodgepot, just confirmed by their money back offer if your horse didn't complete in the Champ Chase - I was offered £2 on Wishful Thinking.

Best cameo of the week - Bald Fred on the morning line "we are here to lay a bet".

But bottom of the pile by a Sprinter Sacre margin was Coral.  Any horse to lose £10k they screamed every day from the Racing Post.  Day 1, I was offered £1.72 on Darlan, day 2 they declined my £5 mobile bet, offering me £2 on Teaforthree
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Report Dark Destroyer March 17, 2012 10:20 AM GMT
Hills certainly stuck their necks out with the early/overnight prices so kudos to them for that. However a big negative in the 2 weeks before the festival was that they were the only firm not to offer NRNB which was a very poor show.

VC also came up with some very fair prices, the sight of all that dark type on the oddschecker pages was a bit of a shock.

I would have loved access to Skybet in order to take advantage of their enhanced places, by some way the best of all the firms.

I would also have loved Bet365 to lay me a bet to take out a million rather than the current £10 max payout.

All in all quite a good service by the majority of the firms. Let's hope its the same or even better in future years.
Report thieveslikeus March 17, 2012 10:51 AM GMT
Very upset that you have a butt365 maxpayout of £10 DD.  Mine is £20, I mustn't have taken as much off them as you Devil
My maximum stake with Willy Hilly is £0.00 so their offers were no good to me unless I had a 2 hour round trip to a shop.  VC closed my account the Christmas before last so were no good to me either. 

These days am happy just to get a bet on, managed to get reasonable amounts on with PP again, smaller amounts with Tote/RagFred, bdog, blusquare  and 888.  Had to get the rest on, on here.
Report twonky March 17, 2012 12:28 PM GMT
I've never had telephone accounts, though I have been tempted. But, I am continually put off by threads on different forums saying they were restricted to the amounts they were allowed. It begs the question, "whats the point in having one?"

Very unsurprising to see Fredbet mentioned above. Their horseracing odds compiler must have the easiest job in the game. Have you ever seen them (a stand out) best odds about any horse in any race? Me neither. I've lost count over the last few months, when they have been joint best price on a horse. Checked on oddschecker and their own site, only to get to he shop ( 2 mins away) and the price does'nt exist. The latest being Monkland on weds. 6/1 advertised, got around to the shop, down to 9/2! grubby firm, though their alternative RL handicaps just asked to be abused.Cool
Report TheVis March 18, 2012 8:30 AM GMT
Twonky - Fred's online operation are run differently to the shops and phone accounts and both often have different prices - oddschecker obviously only shows up the online price.
Report bbsband March 18, 2012 9:45 AM GMT
yes online and shop should be the same imo.
do any bookies guarantee this?
Report thieveslikeus March 18, 2012 1:35 PM GMT
These days ragfred's online prices are identical to Tote's.
Report flyingbolt March 18, 2012 2:13 PM GMT
Well they would be wouldn't they.
Report thieveslikeus March 18, 2012 2:26 PM GMT
just explaining why they might be different from the shops dear.
Report 1st time poster March 18, 2012 2:55 PM GMT
others will tell me differently but unless you are covering horses with multiple entries besides the buzz of actualy playing the nrnb 2 weeks prior to the race are in most cases poor value,most of mine were either worse or basicaly the same,will wait for the day next year i think,and double entries for other horses in the race can also count against you bobs worth a good example i took 7 to 2 convinced grand crus would go to gold cup so missed the 9 to 2, but i suppose a winners a winner
Report TheVis March 18, 2012 4:00 PM GMT
I agree a lot with the above.  Did a few ante post this bets when they went NRNB and got zero back.

I am now convinced that if you are a part-timer on the horses it is best to just wait until the morning of the race when the choice of prices, money back offers and enhanced place terms gives you far better value.

Sure there is still room for those that follow the game very closely and/or get good inside info, but for the vast majority of us ante post is a waste of time.
Report ambrosec March 18, 2012 7:22 PM GMT
Lads were nrnb on the championship races in December, agree with you about the Hills offers and price boosts but i would prefer nrnb
Report bertieboy March 19, 2012 9:39 PM GMT
i had £50 on sir des champs with hill billys on their morning enhanced price around 10am thursday morning
at 5/1. was looking at the big screen showing it when i wrote out the bet and i put it on the slip at 5,s.they smiled and took my money then paid me at 4,s later that afternoon saying i was 3 mins too late to
when i placed the bet.....cheers. same morning shortly before 10am i proudly hand over my antepost bet on bobs worth at 10,s paying £300,sorry we havent got enough in the till to pay you and we cant open the safe till 11am.... to which i replied , do u know its feckin cheltenham week this week cos some people like a decent bet....erm
Report roobuck March 20, 2012 6:10 PM GMT
Unfortunately I cannot get a bet on with 563 any more, but they generally go NRNB on all races earlier than anybody else ( Laddies are much earlier on the Championship races )and they are BOG - I do think that is a very good concession.

They are also the same now for the National and to 5 places
Report oneman March 20, 2012 8:01 PM GMT
anyone else experience hills short changing them on the sir de champs price of 5to1. i.e taking a bet of 100 at 5s and after race settling 50 at 5s and 50 at fours?
Report tinkler March 21, 2012 10:58 AM GMT
Good post.
WH do seem to be sticking there necks out on day of race prices. Though they didn't lay Sir des Champs
at 12/1 for next years GC for more than 5 mins before cutting it to 9/1.
  VC owed me a free bet ,but it didn't show up on my account. When contacted they said I was outside
the time frame to use it, I said I never saw a time frame and after consulting with a manager they let
me have a my free bet, which was good customer service. I do love those free bets.
Report Chairman_Meeow_Meeow March 23, 2012 2:49 PM GMT
AM NOT a fan of Hills...

Is my oldest Account and once a month I ring them to point out:

minor settling errors
Call centre understaffed so wait times up
Server slower than death itself on big race days - CLEARLY needs bigger server

BUT I HAVE TO SAY their free bet offers on the 2nds was stand out offer and I lived on it all week(!)

I had a total of no less than 14 (FOURTEEN!) second placed horses (six on day one) and put them to very good use...

I did have to ring up and get shirty (again) because the "Watch the race" feature had frozen the app on my iphone (AGAIN a server issue methinks) which meant I had to delete the app and reload which lost my account memory and free bets but all in all it was the difference between a small losss and a small win on the week having the free bets...

Now if a few more of those 2nds had won it wld be a somewhat different story!  SurprisedWhoopsCrazyLaugh
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