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27 Jan 18 11:29
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well im peeved to say the least, i was convinced (by fb) that shane j's support was extremely flimsy and jonny had done enough, as little as it was to sneak through. he hasn't let himself down like dapper did several times and i think he completed his own journey back into the hearts of the public which means losing £250 on him is a little less painful.
just think dappers fanbase turned out and was bigger, and the RuPaul's fanbase bigger than both..i don't think shane j deserved to stay in myself being the side kick of one of big brothers nastiest housemates if not the nastiest but thats my opinion which often lets me down as i make decisions with my heart instead of my head.

so where do we go from here ?
i see 4 housemates who can win and its all down to the producers !!

shane j currently 2.06-2.12
love interest and best mate now gone so will have to revert back to week 1 form, no storylines look possible from here..appears it will just be all fun and frolics.
still has the potential to annoy the public with his probing questions to the remaining housemates..especially if he tries to take on ann again, he's had his goose cooked there so he might just stick to fun stuff instead of going down the serious route.
market adores him and i think its gonna be a case of him winning or leaving as favourite so the potential is there for him to create good value all around.
certainly no gimme

ann 3.75-4.0
has been the star of the show till now, her biggest storyline has now left but another smaller one still has the potential to re-surface in the respect of malika who seems to blow hot and cold at will.
her friendship with amanda and now jess is very endearing to watch and seeing ann embrace the little things in life that most do every day is a joy to watch, simple things such as having her hair done and a makeover..its like she's never ever had this done before.
she does appear to be enjoying the experience alot, good on her and still very much my winner.
obviously the biggest worry is her views and the fact she's as marmite as you can get, we'll need to see more of her fun side and certainly no more of her strong opinions..which are easy enough to force out of her (step in shane j).
i think the big question here is will malika pick up where andrew left off ?

shane lynch 6.0-6.40
without question the most undeserving of my 4 and the one who really does need some help or step up, its his time to shine now numbers have dwindled to 8.
few saying he wont need to do much, yeah maybe but that will only guarantee him a default abz style 2nd.
in the YOTW being such a lightweight certainly does not deserve the win, he's got his chance now.. thats if we can understand him lol.
i cant recommend any bets right now, he needs to do something and no sign of any storyline for him looks anywhere close.
one to watch, thats all..any glimmer of form will obviously see a big price crash if your're willing to gamble at this odds.

jess 13.0-14.0
had a cracking few days tbf, the baby voice is still as annoying as it can be but most are seeing past that for now as shes been so funny.
great relationship with ann and amanda, there little chats were a great relief from the mens loud frolicking which has been stopped dead with the triple eviction.
lots saying she's completely different or acting differently to what she did in EOTB, cant comment myself..didn't watch it.
is she playing the dumb card coz many have done well from it in the past, yes i think she is..from brief glimpses she is no way as thick as she sometimes makes out.
will it ruin her chances ? who knows
no real storylines on the horizon but certainly one to watch for me, no reason why she cant come fast and late especially if ann upsets the audience yet again or one trick pony fails to live upto week 1 form.

the rest no chance, especially malika tim !!!!!
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Report bearcub January 27, 2018 11:09 AM GMT
I stopped reading after...

I lost £250 but don't feel too bad because I feel pleased for Johnny

You would so get yer head kicked in if you ever went to Yorkshire Sad
Report bearcub January 27, 2018 11:11 AM GMT

You missed off the 2 value bets, Amanda and Malika..

Here to help 

Bear, FOTY 2015 Cool
Report armagnac January 27, 2018 11:17 AM GMT
Report armagnac January 27, 2018 11:19 AM GMT
ya can start your own value thread then ya muppit
better still take the dog for a walk you lazy git
Report bearcub January 27, 2018 11:20 AM GMT
The dog died :-(
Report armagnac January 27, 2018 11:20 AM GMT
mmm after you said figgy died its hard to believe you
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