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28 Apr 21 14:42
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Anyone else finding their not getting the winnings credited on game betting wins?
its happened to me twice today!!!  I get the stake back but not the winnings!
Definitely had 'matched' bets for the games ..but after the no payout, checking my account summary and also bets settled they don't show up as having been placed?! :(
The last time this happened on a horse racing forecast a few months back and I called BF, I got some berk windup merchant on the phone for over an hour ...ended up with a case number but nothing from it. I'm not sure if it was even a genuine one, or he made it up to get rid of me!
Basically if the bet doesn't show in your statement they wash their hands of it ever happening!
I don't want to have to photograph every bet I make I like to bet lots and fast!
Anyone else ever had this problem you reckon someone there is pulling a fast one and skimming from BF?  I'm short aprox £100 today so far on 2 games in 2 separate matches not paying out  and no record of them showing :(

Just flagging this up as if I'm not the only one that's experienced this then we stand a better chance of bringing it to the attention of BF police and stop it happening. If you're all getting great efficient service ignore this post please!

Guess I'm going to have to photograph the bets for proof, unless someone knows of a better way without relying on BF account statements ....Totally miffed as this is going to be so laborious and should be totally unnecessary!
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Report SamuelMertensBertens April 28, 2021 4:03 PM BST
sounds terrible. But nothing surprises me, so many bugs and glitches in their systems.
screenshots will help your case, you can also get a program that records your screen (I use OBS, it's free). That way you don't have to take screenshots of everything, but if notice something wrong later you can go back and look at the video and if the bets were accepted you will gave proof. Good luck.
Report debsam April 28, 2021 4:26 PM BST
Thanks for the tip about OBS ...would that come up on google if I just put that in? So I can check it out?

Just to update ....I'm furious now as it's just happened again!!!! i.e. stake returned but not the winnings (£82.50) this time!!!
BUT ...this time I have proof I'm off to phone the buggers!
I used the snipping tool to save jpegs of my matched bet, the bet showing in 'my bets' as matched along with the Betfair ID number, and also a jpeg of the match suspended showing my bet still there (not layed off). I also took one of the market closed showing that only my stake returned and another one of my bets and Account statement that no longer has the bet showing on it.

The video thing would be great to use though as these Game betting markets close so quick (usually a good thing!) that I risk not getting all of the info saved of course I'm not enjoying my betting as I can't watch the tennis as well:(

I'll post an update of what they say later ...I have no signal so its a trip out in the car in a bit to get in range! ....So mad that its a lovely afternoon of betting messed up by all this!
Enjoy your day :)
Report SamuelMertensBertens April 28, 2021 5:15 PM BST
yeah, just google OBS and it should be 1st hit. If not
Glad you have proof. Video will be useful like you say.
Report debsam April 28, 2021 7:31 PM BST
Ok folks, here's the update as promised.
The big takeaway from this is keep track of your bets!
Luckily for me it happened 3 times in one morning So it really flagged up this time!...heaven knows how many other bets on different sports I've been done out of through not keeping tabs!
I know for sure I had an RFC that didn't pay out in January, but didn't have the proof I got today and the agent at the time was pants! I bet quickly and across many markets so my pot is spread all over the place. keeping tabs is something I really don't want to have to do as it slows me up and takes the pleasure out of it ...but I will from now on!  If I hadn't I would have been out of pocket by £200 today as it turns out!

I had a brilliant agent this time helping me in the online customer service chat ..(the only way apparently, you can't phone them)
Also luckily for me I had the screenshots of that last bet and the details of the other two i.e. what bets they were.
So, the agent checked and those market were apparently voided!!!!!

I queried that none of my losing bets had ever been voided? LOL
Why was this not showing in my account statement as voided?
And that the market stayed in play until the game ended?
That it was a perfectly legitimate game and the result stood in the actual game itself i.e. it wasn't voided due to any betfair rule like the match was abandoned before a set had played out?
So no way should it they have been voided?!
Bear in mind I won someone's money, therefore who got that money?
I mean ...they had no reason to void the game, so I bet the losing punter didn't get it back, hmmmmm!

She raised the ticket and as an after thought I was getting her to check if there was a time stamp on when the bet was voided as if there was I wanted a record of that as it would have been after the market closed ....(my next question was going to be for the contact details of the ombudsman or whoever polices them)
Anyway, as she was doing this the 'traders' got back on the ticket and had re-settled the bets (all of them, thankfully!) ...And so they bluddy well should!

I'm still not wholly confident that there's not something going on that shouldn't be. Hopefully someone's got a red face and a smacked arse over this and it wont happen again!
But ...Betters beware, it happens!

hope that may have helped any of you who ever have it happen to you ....
Report debsam April 28, 2021 7:34 PM BST
P.S. Thanks for the Link SMB, appreciated :)
Report gazzad January 9, 2024 10:29 PM GMT
Happened to me this evening- definitely. Small money but spent ages over chat- can’t do anything!
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