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Event #17 and mini-Event #17 of the Grand Series of Poker (GSOP) saw combined guaranteed prize pools of $600,000 making meaning there was a chance this could be Team Betfair's most profitable day. As it happened it did not pick up that particular title but Betfair players still picked up more than $90,000 for their efforts.

GSOP Event #17: $500+$25 No Limit Hold'em $500,000 Guaranteed

Event #17 was the biggest online tournament I have ever played in, in fact it was the largest tournament live or online that I had ever played in but instead of being nervous I was so looking forward to it. Maybe that would have been different had I bought myself in but hey, I was eager to get down to business and win some serious wonga!

From the first card being dealt you could tell this was a higher buy-in game as it played much tighter than others I had been part of and I was planning on using that to my advantage by trying to pick up some early chips but thanks to having ridiculously bad cards that plan was shelved after around 35 minutes. I did try to make a move during the 100/200 level when the hijack opened to 400, I three-bet to 900 with 8h7h but we both got out of the way when the big blind shoved for 6,345.

The next hand I played came in the next level and it ended like the one previously. I made it 625 to play with the blinds 125/250/25a with pocket sevens in middle position only to see the hijack shove for 3,278 and the big blind to re-shove for 12,451. Sevens no good then? Nope.I obviously folded and was shown TT and JJ. I then got back to folding until the 103rd and final hand of my tournament.

HhCMotU23 was UTG+1 and he min-raised to 600 two players folded and ReidHorkins made the call. I was next to act and I thought it would be a good spot to squeeze in but instead of shoving my 20bb into the middle I got it into my head that making a normalish raise would look far scarier so I made it 1,990 to play leaving 4,360 behind. The table folded back around to HhCMotU23 and he shoved for exactly 19,000 ReidHorkins folded and I called off my chips with pocket nines to find myself up against the ace-king of diamonds. The first card out was the As followed by 3h-2h-5c-Ks and I was eliminated 823/1,143. Oh well, maybe next year.

There were still over 150 of my fellow Betfairians in the field at the time of my bust out and of those 38 managed to make it through to the money places which started at 180th place and awarded $764.66; I'd have been delighted to have even got that far. By the time wigolio has finished in 100th spot everyone was taking home $1,108.27 for their efforts but they still had the chance of a huge prize. Iklonkyou of Sweden almost won a monster prize but busted out in 14th spot for $4,500.83 and this was outdone by KPCHUK of the Ukraine who fell in ninth place for $9,122.66. The best placed Betfair Poker player was Cigar71 of the UK who lost his stack to finish in eighth place for a cool $11,711.84 taking the toal won in that event to $68,209.40!

Event #17 in numbers

Total entrants: 1,143
Total prize pool: $571,500
Total Team Betfair entrants: 246 (21.52% of field)
Total Team Betfair cashes: 38
Total Team Betfair prize money: $68,209.40 (11.94% of prize pool)

Mini-GSOP Event #17: $50+$4 No Limit Hold'em $100,000 Guaranteed

The mini-Event #17 was one of the biggest fields of the series with 2,257 entrants in total, 373 of them coming from Betfair including little old me. Feeling more experienced than ever I was keen to get this tournament under way but it took me over an hour to play the first pot of note, up to that point I had simply treaded water and by the 125/250/25a level I had 9,913 chips of my starting 10,000. Yeah, that's how it was going.

That all changed though when bufik88 opened to 500 from UTG and I woke up with AcAs two seat to his left. I naturally three-bet to 1,375 and to my surprise ulM8gg_ moved all-in for 11,597 from the small blind! The original raiser folded but I was going nowhere and called to find a pair of kings staring back at me. The board ran out Qc-Qd-10s-Jd-2h and I had doubled to 20,576 and was now in good shape to say the least.

Thanks to a lack of playable cards and some mistimed steal attempts my stack had dwindled to 14,606 when this hand in the 300/600/60a level happened. Getalife45 opened to 1,200 under the gun and I failed to notice they only had 6,595 at the start of the hand so my three-bet to 3,450 a bit pointless I guess but I was still in early position so shoving didn't feel right but whatver. Anyway, Getalife45 then called leaving just 3,145 behind and he shoved. Almost without thinking I folded then kicked myself as I saw the stack sizes. FML!

I then got moved tables and the found jacks under the gun so moved all in with for 9,281 with blinds now 400/800/75a and winced when any2andy called on the button but my fears were put at ease when he showed pocket sevens and in the same suites as mine! The 4s-6s-Ac-5c-Qs board saw me double back to 20,112 then six hands later I opened from the hijack with KdQh and both blinds called. The flop came down Kh-Kc-Jd, both blinds checked, I lead for 3,910 into 5,550 only to see the SB fold but the BB check-raise to 8,000. Instead of playing it slow I went for the kill and shoved for my last 12,952 and he instantly mucked. Still, I was now up to 30,412. That was until any2andy from a few hands ago knocked me out.

The blinds had just gone up to 500/1,000/100a and I was playing just over 28,000 when I saw any2andy open to 2,000 in middle position. I was on the button with QcQd and I made it 5,675 to play. Both blinds folded but any2andy called and we shared a flop reading 6c-6h-7s. Villain checked to me and I moved all-in for 22,612 into the 13,850 pot hoping villain thought I had either missed the flop with AK / AQ type hands or I had something like 88 or 99.Villain did indeed call but not because of those reasons but because he was holding pocket aces! A 4h on the turn gave me a sweat for the split pot but it failed to arrive and I busted out 373/695 whilst any2andy, a fellow Betfair player, made it all the way to 209th for $103.48.

In total 79 Betfair players made it into the money places including Cigar71 who we mad eit to the final table of the Big Event #17, he busted in 19th place in the mini-event so a big shout out to them. Other huge shoutouts need to go to the next three players who made it all the way to the final table! Paisti00 (8th), UbeenBaxed (sixth) and gs12345678 (third) all fell just short of the massive $17,000 first place prize. A massive congrats to you all!

Mini-Event #17 in numbers

Total entrants: 2,257
Total prize pool: $112,850
Total Team Betfair entrants: 373 (16.53% of field)
Total Team Betfair cashes: 79
Total Team Betfair prize money: $22,771.66 (20.18% of prize pool)

More sterling performances from our Team Betfair players who now have winnings of $617,502.62 from 360 cashes and our mini players a total of $52,545.11 from 452 in the money finishes!

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