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Glaring holes

27 Oct 10 13:32
The title of this post says Glaring Holes, not Glory Holes as the likes of Amatay and Joppa Road would immediately be thinking and it refers not to my little man and holes in public conveniences, but the the massive leaks I found in my game last night.

For once in my sad little poker career, I have stuck to playing one game throughout the month of October and it had been a real rollercoaster affair. I started off by losing almost ten buy-ins within the first 2.5k hands, spent the next 10k hands getting out of that hole and then went on a mini-heater where I was around seven buy-ins to the good. The on Sunday it all went tits up and I lost the lot to send me to 36 big blinds down over 20k or so hands!

It has been a complete contrast to the back end of September when I was basically raping the games I was in, three-betting, continuation betting and raising donk bets like they it was going out of fashion and my win rate was huge. I thought that is what was happening this month but alas, after some digging in my Holdem Manager database I found a couple of small leaks and one that was gargantuan, look at that for a word!

Holdem Manager has some great reports you can run to see if your stats are converging towards those of a database of winning players. Almost all of my own stats were within the ranges of the top winning players though a couple were way off. The first one to be abnormal was my steal percentage which was way higher than anything listed, but this is simply because the donkey's I am playing day in day out let me do what I like in late position so why not take lots of blinds if they simply roll over and let you?

Two stats that were worryingly low were my post flop aggression after the flop, particularly on the river, and my continuation betting. The betting the river stat was something I have been trying to work on but I thought I was c-betting fine. The stat was not massively off but it looked like I am playing fit or fold poker, which certainly isn't the case, but more due to the fact the fishes simply call all c-bets and turn c-bets anyway so I have been more selective, plus more of my pots are multiway as the fish think I'm at it all the time!

With that in mind I played a quick session last night, before I hit the hay for an early night, where I concentrated properly for what felt the first time in a while. I was almost two buy-ins to the good at one stage but a few hands late on cost me dearly and I finished around 70 big blinds in front. More importantly I managed to play a 30/27/3.25 style pretty well, c-betting over 70% of the time and three-betting almost 10% of the time too. It felt good to play a pretty LAG style, one that was pissing off villains left, right and centre and a style that I am going to try and play again tonight and for the remainder of the month.

The huge leak I was talking about at the start of the entry (phwoar entry) is my play in three-bet pots. I am haemorrhaging money in pots where I have raised preflop and then call a three-bet, really blowing cash all over the place. It looks like I really need to tighten up my three-bet calling range at these stakes so I will be working on that over the next few sessions.

Overall I am happy with my volume and my progress this past month. I'm at 22,743 hands and winning at 5.95bb/100, though I believe I should be winning at double that amount. A few tweaks here and there and I think I will be ready to crush these fish and the next level up. Wish me luck.

As always, thanks for reading and best of luck at the tables!
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