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09 Oct 18 10:43
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Akeem v Lewis v Kenny (one to be saved - maybe)

very, very small chance of all 3 staying up which would see lewis going easily given my edit prediction below.
obviously we've got 4 edits to come which always decides who goes and from the clip of lewis in the DR its obvious the whole week is gonna be dominated by lewis and hussain....with the former doing the same routine as he did with lewis g.
unless lewis is saved he's a complete certainty to be gone whether hes up against akeem or ken imo, lots of the public thought they'd made a mistake the 1st time round keeping lewis in and knowing his game plan worked the 1st time he will play all the same cards against hussain which will completely backfire this time.
if lewis is up he will have fans of everyone wanting him out as hes so far ahead on the polls and clear fav to win...add in fans of lewis g and now issac who have seen how two faced he was to them in thouse chipping in.
plus if he is up against Akeem the anti-vote against lewis will last two days not 5 mins and im sure Wales will have there say.
ok Akeem will get lewis fans voting him out but the motivation to vote for a nice guy wont be anywhere near what it will be for a complete control freak.

i get the lewis price now coz if he does get saved he will have an amazing chance of making the final and would be a certainty for top 2 but as it stands right now hes so marmite and will be in complete moam mode for the 4 next days i dont see any chance of him surviving a two day anti-vote being the clear fav and against fans of everyone plus the whole of wales if against Akeem.

Akeem v kenny - pointless talking about it, kenny would go in a landslide..we know shes the least popular with the public and akeems fans would swamp her right out the house.

basically lewis v anyone and hes toast in a VTE coz he's a complete bell and the same act has no chance whatsoever of working twice no matter how much of a kooont hussain is.....coz lewis haters have been waiting weeks to have there say !!!

my prediction is bye bye lewis or kenny
my prince is going nowhere, probably wont even be shown much this week..well only being nice to everyone WinkLoveCool
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Report armagnac October 9, 2018 11:23 AM BST
vid up of kenny moaning about being up which wont do her any favours, guessing Akeem will just take it on the chin.
just pushes her further clear in terms of being up v Akeem but wont even put a dent in helping to go v lewis as hes gonna spend the whole week hanging himself with nothing but b1tching, moaning and saying how hard done he is by big brother for putting in another lewis g Laugh
it wont work twice lewis, trust me !!!
Report armagnac October 9, 2018 11:41 AM BST
lewis a walking deadman in that house, gotta massive target on his back this week with knives out coming from all angles and the more of a w'nker he is the more chance he goes Excited
do the greens prey he gets saved or bail now knowing hes 1.01 to commit hari-kari Devil
Report armagnac October 9, 2018 1:28 PM BST
this is the target lewis has on his back, a post under the kenny vid...not many likes but seed planted

Sue Hollingsworth Well ppl you might get chance to get wimpy toxic lewis f out, could be your one and only chance. Cian fans,zoes fans, akeems,kennies,sians, hussains,everyone that does not want lewis f to win, need to be voting lewis f out. This gives your fav more of a chance at getting to the final, even ex hms who have fans who have turned on lewis f, need to vote him out. Come on ppl we need to vote on getting lewis f out. Stand tgether, vote tgether.

so a H2H might be considered a VTS but lewis fans can only save him by voting the other, whereas lewis is up against fans of everyone.
im gonna be generous and say lewis at best will have 30% saving him by voting for whoever hes up against, akeem will have a good 15/20% (and maybe im being lenient) voting back for lewis too go. meaning lewis has a slight edge on that front without factoring fans of the rest in.
who are they more likely to vote out, the entertaining toxic fav or the non-offensive quiet one ?
now if lewis is against kenny i think he stands a better chance of staying coz his fans completely swamp hers and there will be a far bigger margin to close down by the fans of the rest. (i still think he'd go though)

i think if this was genuine VTS lewis would have a decent chance of staying coz i believe fans of other housemates are not as motivated to save a nice HM like Akeem compared to voting out a hate figure like lewis where they would be highly motivated coz hes wound them up or is a massive danger to there fav winning or making the final.

bottom line lewis has one main income of votes, from his fans voting to evict whoever hes up against but coming back at him and with the addition of two new housemates he has fans of 10 housemates and that includes cameron fans some of which who will want him gone to give cam a better chance of winning...even if not that still leaves 9 arrows coming back at him within the house when hes only firing one back, and that does not include fans of kay, anal, lewis g and issac who all had massive run-ins with lewis or found out he was two faced all wanting revenge too !!!!

i think lewis will get some goodwill backing from certain groups who think hes been a good friend to cameron through his troubles, problem is that would of been a far bigger help in a VTS and by friday it will all have been ancient history with lewis undoing all that good work this week.

Report armagnac October 9, 2018 2:26 PM BST
market is up
Report bearcub October 9, 2018 5:24 PM BST
Tomasz has saved Kenaley

imo Wink
Report bearcub October 9, 2018 5:25 PM BST
Poor Akeem Sad
Report armagnac October 9, 2018 5:58 PM BST
4 days of lewis and cameron moaning and b1tching about the king loses every bit of goodwill from this weekend, 4 days in the house is like a month.
cant wait to watch lewis evict himself with what he thinks is a surefire game plan that worked last time Crazy
Report armagnac October 9, 2018 6:13 PM BST
a whole £12 matched already, those insiders are making a killing Plain
Report armagnac October 10, 2018 4:25 PM BST
mmm has he let the cat out of the bag

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