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07 Nov 20 22:45
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Evening all.

Can't believe some of the marks the judges give the dancers.  Every year we see some fabulous dancers specially as they progress who are really worthy of 9's, maybe a 10 even but look at Bill's scores tonight.  I didn't think it was that good at all to be honest and to give it 9/10 is just plain wrong.  I just don't get it sorry.

Anyway moving on here are the marks in all honesty, all bets aside of how they REALLY danced:

NICOLA:  She's very manly.  I know I'm old fashioned but I don't like these same sex pairings.  She wasn't great but decent again I thought.  No trouble with the fitness side of things she just needs a bit more in the technique dept.    6.5

MAISIE:  Surely the best dancer in it she's good every week.  For me she's been the pick of the bunch every week and was again tonight.  She's going to be this good every week obviously so final bound and the one to beat.    8

CAROLINE:  Neat and tidy but once again not moving too much.  How will she perform a Jive, Quickstep, Cha Cha Cha?  Should be ok for another two or three weeks.  She won't be winning though so get rid of those Greens now all.  Motsi gave her 8/10 and that's just ridiculous sorry.    6

JASON:   Worst of the night, another who can't possibly win.  It was very basic wasn't it, with about four hours training I could have done that routine.  Poor    4.5

JJ:  Great song.   won't be around for long either but I thought that was his best effort so far.  Ever such a nice chap but come on 8/10 for that from the judges?    6

HRVY:   Max Red for me but what's the point in blatantly lying he's good every week.  Must make the Final he's in with a big chance.  JJ was given higher marks than him.  Ridiculous again from the judges.    8

RANVIR:   Thought she looked lovely.  Comes across as ever so nice I'd like to see her do well.  Seems to be improving but another who was overmarked.  Was that REALLY worth a 9/10?  No it wasn't.    7

JAMIE:    Quite good I suppose but not great was it again.  Wasn't a 'Zany' enough Charleston for me I can't see how he got 8/10 from some judges.    6.5

CLARA:  IMO one of the best three dancers in it.  Good every week she's going along nicely.  Shirley undermarking her with a 6/10 it was better than that.  7.5

MAX:     A nice Green for me but I don't like this Couples Choice stuff I just didn't like it.  (Just being honest again folks)  Overmarked by the judges it just wasn't for me at all.    5.5

BILL:   I said at the top how was that 9/10!  It's a difficuilt dance I think for the men as I don't think there's too much you can do with it.  Don't get me wrong he did ok but I thought he was better last week.    6

Well that's about it.  I've tried to be as fair and accurate as i can and those are my findings.

See you next week and good luck all.

Lou x
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Report bearcub November 7, 2020 10:50 PM GMT
You gave Nicola a higher score than Bill..Crazy

Stop embarrassing yourself
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