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21 Nov 20 21:15
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Good evening Campers.

Firstly I'd lie to say that I thought Craig was a little better tonight but he talks up everyone.  He just gives 8's, 9's and 10's.  As I said last week how many would Ashley '****cat Doll' be worth then, 15, 16, 17?  There's only 10 points to work with judges, think about it!

Here's how they REALLY did:

BILL:  A classic Sinatra number which I love.  I think his bottom half is better than his top.  A touch out timing wise too but once again a decent effort.   Judges very OTT with their remarks (as they are for a lot of them to be fair) he got a 9/10 from one judge.  Come on be honest that wasn't 9/10.     7

MAISIE:   Surely you can see the difference?  She's been good every single week so how she was B2 last week is just downright unfair sorry.  She did falter on that landing which was a shame.  Wasn't a 9/10 for me but still very good.   8

JJ:   Have to say for me I think that was his best showing.  Wasn't that just as good as Bill?   Craig was being harsh but once again Shirley and Anton giving that 9/10 is just nonsense.  7

CLARA:  She's another who's been good every week and gradually improving but not so good tonight.  Still thought it was quite good though so don't agree with judges low scoring but hey ho.  Caught her on a bad week she could be in trouble as if she's in DO she can only do that same dance which may not be good enough.  I thought she did well though still.   7

JAMIE:   This 'Street' stuff is not my cup of tea at all and shouldn't be part of the show whatsoever IMO.  No give me a good ol' Fred Astaire number every time.   That said he did it really well didn't he.  I think he's improving, comes across as a nice chap he could be a dark horse for the Final.  10/10 though?    ......... no it wasn't.  8

HARVY:  Now that's more like it the best of the night for me.  Another who's surely Final bound he's been good every week and this for me was his best so far.  I didn't see the mistakes but obviously the judges know better than me (apart from with the actual scoring) so fair enough.  I thought it was the dance of the series so far.  Very good   9

CAROLINE:  Ridiculously overmarked that was very laboured and she just looked embarrassing.   I've said all along she's struggle away from the slow walk rounds and she did.  The judges all gave her 8/10 for that I find it so frustrating as I'm sure you can tell.  Poor.   5.5

RANVIR:  Looked good again.  I didn't think it was that great at all.  A very basic Argentine Tango we've seen far far better than that yet Anton gives it 10/10?  Tidy enough but all a bit simple I thought.   6.5

So there you go, the truth.  Real, accurate, non biased scoring.  That's how I saw it anyway I hope you think I've done ok and pretty close to your own observations.

Be lucky.

Lou x
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