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14 Nov 20 21:26
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For a start I thought Anton was like a duck out of water, must have been a bit nervous granted but his critiques were very basic I thought.  Overly marked everyone too.  Hurry back Oti please.

Picture the scene ..................... Your looking at your Reds and Greens on the screen in front of you, worried about some and really happy about others.  You know the judges don't seem to have any logic with their marks so here's how worried and happy you really should be.  Step right this way ................

HRVY:   Find it very annoying that he keeps winking all the time, puts me off him a bit.  That said he's been good every week and was again tonight.  Jeanette is only tiny but he must only weigh about 9st himself so he did really well with the lifts.  Have top say again that whilst he was good that just wasn't 10/10.  If that's a 10 then what would you have to give Kelvin and Karim last year most weeks, 13,14?  Ashleigh Roberts must have been about a 16 then.  Wish they'd think about their marking and be accurate.   I think there are three spaces booked for the Final 4 and he's one of them.    8

RANVIR:    She looked lovely again.   Not as good as last week I thought it all could have been a bit sharper but decent enough again.  Craig says that was 5/10, see what I mean about the judges just not being accurate it was better than that.    7

MAX:   One of my Greens but I don't think he's improved that much since the start.   We've now seen him 4 or 5 times and he's not great is he.  He's a nice looking bloke, could be a bit taller and comes across well with his laid back demeanour.  Fractionally his best effort so far I thought though.  Ugly dog it has to be said too.  Uuugh!   7

MAISIE:  Said before I don't personally like her but she's the best or second best every single week.  She can really dance, look at the difference between her and say Caroline.  See what I mean.  Another one surely in the Final 4.   Good again 8

BILL:   Has to be said he comes across as a very likeable chap and I had him down before they danced to last three or four weeks at most but being absolutely honest as always I thought that was his best so far tonight.  See above for what I was saying about the marking.  Shirley gave that 10/10!    It wasn't a ten Shirley.   7.5

CAROLINE:   Just another stroll round her days are numbered.  She's done roughly the same thing just about every week.  Nice Gal but won't be winning and could be in trouble on Sunday.   I thought they sang the song nice I know squares tends to knock the singers but I thought that was very nice by them.   Caroline though?

JAMIE:   That's the best he's done.  Wish he'd take it a bit more serious but definite improvement so well done.  IMO safely through tonight.   7.5

CLARA:  I've talked her up every week and tonight she took it up a notch.  Best of the night for me, seems a very nice girl and Aliaz is very popular too.  Being fair as always though that wasn't 10/10 (What was Ashleigh then 14, 15. 16?)  but very good though.  For me she's the third finalist so one more to find.  8.5

That's as accurate as I can get them.  Hope you think I've got them down just about right.


Lou x
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Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 14, 2020 11:05 PM GMT
Oops missed JJ sorry!

J:  A great song but for me that was very average.  He should have been able to do it to that standard in Week 1.  Can't keep getting the sympathy "Aah isn't he nice" vote.  Worst of the night for me, trouble looms.  5
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 16, 2020 9:19 PM GMT
I layed HRVY at 6.4 at the start but just Bought it back for the same price as I can see now that surely Maisie won't be winning.  I've also got Clara who's good and Jamie too who almost certainly won't be winning.

I'm not worried about any of the rest of big Lays bar of course Bill who for some reason is now 4/5 fav.  He's a lot better than I thought and pretty decent to be fair but there are undoubtably at least three dancers clearly better than him and another couple who are just as good so why he's those odds I don't know.

I can only hope he doesn't end up winning or it's a bad loss for me.  I've won every year on Strictly but have to say it's looking grim at the moment.

Fingers crossed .............
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