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11 Nov 18 00:28
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Firstly I know almost nobody will even reply as it's me posting which is a shame as all I'm doing is joining in and voicing my opinion buy oh well not to worry I'll write it anyway.

I just want to say that regarding Ashley I don't see what more she can do.  She's the standout dancer, top of the leaderboard or thereabouts every single week, comes across as a nice enough girl, trying her best yet people don't seem to take to her and barely have a good word to say about her because of her dance experience over the years when it's obvious she's far from the only one who's danced before?

You all know me I like to see fair play even if it goes against me and I'll always try to tell it how it is.

Who knows she may well go on and win it but the general concensus seems to be that whilst she's surely the one to beat dance wise she's considered as about a 10/1 shot, fourth favourite?

I really don't see what more she can do, she lights up the floor every week and is terrific so if this world were a fair place (Oh I know it's not) she'd surely win this.

Sorry for the 'rant' but I honestly just don't get it.
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Report hemsby November 10, 2018 11:38 PM GMT
I guess the people that vote don’t always vote for the best dancer Lou.

Like all RTV shows it’s really a popularity contest rather than a dance one.Over the years the best dancer each series usually gets beat.

There is nothing wrong with Ashley,she’s a nice girl who dances fantastically.I just feel that when it comes to the final and the VTW if she’s there she will struggle to attract enough votes.

My own view is that it’s nice to see a “non dancer” or “improver “ win the show.I think that’s also the view of the majority of viewers.With that in mind I think Stacey will be hard to beat.
Report vagabond November 10, 2018 11:41 PM GMT
But surely the eventual winner is not necessarily the best dancer. We have seen that many times before. It cannot be said that Darren Gough was the best dancer that year? There are all kinds of reasons why people vote or don't vote. It is not just a dance contest. I cannot answer your question regarding Ashley (I am only half watching this year as the format is beginning to irritate me after all these years.) Perceived former dance experience has been an issue with other contestants in the past if that is part of the problem.
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 10, 2018 11:47 PM GMT
Fair enough I take your points of course and I can see the 'Popularity' thing.

It just must put off future candidates who have 'danced before' (Ashley used to sake her booty in The ****cat Dolls, that's hardly The Quick Step, Foxtrot or Argentine Tango surely!) will not bother entering as it's impossible for them to win.

Of course I'm not but IF I were a judge or even a Voter on Strictly then Ashley's the winner for me.
Report Cider November 10, 2018 11:51 PM GMT
This was already covered on H's thread Lou Grin

I'm not sure why it bothers you that people have a different opinion. In fact as Ashley is trading around 9/1 you can fill your boots. In my specials 'career' I'm usually in the opposite direction to the general view.

Ashley the best dancer in the comp this year, there's no style she can't do. There's not a lot else to talk about when she dances.
Report THEMONEYSHOT November 10, 2018 11:51 PM GMT
1) American
2) A little bit too good, see; Danny Mac, Ashton, Alex B and of course Widecombe.
3) Just a bit 'meh', spoke to me Mum and her mates about Strictly and none of em mention Ashley without prompting.
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 10, 2018 11:56 PM GMT

Oh I'm nicely green on her so pretty much don't care if she wins or not.

Just like to see fair play as you know and like I said I don't count shaking your booty as being able to dance how she does as having experience.

She's just wonderful every single week and is the deserved winner IMO.
Report Cider November 11, 2018 12:01 AM GMT
It doesn't matter what you think though does it, it matters what the voters think. Most of them will think fair play is voting for the person who started off not being able to dance and ended up being really good. Ashley started off being really good, and, erm, ended up being really good.
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 11, 2018 12:05 AM GMT
Yes I take your point Cider but then what's the point of anyone who 'starts off really good' because she shook her booty with some girl band for instance bothering to enter as the public just see that 'Yes she's the best dancer but we're not voting for her'

I've said this years ago on the X Factor.  It's like having a 100m running race, Ashley is undoubtably the fastest runner so gets to the finish line ahead of the others .............. and so we give her the Bronze Medal?

I just don't get that sorry.
Report Cider November 11, 2018 12:05 AM GMT
You only need to look at Mincey vs Ricky Whittle. Ricky was an amazing dancer and got beat in a landslide by a chubby morning tv sports presenter.
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 11, 2018 12:07 AM GMT
Yes Ricky was the better of the two, although 'Mincey' was decent TBF.

All I'm trying to say that IF it were up to me I'd have given it to Ricky as the best dancer.
Report Cider November 11, 2018 12:08 AM GMT
Ringers are cast to bring credibility to the show. If they were all ropy it wouldn't be very good telly.
Report Cider November 11, 2018 12:09 AM GMT
It isn't up to you (I think we might be getting there!). Some people like you would vote for the best technical dancer, but not enough ;)
Report THEMONEYSHOT November 11, 2018 12:09 AM GMT
This ain't the 100 metres though is it, it's equivalent to the 10,000 metres, a long running 'ENTERTAINMENT' show that purports itself as a dancing contest.
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 11, 2018 12:10 AM GMT
I don't agree with that Cider.  Look how they've all improved from a standing start.

Even Graemme is pretty decent let's be fair as is Kate and specially the likes of Stacey and Joe maybe.

So we could have 15 complete novices and may the best 'man' win.
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 11, 2018 12:12 AM GMT

Ok the 10000M then.  Ashley is undoubtably the fastest 'Runner' ............... so we give her the Bronze Medal?

just don't agree sorry.
Report Cider November 11, 2018 12:13 AM GMT
They are cast before they actually do any dancing of course. The producers won't know how well the novices will do until the show has actually started. They may have had an inkling Ashley didn't have two left feet Grin
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 11, 2018 12:14 AM GMT
Yes but with 15 Novices, some are going to be good, some average, some laughable so it's still an interesting fair 'race' so what's wrong with that.
Report THEMONEYSHOT November 11, 2018 12:17 AM GMT
so we give her the Bronze Medal?

As has already been pointed out we don't mate the great British public do. She will get to the final on her dancing ability no doubt but after that, due to the public vote, all bet's are off. Why the bronze ? You got her as a shoe-in for third.
Report Cider November 11, 2018 12:17 AM GMT
I realise it's a bitter pill to swallow, you've just got to accept that not everyone has the same opinion as you do. However, they are equally entitled to hold it. Over and out Cool
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 11, 2018 12:19 AM GMT
Well I just take it she will not win it and perhaps finish about third.

I'm just saying that IMO she should be the winner as she's the best dancer so to give it to say Stacey who's clearly not as good a DANCER as her is not right.  That's all.
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 11, 2018 12:24 AM GMT

Oh of course I appreciate that. 

I just find it hard to accept that they would surely have to agree that she is the best DANCER on a show where they have to DANCE to the best of their abilities every week.  The judges then score and critique them on their DANCING too.

Yet with the voters they're pretty much saying "Yer well $od all that I know she's the best DANCER but I'm just voting someone because I like them".

I just don't think that's right.
Report THEMONEYSHOT November 11, 2018 12:27 AM GMT
Quite a few people think it wasn't 'right' to vote Brexit but the majority had the audacity to do it anyway. Watch Joe get to the final and win it on public votes not dance ability. Joe = Christmas present money, imo.

On that sage advice, nos da Lou me old china Wink
Report LOU MACARIS TARTAN B November 11, 2018 12:31 AM GMT
Well I'm just giving my opinion and trying to converse with the forum.

Sorry if I've offended anyone by posting but just trying to stick up for fair play and in a 'Fair Play' world Ashley should undoutably win this.

Goodnight all.
Report THEMONEYSHOT November 11, 2018 12:40 AM GMT
I pray for a 'fair play' world Lou, i really do Excited........................ ain't gonna happen dude Sad Night Luigi.
Report Hamsterdam November 13, 2018 9:36 PM GMT
Ashley won me over on Saturday undoubtedly dance of the series so far great (but very sad) VT in addition she seems a lovely woman.

She could beat the American/ringer thing off the back of that.

The competition isn't all that and the 'improvers' have already been hyped up. Faye is boring AF and a ringer too.
Report the ferret November 18, 2018 7:51 PM GMT
ashley certainty to WIN
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