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03 Sep 17 18:29
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Nothing against this upstart whippersnapper pesonally, he's a genuinely talented young player but these commentators and pundits really need to reign themselves in, they're so far up his backside that even if you're betting on him you end wanting him to lose, after he lost the first set they even said Carreño Busta stole it, how do you steal a set ?Confused  every winning point no mater how simple is met with a gasping "aaah" and every mistake is "a learning process" and everything in between is about him and nothing about the other player as if he's a prop (when he's actually winning).

Reminds me of Athletics, because Usain Bolt was left the building they began looking for the next big star to promote the sport and draw crowds, so they turned to van Niekerk who was given preferential treatement, moved him into an easier heat at the World Championship and disqualifed his main competitior to make sure he won, seems to me with "Shapo" they are doing a similar thing, making sure he becomes a big household name to be the flag bearer for Tennis when the top 4 eventually depart, to his credit, I hear he turned down a wildcard they offered him and played Qualies instead. 

I thought commentators though were meant  to be neutral and unbiased but they've been completely and overtly one sided in their willingness for him to win his matches, Mats in particular is determined to steer the bandwagon and is so waxing lyrical he ran out of superlatives within the first couple of games, I'm beginning to think he's on an earner with Nike to heap as much praise onto him up as possibleShocked, either that or the floppy haired, backwards baseball cap wearing skaterboi image has convinced him he is the next multi slam winning superstar.

There have been a plethora of young talented players in the past who slam wise ended up achieving the sqaure root of zero because they never had it between the ears, that's the biggest difference between the top 3 and everyone else, having many facets to your game at 18 inc a lefty one handed backhand doesn't guarantee success, it means he has the raw ingrediants to be successful at the top, whether he knows how to cook or not in the big game pressure moments remains to be seen. The exuberance and naivety of youth only carries you so far. FWIW, yes he can win grand slams in 3-4 years when the top 4 have packed up and it's a level playing field, but then so can a lot of other top players. Until then, he's just another hype kid.

Kind Regards
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Report The Leopard September 5, 2017 10:29 PM BST
Report Journeyman September 6, 2017 10:04 PM BST
It's fear. The fear of hurtling towards a tennis era where there are no superstars. Because can the sport even rememember how it managed to function in the pre Big 3/4 era? (Given that Federer has fans who weren't born when he started winning slams.)

But that post-Sampras pre-Fed era (where slams could be won by random Australians or anyone who fancied having one) was perfectly okay wasn't it? The 2001 wimbledon final was one of the most popular of all time.

Also the big 4 era has had its downside with talented players feeling ignored and cheated of the spotlight. Tsonga ruefuly saying 'when will it be my turn' and Berdych with a chip on his shoulder and always looking like he's fantasising about blowing up motorway cafes.
How awesome would it have been to see JWT winning Wimbledon or Gasquet holding up the trophy in tears at RG?
A lot of dreams have turned to dust in this era.

The sport has to accept that all the global supernovas, Fed, Nadal, Djok, the Williams sisters and bad girl Sharapova are probably all going to go over a short period of time and there are NO superstars waiting to take over. But there are plenty of passionate, likeable and talented 'ordinary' players and that is ...perfectly fine.
Report wisewords September 6, 2017 10:23 PM BST
Federer will still be winning Wimbledon at age 40.
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