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03 Apr 10 19:36
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A.P Warrior ex Amizette - Warrior Song
Danehill Dancer ex Bex - Sherwood Forest
Danehill Dancer ex Eliza -
Danehill Dancer ex Juno Madonna - Card Trick
Danehill Dancer ex Speaksoftlytome - Snow Mountain
Danehill Dancer ex Starship - Alexander Pope
Danehill Dancer ex Surval - Diamond Brooch (filly)
Danehill Dancer ex Wannabe - Pirateeer
Danehill Dancer ex Well Spoken - (Filly)
Danehill Dancer ex Woman Secret - (filly)
Danehill Dancer ex Zibeline - Oracle
Dansili ex Cayman Sunset - Tom Sawyer
Dansili ex Tyranny - Zoffany
Encosta De Lago ex Aim For The Top - Looking Glass Bay
First Samurai ex Preach -
Footstepsinthesand ex Chaturanga - Ruling
Galileo ex Arazena -
Galileo ex Ardbrae Lady -
Galileo ex Banquise -
Galileo ex Beauty Bright - (Filly)
Galileo ex Butterfly Cove - (Filly)
Galileo ex Charroux -
Galileo ex Dietrich -
Galileo ex Doula - (Filly)
Galileo ex Halland Park Lass -
Galileo ex Hanami -
Galileo ex Hideaway -
Galileo ex Honorine -
Galileo ex Jessicas Dream -
Galileo ex Kincob - (Filly)
Galileo ex Kitza -
Galileo ex Litani River - (Filly)
Galileo ex Maroochydore -
Galileo ex Mermaid Island - (Filly)
Galileo ex Mona Lisa - (Filly)
Galileo ex Monumental Gesture -
Galileo ex My Emma -
Galileo ex Parvenue - (Filly)
Galileo ex Pieds De Plume - (Filly)
Galileo ex Play Misty For Me -
Galileo ex Quiet Mouse -
Galileo ex Rumplestiltskin - (Filly)
Galileo ex Secret Garden -
Galileo ex Shadow Song - (Filly)
Galileo ex Silara -
Galileo ex Silverskaya -
Galileo ex Skidmore Girl -
Galileo ex Sophisticat -
Galileo ex St Roch -
Galileo ex Tadkiyra -
Galileo ex Warrior Queen

Galileo - Ziffany
Giants Causeway ex Saudia
Hennessy ex Misty Hour - (filly)
Holy Roman Emperor ex Coralita - Imperator Augustus
Holy Roman Emperor ex Gilded Edge - Emperor Hadrian
Holy Roman Emperor ex Khamseh - Petronius Maximus
Holy Roman Emperor ex Miletrian - Inca Princess (filly)
Holy Roman Emperor ex Monevassia - Catherineofaragon (filly)
Holy Roman Emperor ex Royal Ballerina - Juliet Capulet (filly)
Holy Roman Emperor ex Sanctify - (filly)

Holy Roman Emperor - Song of the Sea (filly)
Holy Roman Emperor ex Starlight Dream - (filly)
Holy Roman Emperor ex Willowbridge - Rex Romanorum
Hurricane Run - Cache Creek

Hurricane Run ex Cute Cait -
Hurricane Run ex Daspectra - (Filly)
Hurricane Run ex Hit The Sky -
Hurricane Run ex The Faraway Tree -
Johannesburg ex Dreamy Maiden -
Johanessburg ex Tacha - So Stylish (Filly)
Kingmambo ex All Too Beautiful - (Filly)
Kingmambo ex Baraka - (Filly)
Kingmambo ex Imagine - (filly)
Kingmambo ex Legend Maker - (filly)
Kingmambo ex Quarter Moon -
Kingmambo ex Silk And Scarlet -
Montjeu ex Alasana -
Montjeu ex Cash Run -
Montjeu ex Catherine Linton -
Montjeu ex Colourspin -
Montjeu ex Crafty Example -
Montjeu ex Dibenoise
Montjeu ex Fast Style -
Montjeu ex Goncharova

Montjeu - Gwynn
Montjeu ex Janet -
Montjeu ex Metapho -
Montjeu ex Prove -
Montjeu ex Red Azalea -
Montjeu ex Spacecraft -
Montjeu ex Welsh Love -
Mr Greeley ex Lady Carla -
Mr Greeley ex Song To Remember - Parkavenue
Oasis Dream ex Maganda - Rudolf Valentino
Oratorio ex Fayre - (Filly)
Peintre Celebre ex Wavey - (Filly)
Pivotal ex Dame Hester - Paint Your Wagon
Sadlers Wells ex Lyrical - (Filly)
Sadlers Wells ex Mariahs Storm - (Filly)
Sadlers Wells ex Reina Blanca -
Smart Strike ex Adoration - Outrider
Storm Cat ex Fountain of Peace - (filly)
Storm Cat ex Love Me True - (filly)

Storm Cat - Starry Dreamer
Storm Cat ex Virginia Waters - Ballroom (filly)



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santa concerto
When: 03 Apr 10 20:44
a lot of definite possibles there.
wee sammy
When: 03 Apr 10 21:08
Gallileo 36 Kingmambo 6
Montjeu 15 Mr Greeley 2
Danehill Dancer 10 Dansili 2
Holy Roman E'r 10 Oasis Dream 1
Hurricane Run 5 Pivotal 1
Storm Cat* 4 Smart Strike 1
Sadlers Wells 3 A P Warrior 1
Johannesburg 2 First Samurai 1
Peintre Celeb 1
Encosta de lago 1
Footstepsinthesand 1
Oratorio 1

Total 89 15 = 1042yos
wee sammy
When: 03 Apr 10 21:16
Coolmore are nearly self sufficient now, 80% of their stock is by their own stallions.Interesting they have no oratorio's despite the exploits of Beethoven / Fencing Master, no High Chaparrals, only one Footsteps, giants causeway !
When: 03 Apr 10 22:16
Which horses have Coolmore sent to Watchman ?
When: 04 Apr 10 10:28
wee sammy

Where are the other 936?
When: 04 Apr 10 10:32
Sorry wee sammy,

Just seen what I think you mean.
When: 04 Apr 10 15:13
looks like they've given up on the Rock
Prima Donna
When: 04 Apr 10 15:47
I suppose they have,but when you think about Coolmore overall they want very commercial stallions coming on, to date The Rock has been a bit of a flop so for all the help they gave him from the start he's not really come up with enough to keep helping him, so for the Rock,he's on his own now that goes for both Footstepsinthesand and Oratorio standing for a normal fee and covering normal mares that the quality has slipped they are up against it really of getting stallion sons.So commercially and remember Coolmore are commercial these stallions have a short shelf life,Steinbeck and Beethovan are not going to set the world on fire hence the few numbers by them.Now you will see they have many by Galileo,he stands for a very high fee and had no top flight 2 y'old last year so being commercial they can see he needs help this year.He has Rip Van Winkle but to remain at a high fee needs top class 2 y'olds none of the top ten 2 y'olds from last year are his.Mountjeu has the top 2 y'old along with a couple in the top ten,the year he may have they will not expect he will need help in attracting mares for this and next season.
When: 04 Apr 10 15:56
no fillies montjeu ?
no high chaparrals ?
When: 04 Apr 10 18:01
The Rock wasn't around 3 years ago that might explain everything easier
When: 19 May 10 23:15
Has anyone on this forum purchsed a horse out Ballydoyle we purchased a filly from there she was very well bred but done nothing on the track just wondering what ye think about purchasing from them they have some great fillys for sale each year as do most racing stables getting the right one can be hard. Alot get sold dont know were the rest go thoughCool
When: 20 May 10 12:30
They cull what they don't want. Anytime you buy any horse that's what you are getting, someones reject (other ofcourse than the genuine dispersal, when you pay over the odds for the 'genuine' bit). So you balance up how clever you think they are versus how clever you think you are and back your judgement accordingly! Sadly with an operation the size of Coolmore they do get to see a lot more horses than I do and should accordingly be better at this particular aspect of the game than I am, so I would bear that in mind when I go hunting  for a bargain - but it wouldn't stop me hunting there.
When: 29 May 10 19:18
WARRIOR SONG   c   A P Warrior   Amizette
ALEXANDER POPE   c   Danehill Dancer   Starship
CARD TRICK   c   Danehill Dancer   Juno Madonna
ORACLE   c   Danehill Dancer   Zibilene
PIRATEER   c   Danehill Dancer   Wannabe
SAMUEL MORSE   c   Danehill Dancer   Eliza
SHERWOOD FOREST   c   Danehill Dancer   Bex
SNOW MOUNTAIN   c   Danehill Dancer   Speak Softly To Me
SYDNEY HARBOUR   c   Danehill Dancer   Amethyst   (Wachman)
TOM SAWYER   c   Dansili   Cayman Sunset
ZOFFANY   c   Dansili   Tyranny
RULING   c   Footstepsinthesand   Chaturanga
ADMIRAL OF THE RED   c   Galileo   My Emma
AMEN   c   Galileo   Kitza
APACHE   c   Galileo   Charroux
BRAVE HEARTED   c   Galileo   Skidmore Girl
DIOGENES   c   Galileo   Sophisticat
ENCHANTED FOREST   c   Galileo   Halland Park Lass
ESKIMO   c   Galileo   Dietrich
FIRST SEA LORD   c   Galileo   Quiet Mouse
HARRISON'S CAVE   c   Galileo   Sitara
HUMPHREY BOGART   c   Galileo   St Roch
JACKAROO   c   Galileo   Ardbrae Lady
JUNGLE BOOK   c   Galileo   Hanami
LONG LIVE THE KING   c   Galileo   Hideaway
MARKSMANSHIP   c   Galileo   Maroochydore
MOONS OF JUPITER   c   Galileo   Jessica's Dream
PAGEBOY   c   Galileo   Last Love    (Wachman)
ROBIN HOOD   c   Galileo   Banquise
RODERIC O'CONNOR   c   Galileo   Secret Garden
SAM LORD'S CASTLE   c   Galileo   Tadkiyra
TREASURE BEACH   c   Galileo   Honorine
WILD WEST   c   Galileo   Monumental Gesture
GIANT STEP   c   Giant's Causeway   Brown Eyes
NANTUCKET BAY   c   Giant's Causeway   Saudia
EMPEROR HADRIAN   c   Holy Roman Emperor   Gilded Edge
HIGH AWARD   c   Holy Roman Emperor   Tarascon    (Stack)
IMPERATOR AUGUSTUS   c   Holy Roman Emperor   Coralita
IMPERIAL ROME   c   Holy Roman Emperor   Ripalong
PETRONIUS MAXIMUS   c   Holy Roman Emperor   Khamseh
REX ROMANORUM   c   Holy Roman Emperor   Willowbridge
BARBICAN   c   Hurricane Run   The Faraway Tree
BAYEUX TAPESTRY   c   Hurricane Run   Cache Creek   (Fabre)
FREEDOM   c   Hurricane Run   Cute Cait
MEMPHIS TREASURE   c   Hurricane Run   Hit The Sky
COMPELLING   c   Kingmambo   Damson
OCTOBER   c   Kingmambo   Quarter Moon
AUGUSTE RENOIR   c   Montjeu   Janet
BRITTANY   c   Montjeu   Goncharova
EAGLE CANYON   c   Montjeu   Alasana
ENTOURAGE   c   Montjeu   Metaphor
EXODUS   c   Montjeu   Spacecraft
JUSTIFICATION   c   Montjeu   Colorspin
MALINOWSKI   c   Montjeu   Prove
MONTE CARLO   c   Montjeu   Catherine Linton
NATIONAL FLAG   c   Montjeu   Welsh Love
PAWNEE   c   Montjeu   Red Azalea
PIRATE CHEST   c   Montjeu   Cash Run
POUR MOI   c   Montjeu   Gwynn  (Fabre)
SCRIBE   c   Montjeu   Crafty Example
PARK AVENUE   c   Mr Greeley   Song To Remember
RUDOLF VALENTINO   c   Oasis Dream   Maganda
PAINT YOUR WAGON   c   Pivotal   Dame Hester
NOTION   c   Sadler's Wells   Reina Blanca
OUTRIDER   c   Smart Strike   Adoration
AZORES   f   Danehill Dancer   Flamingo Sea  (Wachman)
CHRYSANTHEMUM   f   Danehill Dancer   Well Spoken
DIAMOND BROOCH   f   Danehill Dancer   Surval
SAPPHIRE PENDANT   f   Danehill Dancer   Butterfly Blue
GOODY TWO SHOES   f   Encosta De Lago   Angelic Song
AMAZING BEAUTY   f   Galileo   Doula
FOREVER MORE   f   Galileo   Alessia
IDEAL   f   Galileo   Tarfah
JUST INCREDIBLE   f   Galileo   Mona Lisa
MIST   f   Galileo   Beauty Bright
POINSETTIA   f   Galileo   Mermaid Island
PURE LUCK   f   Galileo   Birdie
SLIDE SHOW   f   Galileo   First Exhibit   (Wachman)
TOGETHER   f   Galileo   Shadow Song
WHY   f   Galileo   Rumplestiltskin
CAMBINA   f   Hawk Wing   Await  (Stack)
CATHERINEOFARAGON   f   Holy Roman Emperor   Monevassia
EVENING STAR   f   Holy Roman Emperor   Rafina
HOLY ALLIANCE   f   Holy Roman Emperor   Sanctify
INCA PRINCESS   f   Holy Roman Emperor   Miletrian
JULIET CAPULET   f   Holy Roman Emperor   Royal Ballerina
QUEEN OF SPAIN   f   Holy Roman Emperor   Starlight Dreams
MAUNDAYS BAY   f   Invincible Spirit   Mystic Mile    (Wachman)
EMERALD RING   f   Johannesburg   Inkling
PALE MOON RISING   f   Kingmambo   Baraka
WONDER OF WONDERS   f   Kingmambo   All Too Beautiful   (Wachman)
SHE'S A QUEEN   f   Peintre Celebre   Wavey
LOVE ME ONLY   f   Sadler's Wells   Mariah's Storm  (Giant's Causeway's half sister)
MAKE MY HEART SING   f   Sadler's Wells   Lyrical
BALLROOM   f   Storm Cat   Virginia Waters
MEOW   f   Storm Cat   Airwave    (Wachman)
SUN QUEEN   f   Storm Cat   Fountain Of Peace
GOODY TWO SHOES   f   Encosta De Lago   Angelic Song
ZVONAREAVE   f   Choisir   Chantarella
ALLIED ANSWER   c   Danehill Dancer   Hotelgenie Dot Com
ELEANOR GONZAGA   f   Holy Roman Emperor   Dolce Divo
JAMBALAYA   f   Holy Roman Emperor   Hoodwink
CHATTEL HOUSE   f   Aussie Rules   Starring Role
BROOKLYN ROSE   f   Danehill Dancer   Makarova
SPIN   f   Galileo   Pieds De Plume
EMERALD RING   f   Johannesburg   Inkling
PALE MOON RISING   f   Kingmambo   Baraka
WHY   f   Galileo   Rumplestiltskin
LOOKING GLASS BAY   c   Encosta De Lago   Aim For The Top
PORT ELIZABETH   f   Danehill Dancer   Champaka
GEMSTONE   f   Galileo   Kincob
LUXURIOUS   f   Galileo   Parvenue
COMPELLING   c   Kingmambo   Damson
EASTERN LIGHT   c   Danehill Dancer   Nellie Nolan
SLOANE STREET   f   Hurricane Run   Daspectra
EVENING STAR   f   Holy Roman Emperor   Rafina
SEVILLE   c   Galileo   Silverskaya
GIANT STEP   c   Giant's Causeway   Brown Eyes
MEMPHIS TREASURE   c   Hurricane Run   Hit The Sky
RUBY NECKLACE   f   Sadler's Wells   Necklace
ALLIED ANSWER   c   Danehill Dancer   Hotelgenie Dot Com
FIRST BATTALION   c   Sadler's Wells   Mubkera
FLAMING ARROW   c   Sadler's Wells   Pescia
PURE LUCK   f   Galileo   Birdie
CROOKED ARROW   c   Galileo   Mythologie
MUSIC IN MY HEART   c   Galileo   Rainbow Goddess
ELYSIAN HEIGHTS   c   Galileo   Ziffany
EPIC STORM   c   Montjeu   Jaya
LARGHETTO   f   Giant's Causeway   Marquetessa
QUAINTLY      Giant's Causeway   Measure
PORTRAIT PAINTER   c   Giant's Causeway   Rhineland
GRIFFIN   c   Encosta De Lago   Ashtarka
TRADITION   c   Footstepsinthesand   Carn Lady
When: 30 May 10 18:27
O,Brien, seems to be getting the 2yos out early this season, a few nice ones by Galileo have already had a run.
When: 01 Jun 10 00:55
do they seriously have that many 2 yr olds in training?!
When: 01 Jun 10 15:29
They are good, Mighty, but even they have to kiss a lot of frogs before the princely stallion pops up.
When: 01 Jun 10 19:03
no wonder they seem clueless as to whats their derby horse recently.
When: 01 Jun 10 21:10
mightymoyes     Joined: 28 Jul 07
Replies: 2702 01 Jun 10 00:55 
do they seriously have that many 2 yr olds in training?!

Well if Richard Hannon has 100, many do you think one of the worlds biggest bloodstock operations would have? 5,10...20!

BTW they didnt get to were they are by been clueless
When: 01 Jun 10 22:40
i didnt say they were clueless did i though, just that they were clueless about their derby horse recently. you cant really dispute that? infact galileo is the only one theyve got right in the last 10 yrs!
When: 02 Jun 10 17:41
mightymoyes     01 Jun 10 22:40 
i didnt say they were clueless did i though, just that they were clueless about their derby horse recently. you cant really dispute that? infact galileo is the only one theyve got right in the last 10 yrs!

The only one the betting market has got right, they just havnt had horses good enough but everyone gets caught up in the Ballydoyle pr headed by main sales man AOB and the junior sales man whoever the stable jockey is at the time followed by the bookies bleeding the punters dry on the back of it.
The master of all these puppets is Coolmore!

If a company has to have a product to sell each year they are hardly going to tell the truth when they dont have one that stands out but racing is a sport where anything can happen on the day 99.9% are regally breed so throw enough darts hit the jackpot and it is the best we have had. If all that fails call up the auld stone bruise excuse :)
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