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Posted by: zerohype on May 11, 2011 at 12:35:59 PM
Hi, Going forward let's start each new blog with a results update: [b]Football Tips[/b] Total Win/Loss: 23/23 [b]Dutch of The Day[/b] Total Win/Loss: 2/2 Race No. Win Place R1 C R2 A C [b]Yesterdays Round Up[/b] I'm very pleased we had a great day yesterday with two great winners for our first ever Dutch of The Day! We will do our best to find winning dutch bets each day, but as you know with horses it's impossible to keep a clean sheet. So let me explain how you can profit from these ABC Rated horses each day in other ways other than dutching by looking at yesterday's results. Although a steady dutching system with good money management will return a profit in the long term, you have options! If...
Posted by: zerohype on May 10, 2011 at 10:37:06 AM
Hi, Today's the first day of our Dutch of The Day blog, so let's hope we start with a couple of winners! Each day at least one graded race will be posted either after 9pm the evening before racing, or before midday on race day. Our ABC Ratings are listed in order of horses we have rated in the race with the best chance of winning, obviously with A rated being the highest rated. The real value of our ABC ratings is that they reduce the field to manageable numbers of possible winners. The ratings point to the value bets, the horses apparently overpriced in the market that have an outstanding chance of either winning or at least placing at a big price. They also provide potential for trading, forecast, tricast, combination and dutching bets. For trading especially, if you...
Posted by: zerohype on Apr 9, 2011 at 04:43:29 PM
Hi, Overwhelmed and overjoyed with that result! [b]Our ABCDE Ratings bagged us the winner of the Grand National![/b] I hope you all followed our advice and created a profitable dutch bet, as pretty much all our horses put in a great account of themselves, and we even bagged the 1st with Ballabriggs, and 2nd place with Oscar Time! For more profitable horse racing advice drop me an email and I'll keep you updated as to when we are starting our horse racing blog, and also explain the ABC Ratings System! We've even had a winning football trade today, so that makes it 17 out of 17 consecutive wins this year for the football, and one brilliant day at the National! Have a great day, I may be back tomorrow with a football trade. ;o)
Posted by: zerohype on Apr 7, 2011 at 04:41:34 PM
Hi, Just a final note on the National selections. I'm not a greedy man, and I prefer to increase my chances of winning as much as possible with my bets and trades. So simply as a suggestion, it's worth using a small amount of your expected profit from the five horse dutch to place on the two reserve choices. [b]F – Calgary Bay G – Bluesea Cracker[/b] You could put a small dutch bet on these two as well as the five horse dutch, and create a very healthy 7 horse dutch including our ABCDE rated horses! Thought it worth a mention for anybody new to dutching and unsure of the capabilities. Good luck!
Posted by: zerohype on Apr 7, 2011 at 02:37:14 PM
[img][/img] Hi, We recently launched our ABC Horse Ratings system, and we're getting great feedback from members already making steady profits. We're about to start posting regular daily horse racing free blog tips, which should commence from the start of May. So given that it's the Grand National on Saturday, the hardest race in the world to predict a winner, we thought we should have a go using the dutching system used on the ABC Ratings. If you don't know what dutching is I recommend you go searching on Google firstly, and also find yourself a decent dutching calculator to have a play around with before you start placing bets. We use an API software product to...