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26 Jan 18 10:53
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been here a thousand times and nearly every series it can effect the way one thinks and more importantly bets.
without bringing every historical case up, (haha always gotta get my fav word in at least once a series) the most obvious was coleen nolan who was hated online and her supporters were mostly in fear of giving there support in the fear of being shouted down..they said it in the best way possible by voting her to win, yes the silent majority as i call them had the last say.
even our last winner sarah harding fell into this category and many, many more too many to mention.

imo twitter is by far the worst judge of all, they will jump on someone and keep jumping till there out of breath, but facebook is fast catching up and it probably appears more fair coz it is heavily censored and quite often BB monitors will delete posts so we never really know if its as bad as twitter or not.
the fairest opinions on sm are without doubt the fansite forums as most of them have lived, breathed, sleeped big brother there whole lives.

so we now come to our latest case Ann, the hate for her online is a total projection of andrew's feeling's towards her, and i for one second do not believe the majority think this way.
the hate compared to the support appears to be 2/1 in favour of hate, which gives ann a negative marmite rating of 66%, andrew seems to be getting a lot of support obviously from these shouty few who give the impression he has the majority support verses ann.
the few are so filled with hate, who endlessly spout there drivel can make there numbers appear 100x more bigger than they really are online.
the way andrew has behaved and spoken i do not believe the above numbers reflect the nation as a whole, and as always the silent majority is to scared to voice its views.
ann is certainly no fairy godmother but will have gained a lot of respect from older viewers for giving her honest opinions, and these are the people who vote.
i think she is very much marmite but not to the levels sm is giving us, my rating would be the opposite of that and i believe she has a positive rating of 66%. 2/1 in favour.
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Report bearcub January 26, 2018 7:56 PM GMT
You complaining about Loud Shouty types

Ya friggin dickhead
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I've lost my emojis   :-(
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im hurt Sad
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Butt hurt
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i broke a nail clicking the report button Cry
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