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five leaves left
28 Sep 19 16:43
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16/1 and little 18/1 on the HS now after a rather stuttering start. Lpm on here 18.  She looked excellent at the start of her VW dance last week before nerves took over after a couple of mistakes.
If she can conquer her nerves she has the potential to go very far in the competition.
Along with Michelle Visage, she looks to have the most natural rhythm and musicality on the female side.
I was initially worried about her pairing with Johannes but he comes across as a really lovely guy and a great dancer. Someone who I can see becoming one of the most popular pros over the next few years.
The various training clips of their Samba this week, look extremely promising and it could be a real show stopper of a dance if they can nail it.

All aboard!
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Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B September 28, 2019 5:39 PM BST
Just my opinion fig but she just seems a bit of a big unit to me.  I don't see how she can move that quick and be thrown about in the Latin dances compared to the smaller, slighter contestants.  Comes across as a nice girl and of course I may well be wrong but I hope not as she's one of my very large Reds too.

Good luck to you though.
Report Cider September 28, 2019 5:45 PM BST
She's not that big, Lou. It might be the not inconsiderable jugs creating somewhat of an optical illusion for you.
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B September 28, 2019 5:57 PM BST
Yes she's lost a lot of weight over the years as she used to be very big when younger.  Very attractive now and yes the 'jugs' are an asset.  Just not sure they're an asset for dancing.  I can only hope I'm right.

I think she'll be around past halfway though and then who knows ............
Report Cider September 28, 2019 6:05 PM BST
English actress best known for playing Eva Price in ITV soap opera Coronation Street. In the Mirror newspaper she mentioned in relation to studying drama/dancing, "I must have got down to nine stone, which for my height - 5ft 8in - wasn't enough". She also mentioned in the Sun "I'm 5ft 8in and I've got boobs and a bit of a bum"

I have her on my side, at the prices after dancing Saturday it would have been rude not to. I'm middling on her actual chances, not strongly in favour or against.
Report five leaves left September 28, 2019 6:06 PM BST
I put that down as one maybe and a no. Not bad for one of my trains these days. Just hoping she doesn't more than double in price again this week
Report Cider September 28, 2019 6:23 PM BST
lol Fig. Northerners tend to like a party so she'll be more comfortable this week I suspect.
Report five leaves left September 28, 2019 9:23 PM BST
lol unfortunately not cider. Doubled in price again Sad Good in part but can't seem to put a whole dance together
Report Cider September 28, 2019 9:32 PM BST
She seemed very exposed tonight. I suspect the best pros like KfG last year are able to choreo a routine that masks their celebrity's deficiencies. Johannes didn't really do much to help her out tonight.
Report hemsby September 28, 2019 9:40 PM BST
I built up some green on Cath pre show tonight in expectation of a good routine so was quite disappointed.

Her polling on tonight’s SS is also bad. I think her chemistry with Johannes is actually really endearing (which was a worry pre the lives). Problem lies with the dance quality ATM.
Report five leaves left September 28, 2019 9:54 PM BST
Yep, Johannes is a positive personality wise but as cider says, he's giving her choreography which is beyond her capabilities. I expect nerves play a part too. Despite the bubbly exterior she's not particular confident
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B September 28, 2019 11:19 PM BST
I thought the marking for her was spot on tonight.  5/10 was just right, she wasn't bad but not good either.  Still think she's not built to dance overly well so whilst she did ok 5/10 doesn't win Strictly I'm afraid.  Doubled in odds again you say?  A bit harsh but she won't be winning so I'd get out while you can.

Sorry fig.
Report J.O.TOBIN. October 5, 2019 8:06 PM BST
Could be a turning point for her with that dance.
Report mach October 5, 2019 11:17 PM BST
Over marked rubbish imo
Top female is up for grabs though
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B October 5, 2019 11:37 PM BST
I can't help but be HONEST, HONEST, HONEST and whilst I want her out that was her best showing tonight.  Going along quite nicely, still needs to improve to make the last half a dozen but yes good stuff from her tonight.

Well done Cath and well done Figgy.
Report Cider October 6, 2019 2:25 PM BST
The performance was acting heavy so it was pretty clear it was in her comfort zone. It's obviously a step forward and maybe will help her relax into the series.
Report five leaves left October 6, 2019 3:29 PM BST
It was a pleasing night for the train. Hopefully it is a turning point for Cath. Certainly a dance that suited. however I thought she showed enough in the VW in week 1 to suggest she has the potential to be very good at ballroom. The fast latin could be more of a problem. She needs to borrow a little of Michelle's sass
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B October 6, 2019 4:01 PM BST
Yes I agree with the fast stuff I just don't think she's going to be able to really move 'bang, bang, bang' fast and light whereas last night was slow and as Cider pointed out she acted it well so right up her (Coronation) Street.
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B October 13, 2019 3:20 AM BST
Overmarked tonight she did ok but big chunky legs she didn't look great at all.  Not a bad effort but it wasn't worth 8/10.

Same as before really, ok for three or four more weeks then start worrying.
Report five leaves left October 13, 2019 11:23 AM BST
Thanks for the advice Lou. She was far from perfect but a massive improvement on her previous fast dance. She appears to be far more relaxed now and is growing in confidence.
If she continues to improve then I feel she could still be there at Christmas. Or the week before
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B October 13, 2019 11:36 AM BST

Yes fair enough we can only wait and see.  She has done a little better and was decent enough last night but already I can't see past the top 2 men as winners and IMO Saffron and Emma B are better than her for a start with Alex, Michelle and Posh Emma being just as good so still finishes about 6th/7th I'd guess.

Saying that she's got past Dev who I thought was better so who knows.

Good luck
Report five leaves left October 13, 2019 12:35 PM BST
Thanks Lou. I agree with you that Kelvin and Karim are way ahead of the women. Kelvin ticks virtually every box and looks a very worthy fav. A possible weakness in ballroom his only negative.
Karim I'm less convinced by. Not sure he has anything like Kelvin's appeal and he could easily be another shock elim down the line.

I'd have Cath above the likes of Saffron, Posh Emma and Alex. All of whom haven't really progressed. Only Emma B and Michelle to catch up with now. With the help of the wonderful Johannes I think she has a shot at Top Female, at least
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B October 13, 2019 12:46 PM BST
Yes again Fig fair enough I take your point.

Myself I think Karim may win this.  As you said they do look better than the rest but I think Karim is just as good as the hot favourite and would be the one I'd be backing if I had a bet from here which I won't.  I've left them both nicely onside from the very start so suits me if one wins.

I said somewhere on here last week that I think Saffron is worth a bet for TF and thought she did well again last night.  Yes she'd be the TF for me and may make the final even.

I'm very large Red on your Gal' though so hoping I'm right in the end.

Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B October 20, 2019 12:20 PM BST
Just finished watching it.

Once again got to keep it strictly honest and whilst I want her out I thought the judges were a bit harsh on her.  Not sure I'd have given it an eight though but I thought Craig's six a bit undermarked.  She's going along quite nicely it has to be said but still feeling happy that someone will eventually beat here.

As before I think ok for two or three weeks then trouble awaits.
Report five leaves left October 21, 2019 11:54 AM BST
I thought she continued to show improvement. Danced a rather dull routine, very well. Not helped by the song. A decent song is so crucial. As we saw with Saffron. The poor songs and the nitpicking suggest she'll be thrown under a bus in the next few weeks. But while the train is still going there's always hope Cool
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B October 21, 2019 4:49 PM BST
Yes Fig I always think a good ol' catchy song that everyone knows helps.  I'm a bit stuck in my ways and old fashioned I know but half the songs I've never heard of.  Look at movie week, all the great songs from the classic movies over the years yet it's all modern stuff from Kill Bill, Austin Powers, Batman, Pokemon and Kung Fu Panda it's ridiculous.

Saffron did a big Hollywood number 'New York' New York' and 'bang' it literally was a show stopper she really did it well.  You've got to be a good dancer obviously but a catchy classic song can only help.

Yes a bit harsh on Cathy I thought but she's still in it so for you there's always hope ............. and for me there's still panic stations!

Good luck fig.
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B October 26, 2019 10:57 PM BST
Sorry Fig thought she may last another week or two and Will getting a bye hasn't helped either but she was never really in it for me.  Didn't come across well either with her silly giggling and over the top demenour.

There's always next year Fig.  Keep Dancing!
Report hemsby October 26, 2019 11:39 PM BST
Unlucky Fig Sad
Report five leaves left October 27, 2019 8:42 PM GMT
Cheers. She wasn't given much help, but ultimately wasn't good enough
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