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23 Jan 18 19:16
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...and apparently nobody gives a #?*f*k@

Flash back ten years this place would be crammed to the seams with threads from sedated maniacs extolling the fantastic state of British tennis. Now it's just jaded cynicism and a 'so what' shrug of the shoulders.
Is that just the evacuation of the forum, or have we become spoilt by the Murray era. Do we now take this stuff for granted?

If Edmund wins this, the union jack will have flown over every slam surface except clay four times by two dudes in a mere seven years (plus two olympics titles)
Those that suffered through the Henman era would have laughed off the very idea of what might be just a few tense tiebreaks away from reality

Well I (for one) care.
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Report mesmerised January 23, 2018 9:12 PM GMT
British mentality.

He'a already being passed off as a 'Saffer' on social media, same way Konta was being passed off as an 'Aussie' last summer at Wimbledon when she's came to the attention of a wider more casual tennis audience after her run to the semi's.

There was a poll on talksport today asking listeners if they had ever even heard of Edmund before this weekPlain

I think if you take out Murray of the picture from the last 10-12 years, this would be really big news, even bigger if it'd been at Wimbledon where coverage increases 10 fold.

Easily makeable final from here in terms of the game style he will be coming against, but a Federer at this juncture in his career would be problematic, words 'twisted blood' does come to mind.

But who knows.
Report doridoru January 23, 2018 9:40 PM GMT
Report Journeyman January 23, 2018 10:11 PM GMT
Yeah the Konta comparison holds up. There seems to be a similar lack of 'investment'.

Maybe with Murray all the stuff that seemed to be detrimental to his relationship with the public (the paraguay fiasco, the swearing and scowling, the tears at losing etc) at least meant the public bought into him.
ie Even if they disliked him they at least felt they knew him which made it easier to engage when his time came.
Report geordie1956 January 24, 2018 9:09 PM GMT
Part of the problem with Edmund (as with Konta) is they were not generally known to the wider public until they suddently have gone far in a grand slam and the publicity machine comes into play with the media - TV (terrestrial) and the newspapers gain into the hype so we learn a little about the individuals and they gain a new audience (even those who perhaps aren't tennis fans) who want British sports people to succeed

I for one would love Edmund to get to the final and (hopefully) play the great Fed...if he is in the final (even the semi-final is a successful tournament for him) surely it will lead to even greater success longer term for him with the confidence of going deep in a slam
Report sofiakenny January 24, 2018 9:35 PM GMT
Report n88uk January 25, 2018 12:17 AM GMT
Three factors playing in the no-one caring I would guess.

#1 Australian Open defo the least viewed slam in this country by far, even when Betfair forum was thriving you wouldn't have huge interest in AO, just awful viewing hours for people. So amount of people who have even watched a match this AO of his will be low.

#2 Murray's success has raised the barrier for what sparks peoples interests and deemed as success. Murray has been making like a couple of semi's virtually every year in recent times, so a SF just isn't as big a deal now as it would have been during Britain's barren period at grand slams.

#3 With Federer in the draw and clear favourite, no-one probably really thinks he will actually win, which linked to the above, "just a SF" isn't a big deal anymore as it would have been 10 years ago after Murray's success.

I think the bit about being a Saffer and whatever, similar to Konta is very minor in actuality. The sorta people who spout this stuff like the football fans on Talksport wouldn't be watching anyway. And it can't hurt viewing numbers that much given Konta's matches were the highest viewed matches at Wimbledon.
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