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18 Oct 11 14:49
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Report potentialmillionaire October 18, 2011 2:53 PM BST
I've just had a colt diagnosed as a full on rig. I checked him very young but obviously cocked it up and I haven't looked again. Cry

When you've all stopped having a good laugh. . .  Anyone got any ideas?

Accepted veterinary practice, old wives tales, when and how to market?

It is would you believe, the first one I've had - hence the incompetence!
Report salmon spray October 18, 2011 5:18 PM BST
Could be another Selkirk.
Think they had to amputate one cos it was stuck somewhere it shouldn`t have been.
Report myboxcharlie October 18, 2011 6:29 PM BST
Acupuncture works well in some cases if they are there but haven't dropped
Report Prima Donna October 18, 2011 6:57 PM BST
Pot M, this is going to be a one and only post as I said I won't post,but in this circumstance I will offer you my opinion.......for what its worth.Maybe pull it out of Dec' sales your vet should give you a cert and then cut him then you can sell next year as a yearling (gelding)I had a similar situation a few years ago that colt was cut and later sold over in the UK as a yearling it didn't go too bad as it made over 40k!You may gain some comfort in thinking its ready made for Hong Kong,looking at your foals I do hope its not the one you are excited about,but if it is.............well these things happen.Good luck let us know what you decide I will look in to find out.HappyPrima!
Report sammy_fool October 18, 2011 7:39 PM BST
you will need to cut him asap-he will not develop/grow muscle if u dont and will always have weak muscle development in his hind legs.also he will be a b*****d to look after if u to get some one else too look at him and get second op as well.
Report potentialmillionaire October 18, 2011 7:58 PM BST
Thanks for your post myboxcharlie. It is the right hand offender which from my research so far is more likely to represent some hope so he is currently having some chorulon which my vet said was the only thing worth trying - if I insisted on wasting my money! I shall look into acupuncture though.

sammy_fool I think there are surely too many successful rigs - Selkirk, Thunder Gulch, High Line, Roman Ruler etc. for your development issues to be entirely cut and dry? Or temperament for that matter. It would be difficult I suppose to quantify exactly how often your concerns come to pass.

To my other poster offering advice, I count myself as truely humbled!
Obviously your opinions have always been much appreciated on here - well by me anyway[;)], so at a time of crisis I am most grateful. I think I am more likely to go in Dec and perhaps keep your experiences filed in the little grey cells as a plan B if a buyer can't be found. Only faced with the problem today so I'm a bit up in the air right now.
Obviously I cannot guess which of my 'various' foals you think is more exciting but as a wild stab I would say that this problem is not with that foal! That foal is not without problems mind - but when has that stopped them in recent times - and could actually be alright on the night. Certainly enough plusses to be profitable.
Hope all is well at P.D. Towers, I note the nice winners keep flowing, Congratulations, T
Report potentialmillionaire November 13, 2011 8:53 PM GMT


I have tonight had a second vet - also 'my' accupuncturist - diagnose a legitimate 2nd testicle!

Because of myboxcharlies post I did some research and found an Irish colt that credited accupuncture as his saviour so I set about finding an accupuncturist over here. Over here an equine accupuncturist has to be a qualified vet. One such individual thought there was no chance of it working, but another who was also highly sceptical said she would take my money if I insisted. So we went in open minded with the incredulous
approval of my own vet and a practitioner prepared to accept advice from an Irish practitioner with more experience in the field.

So here we are 3 treatments later and my own vet's eyes out on stalks with a newly descended right hand gonad. I am slightly wondering that both vets might have missed it in the 1st place but the fact is, they have not consulted and they've inspected at different times so my pomposity would be going some to call me right and them wrong. Whateva!

Obviously it's a worry that it might remain a bit high for easy inspection, but understandably I'll take that!

myboxcharlie, name your price! Yes I'll even give you one of those. . .

Report yer ma November 13, 2011 10:01 PM GMT
Delighted for you whatever happened.  May well have just been a more relaxed state due to the pins - I'll keep it in mind for the future tho!  I presume your vet will give you a cert.  Glad you didnt do anything rash (cf. a post on this thread) - time may well have been the biggest factor.  GL with him.
Report Prima Donna November 13, 2011 10:02 PM GMT
Well done for trying!So now you can at least look any potential buyer in the eye and say "yes he's got the two".If it happens to be a cold day at Dec' sales I'm sure you know what to sayWinkI am going to buy a couple of foals at Tatt's so I'm sure that colt will be looked at...........and I know just what to tell my guyDevilOh yes I do listen to you about stallions I'm having a think about a cheap sire near to you........and its a grey!!!Glad its looking like its going the right way I know its a worry the very best of luck with them I will be watching and keeping my fingers crossed for you,good luck.(T)Happy
Report Posh Paddy November 13, 2011 10:16 PM GMT
Hurrah, superb news.  The forum has its uses after all.
Report neill d November 13, 2011 11:26 PM GMT
Imagine if you'd gelded him and found 2, great news all the same.Happy
Report potentialmillionaire November 14, 2011 6:30 PM GMT
Hopefully those guys who post and follow on here either as a means of giving them a different angle on their betting, to bag themselves a bargain on the sales or like me to try and breed a better horse will all at sometimes grab a small nugget that enable them to do just that.

I feel I've certainly hit lucky this time.

Thanks Neil d and Posh Paddy for your enthusiasm. Both vets didn't find anything until after treatment 3  and as I said, independently, and we gathered at the start of things that if it hasn't dropped after 3 treatments it's unlikely to.

Both vets are 100% happy to give a certificate yer ma, and I am wondering whether to get a Rossdales or Greenwood Ellis vet to come and sedate if necessary on arrival and get a really independent cert. I'll leave it as long as possible though and see how regularly the shy and retiring one shows up before then!

Prima, I've never seen the stallion to whom you refer and I was relying partly on the fact that you (and others) had seen him and liked him - so don't blame me Grin Don't worry about sending your guys to look at my foals, just get you ar$e in that ring and wave your catalogue!!

Thanks again for  to all for your support.
Report Prima Donna November 14, 2011 7:50 PM GMT
Prima,  Don't worry about sending your guys to look at my foals, just get you ar$e in that ring and wave your catalogue!!

I'd be delighted to help but as you surely know we don't personally bid ourselves.........WinkVery good idea getting Rossdales and Greenwood Ellis to give you a truly independent cert.If luck is on your side with those two colts you should have a very happy drive home!
Report potentialmillionaire November 14, 2011 7:55 PM GMT
Oh, that life was so simple!
Report myboxcharlie November 23, 2011 8:19 PM GMT
No problem PM. We had a few when I in the states that hadn't descended but our vet there was good with the pins and needles and as far as I remember they were all sold as yearlings with two down. Whether it was time and maturity or the acupuncture helped them descend we will never know but for it to work on the three or four we  had there has to be some merit to it and money well spent for you. I wouldn't be too worried about it still being a bit high. Most people won't mind as long as they are both there. Hope he sell well for you this week.
Report myboxcharlie October 23, 2012 8:01 PM BST
I was wondering if the weanling you had a problem last year with came back to a sale this year as a yearling and if so, were "they" both there
Report potentialmillionaire October 24, 2012 10:13 PM BST
mybox. Don't know the current status of testicle no.2 but will be able to investigate at Dec sales further!
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