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15 Jun 14 12:42
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| Topic/replies: 23 | Blogger: bagelish_ian's blog
Does anybody have any knowledge about the current situation on in-play laws, it seems like the narrative behind abolishing the current and unfair restrictions on Australian punters has evaporated.

I know 2 years ago the issue was gaining momentum,...

but I haven't heard anything about it since and I don't know what the current governments take on the law is.

Any thoughts guys?
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Report Joel June 15, 2014 1:06 PM BST
Nothings going to happen anytime soon now that this Clown is PM.
Report henryluca June 15, 2014 2:57 PM BST
IN play betting advice:

Grab a am radio frequency

Ear plug

Out of the way country track....(kalgoolie/broome / mid week country nsw /victoria)

Listen carefully last 100 metres

.......yep sometimes a good 2 seconds ahead of what others are seeing in vision on TV  etc   ....

(1 second = 6 lengths )

Nothing wrong with $1.30/$1.20 chocolates

Hope it helps!
Report wombleoz June 15, 2014 11:10 PM BST
Abbott blocked the changes last time so unless James Packer gets in his ear and changes his mind any change is a few years off yet Sad
Report bagelish_ian June 16, 2014 12:09 PM BST
so ****g frustrating, the Melbourne Essendon game was brutal waiting over the phone, betfair should start a petition. hopefully packer whispers soon in abbotts ear
Report eight ball June 16, 2014 12:42 PM BST
Over the years this has been flogged more than Django's back.
Perhaps they need a different tact rather than getting a stone faced reply from Independent's or Anti Gambling advocates.They might need to go the, fill the pollies pockets with, mooooore bet's means mooooooore tax for the greedy states.


Big Jimmy Jawbone needs to throw a few fundraisers for the influential suits,bait'em with freebies at some Offshore Resort with a few 'lookers'and then see what happens when vote time comes around.
Report BJT June 17, 2014 6:36 AM BST
He didn't buy BF out for the horse racing side of the business, so will happen at some point.  The only real growth he can get out of it is in play, being sports and casino.
Report henryluca June 23, 2014 3:05 PM BST
Curiously what has fallen under the radar is betting in play on the financial markets (including 20 min interval movement eg FTSE and Dow)
Report eight ball June 24, 2014 2:45 AM BST
That has been allowed ever since BF came to Oz.
Was a nice traders delight for a while but like all things involving monetary accumulation the smarties found ways(as they always do)to rort it.

The MM found ways to position their software and hardware to the front of the pipe feed giving them a 3 second advantage over anyone else.
Years ago Bloom did a live cross to someone in Barclay's(i think)and some suit in the background behind the anchor had up his normal 6 screens as well as Betfair.
Noticed the BF volumes are no longer what they were.
Report henryluca June 24, 2014 4:15 AM BST

Yes has been available forever. Just mentioned it because curiously all other in-play internet  trading on betfair is outlawed. .....(except the horses).

And yes the pools are poor at times ...and the market amazingly volatile......

Still something curiously addictive about watching the allegedly real time graphs:


The 20 min interval trading can cause some big swings to trade off......

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