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04 Mar 13 18:41
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B365 prices quoted first,my marks out of 10 second.

    Adriana Latonio, aged 17 from Anchorage, Alaska (28/1) (8/10)

This years Jessica Sanchez? High YouTube hits from perhaps a Filipino following

    Amber Holcomb, aged 18 from Houston, Texas (11/1) (8/10)

Rejected last year,good voice,possibly just missing something?

    Angela Miller, aged 18 from Beverly, Massachusetts (7/2) (9.5/10)

Worthy favourite,hearing ailment back story,has performed an original song,plays piano

    Aubrey Cleland, aged 19 from West Linn, Oregon (5/1) (7/10)

Decent vocalist,crazy short on opening show IMO.

    Breanna Steer, aged 18 from LaPlace, Louisiana (20/1) (6.5/10)

Hurricane back story,strange looking

    Burnell Taylor, aged 19 from New Orleans, Louisiana (11/1) (8.5/10)

Disaster back story,Brother Mouzone make-over,likable

    Candice Glover, aged 23 from Saint Helena Island, South Carolina (22/1) (6.5/10)

Rejected last year,quite forgettable

    Charlie Askew, aged 17 from Little Rock, Arkansas (66/1) (3/10)

Ginger geek,lacking social skills,possible sympathy vote

    Cortez Shaw, aged 21 from Dallas, Texas (33/1) (7/10)

From single parent family,good-looking black kid,likable if not the greatest singer

    Curtis Finch Jr, aged 24 from St Louis, Missouri (17/1) (7/10)

Obligatory black gospel singer,up against it

    Devin Velez, aged 18 from Chicago, Illinois (11/1) (6/10)

Ginger mini Mohican,no Dad,very little chance

    Elijah Liu, aged 18 from Rowland Heights, California (35/1) (3/10)

Half Mexican,half Chinese,can't sing,should perhaps have opened a restaurant

    Janelle Arthur, aged 23 from Oliver Springs, Tennessee (11/2) (8/10)

Rejected two years ago,looks a little like Charlie Brooks,this years Country singer

    Kree Harrison, aged 22 from Nashville, Tennessee (7/2) (7/10)

Good vocalist,possibly a touch bland? Too short on first show IMO.

    Lazaro Arbos, aged 21 from Naples, Florida (12/1) (5/10)

Cuban stutterer,sympathy vote his only hope

    Nick Boddington, aged 27 from Memphis, Tennessee (33/1) (4/10)

Balding bar-tender,keyboard player,surely no chance?

    Paul Jolley, aged 22 from Palmersville, Tennessee (12/1) (7.5/10)

Only possible WGWG candidate but lucky to get through (via Jimmy?) and seems quite effeminate (perhaps gay?)

    Tenna Torres, aged 28 from Queens, New York (33/1) (5/10)

Former Camp Mariah attendee,looks older than her years

    Vincent Powell, aged 29 from Austin, Texas (25/1) (5/10)

Backing singer,old-fashioned,no chance

    Zoanette Johnson, aged 20 from Tulsa, Oklahoma (50/1) (3/10)

From Liberia,hair like Carlos Valderamma,entertaining fruitcake

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When: 04 Mar 13 18:45
The lack of a credible WGWG contender this year is very notable.Could perhaps be attempting to get a female winner.B365's opening show has an all female top 4 in the betting.
When: 04 Mar 13 18:48
desp for a female winner indeed.

Was just reading about this new Supervote thing where voters can cast 50 votes in one go.
When: 04 Mar 13 18:50
upcoming schedule


Tuesday, March 5                              Top 10 Male Semifinalists Perform LIVE
Wednesday, March 6                         Top 10 Female Semifinalists Perform LIVE
Thursday, March 7                             LIVE Results Show; Top 10 Finalists Revealed


Wednesday, March 13                       Top 10 LIVE Performance Show
Thursday, March 14                           LIVE Results Show; One Finalist Sent Home
When: 04 Mar 13 18:55
Haven't checked out the Supervote changes.Spent all afternoon ploughing through the runners,only to find that I fancy the jolly Cry.
When: 04 Mar 13 19:02
Will watch the shows this week,before deciding whether to get involved or not.The scars from Deirdre last year still haven't healed completely Laugh
When: 04 Mar 13 19:04

with the odds/liquidity I anticipate on here, I doubt I will be bothering Sad
When: 04 Mar 13 22:39
Candice Glover @ 22/1 is big I have her 2nd fave behind Janelle (blonde country biatch) and yes top female looks pretty much nailed on.
When: 05 Mar 13 11:05
You haven't got a bad track record on the US shows tbf Hammy.Just think Candice,whilst being a good vocalist,may just get lost in the mix a little.Her group performance last year,when she performed with Jessica Sanchez and Deirdre seemed to confirm that view to me anyway.
Janelle obviously has the big advantage of perhaps monopolising the huge potential Country vote,but is she good enough?
I've gone the runners quickly again this morning,and feel Angela Miller is by far the most talented.Likable,strong Christian links,great voice,plays the piano,writes her own music...she has the highest YouTube hit for any performance on this years series so far,a superb rendition of her own song

Only two problems I can see are coming from perhaps a less than ideal area (Massachusetts ) and the skinny opening show (7/2).Had a look at some US books though,and they all have her around the same price (guess this is where B365 got their tissue from).Top 10 girls sing tonight,so I'm keen to see how she does,but perhaps foolishly I've had a very small bet today.
When: 05 Mar 13 11:15
I can remember Janelle from previous years.  I'm sure I can remember her doing something really great in one show, and then just being really bland the next time we saw her.
George Bailey
When: 05 Mar 13 23:43
No wgwg makes it interesting plus the supervote stuff I haven't worked out yet.  Have to say this is easily the best ever panel for me. Nicky is great and even Randy has upped his game after 2 years of "pitchy" "yo ho ho" money for old rope tosh.
When: 06 Mar 13 09:51
MJ Poll with song choices included

American Idol 12 - Top 10 Girls - Favorite Performance

Kree Harrison - "Stronger"  23.35%  (138 votes) 

Angie Miller - "Never Gone"  21.83%  (129 votes) 

Candice Glover - "Ordinary People"  20.47%  (121 votes) 

Amber Holcomb - "I Believe in You and Me"  19.12%  (113 votes) 

Adriana Latonio - "Stand Up For Love"  5.75%  (34 votes) 

Janelle Arthur - "If I Can Dream"  2.54%  (15 votes) 

Breanna Steer - "Flaws and All"  2.37%  (14 votes) 

Aubrey Cleland - "Big Girls Don't Cry"  2.37%  (14 votes) 

Zoanette Johnson - "What's Love Got to Do With It"  1.86%  (11 votes) 

Tenna Torres - "Lost Lyrics"  0%  (2 votes)
When: 06 Mar 13 10:05
R/O and short summary

Zoanette - v poor
Breanna - judges dispute over song choice
Aubrey - marketable with raw potential, not sure how well suited she is to AI
Janelle - had reacted badly to previous song choice criticism.  Played safe with old-fashioned country vibe.
Tenna Lady Torres - fodder
Angie - at the piano, Christian song of ex AI Colton Dixon, pleased the judges.  Looking towards the Christian route already?
Amber - safe but effortless, judges go overboard.
Kree - possibly "too much" for the core voters?
Adriana - song, performance all wrong.
Candice - nailed it.
When: 06 Mar 13 10:05
Looks likely there will be wildcards.
When: 06 Mar 13 10:19 poll.....similar to MJ one it seems.

Who will make it to the Top 10? – Poll

Who will make it to the Top 10? (Top 20 Girls)
Zoanette Johnson  3.37%

Breana Steer  3.71%

Adriana Latonio  8.09%

Candice Glover  16.74%

Audrey Cleland  5.96%

Teena Torres  1.57%

Janelle Arthur  7.53%

Kree Harrison  17.98%

Angie Miller  20.11%

Amber Holcomb  14.94%
When: 06 Mar 13 10:23
Angie's Dad in the crowd wearing a cowboy hat CoolWink
When: 06 Mar 13 21:45
I thought Janelle was brilliant during the Ronettes Be My Baby group song they did...the verse she sang was just ear candy and def winner material the country lot were w@nking themselves silly...Nicky loves her of course....but her Lady Antebellum song fell flat she went OTT. Depends on how the lives go and if she can be dynamic enough but she can win it for sure. Candice is a decent enough back-up plan...needs a decent makeover as she ain't the prettiest but has the voice and wow factor belt. I'm not a fan of the others or very overrated fave.
When: 06 Mar 13 22:47
**** didn't know it was on tonight/last night Angry
When: 07 Mar 13 09:08
do keep up Hammy

04 Mar 13 08:50 post
When: 07 Mar 13 09:09
guys night sounds like car crash
When: 07 Mar 13 09:12
MJ Poll

American Idol 12 - Top 10 Boys - Favorite Performance

Burnell Taylor - "I'm Here"  23.68%  (94 votes) 

Devin Velez - "It's Impossible"  20.15%  (80 votes) 

Paul Jolley - "Just A Fool"  17.63%  (70 votes) 

Nick Boddington - "Iris"  12.09%  (48 votes) 

Lazaro Arbos - "Feeling Good"  8.31%  (33 votes) 

Elijah Liu - "Stay"  5.54%  (22 votes) 

Curtis Finch, Jr. - "I Believe I Could Fly"  4.79%  (19 votes) 

Charlie Askew - "Mama"  4.03%  (16 votes) 

Vincent Powell - "End of the Road"  2.27%  (9 votes) 

Cortez Shaw - "Locked Out of Heaven"  2%  (6 votes) 

Total Votes: 397
When: 07 Mar 13 09:25
RO and Songs

Elijah Liu - Stay, Rihanna
Cortez Shaw - Locked Out of Heaven - judges give him a hard time
Charlie Askew - Mama, Genesis - judges give him a hard time, nearly breaks down
Nick Boddington - Iris - judges impressed
Burnell Taylor - I'm Here from Color Purple, his audition song - judges super impressed
Paul Jolley - Just a Fool, Christina Aguilera/Blake Shelton - trying to go down the country/pop route but doesn't seem to get it right.  Too cabaret for Keith.
Lazaro Arbos - Feeling Good - OTT reaction from audience and judges.
Curtis Finch Jr - I Believe I Can Fly - standing O mega pimp from judges.
Devin Velez - It's Impossible, Perry Como - judges go overboard again.
Vincent Powell - End Of The Road - messed up through nerves, judges try to be excuse it.
When: 07 Mar 13 10:14 poll for comparison....

Who will make it to the Top 10? (Top 20 Guys)
Elijah Liu  6.91%

Cortez Shaw  3.5%

Charlie Askew  4.16%

Nick Boddington  6.62%

Burnell Taylor  14.19%

Paul Jolley  12.02%

Lazaro Arbos  16.27%

Curtis Finch Jr  12.58%

Devin Velez  17.31%

Vincent Powell  6.43%
When: 07 Mar 13 10:19
What a motley bunch the Top 10 guys are Cry..The prods couldn't have made it any clearer that they want a female winner this year.

It's saying something when a gut with a ginger Mohican,singing a Perry Como cover in Spanish is one of the best of the night Shocked

Curtis Finch Jr has the potential to be one of the most irritating talent show contestants I've ever seen.
When: 07 Mar 13 10:20
^^ guy.....he's quite slim tbf.
When: 07 Mar 13 16:09
Just going to post YouTube hits/likes/dislikes on Top 10 Semi Final Performances Official channel ,to see if there is any correlation with tonight's results....


Angie Miller.         97,327.    1873/39
Candice Glover.   54,591.    1228/24
Amber Holcomb.  53,731.     1083/15
Kree Harrison.      42,608.      452/22
Zoanette Johnson 42,142.     342/217
Adriana Latonio.   37,497.     193/127
Aubrey Cleland.    27,548.    244/58
Breanna Steer.     23,833.     201/61
Janelle Arthur.      23,526.     116/93
Tenna Torres.      18,123.      215/49
When: 07 Mar 13 16:19
YouTube not displaying hits numbers correctly for the boys ATM ,so just likes/dislikes recorded....obviously 24 hours less time than girls.

Devin Velez.              443/10
Burnell Taylor.          353/15
Paul Jolley.               264/17
Curtis Finch Jr.         221/108
Lazaro Arbos.          214/50
Charlie Askew.         208/78
Elijah Liu.                 147/36
Nick Boddington.     134/18
Cortez Shaw.           113/36
Vincent Powell.        67/34
five leaves left
When: 07 Mar 13 18:34
Good work Hems.
I shall take a look at the top 10 when we know them and we have a market on here.
When: 08 Mar 13 02:01
Top 5 guys......

Paul Jolley
Burnell Taylor
Curtis Finch, Jr.
Devin Velez
Lazaro Arbos

Same 5 as poll,and also YouTube likes.MJ poll had 4/5.
When: 08 Mar 13 02:36
Top 5 girls....

Janelle Arthur
Candice Glover
Angie Miller
Amber Holcomb
Kree Harrison

4/5 for each of MJ poll, poll and YouTube figures.Janelle the contestant whose support failed to show on these measures (looks like the country vote not showing up on these indicators,as was the case with Tate Stevens) although tbf she was only just off top 5 in the polls.
When: 08 Mar 13 09:32
cheers hems
When: 08 Mar 13 10:02
According to the Idol Blog Spot, next week’s theme will be “Previous Winners’ Performance Catalog”.

(Any song a winner has sung covered on the show,or sung in their post-idol career)
When: 08 Mar 13 10:05
Here’s the press release announcing the American Idol 12 Top 10 finalists. Also: The theme next week will be “Music of the American Idols.” The finalists can pick a song sung by a winner on the show, or in a winner’s post Idol career.

Plus, the Idol’s first group number will be Owl City’s “Shine Your Way,” from the soundtrack of the upcoming Animation comedy, “The Croods.” Synergy! Plus, Bon Jovi and Phillip Phillips will perform on Thursday’s results show.

Read the press release below:


Bon Jovi and AMERICAN IDOL Winner Phillip Phillips to Perform On Results Show Thursday, March 14, on FOX

AT&T Allows Audience to Pick 11th Idol to Join “American Idol Live!” Tour this Summer

Tonight in the first LIVE results show of the season from Los Angeles, AMERICAN IDOL revealed the Top 10 finalists, including Lazaro Arbos, Janelle Arthur, Curtis Finch, Jr., Candice Glover, Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, Paul Jolley, Angie Miller, Burnell Taylor and Devin Velez.

In addition, host Ryan Seacrest announced an exciting new opportunity for fans to choose an 11th Idol to go on the “American Idol Live!” tour this summer, brought to you by AT&T. Next week, AMERICAN IDOL will hold a sing-off between the sixth-place runner-up girl and guy for that coveted spot. This season, AT&T is giving the audience brand-new ways to be involved with the show.

Next week, Wednesday, March 13 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), the Top 10 finalists will perform “Music of the AMERICAN IDOLs,” which includes songs performed by any past IDOL winner.

Tune in the following night, Thursday, March 14 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), as America finds out who received enough votes to continue in the competition and who will be sent home. In addition, world-renowned rock group Bon Jovi will perform their lead single “Because We Can” and quadruple-platinum, Billboard chart-topper and AMERICAN IDOL winner Phillip Phillips will perform “Gone, Gone, Gone,” the second single from his debut album.  “Gone, Gone, Gone” also will serve as the “goodbye” song of the season and will be featured when the IDOL finalists are eliminated each week.

The finalists will also perform their first group number, “Shine Your Way,” from the motion picture soundtrack for the upcoming DreamWorks Animation comedy, “The Croods.” The original track is performed by multi-platinum recording artist Owl City and artist Yuna.
When: 08 Mar 13 12:34
So Hems, where's your money at with the final 10? Obviously the three girls stand out, do you have a particular front runner?
When: 08 Mar 13 12:44
Paul Jolley, 22, Palmersville, Tennessee

Burnell Taylor, 19, New Orleans (black, glasses)

Curtis Finch Jr, 24, St Louis, Missouri (black, chubby, gospel)

Devin Velez, 18, Chicago (ginger)

Lazaro Arbos, 21, Naples, Florida (Cuban)

Janelle Arthur, 23, Tennessee (blonde, country pop)
(thought I remembered her being totally gorgeous before - year of Katelyn Epperley, Lee Dewyze, etc.,? - but seems a lot more "homely" now.  Can see what Hems meant by Charlie Brooks and I'd add a touch of Lucy Davis too)

Candice Glover, 23, South Carolina (black, looks old)

Angie Miller, 18, Mass (hearing problems, piano, mass of long curly hair, toothy)

Amber Holcomb, 18, Houston, Texas (black, smiley)

Kree Harrison, 22, Nashville, Tennessee (long dark hair)
When: 08 Mar 13 22:04
Good to see Candice and Janelle through...thought Janelle wasn't going to make the cut at one point. Scared..Janelle I think would be best staying away from predictable country numbers and instead put a country twist on non country songs ... like with the Be My Baby number she did, otherwise it's too predictable. You just know Carrie Underwood is on the cards next week though. Cry
When: 08 Mar 13 23:14
Still Angie Miller for me Dizz.Ive only had a small interest at 7/2 on her though.Was contemplating having a decent bet on her,but everything as always is price sensitive,and I'd want a touch bigger than is on offer ATM.

Having said that,I do strongly fancy her chances and I think she ticks quite a few boxes such as talented,likable,looks like she's having fun when performing and is sufficiently humble.It seems to my eyes she's TCO,or at least one of them.All the judges seem to be on-side,and the long,lingering close up camera work when she's performing has been quite interesting.
I saw a clip of her a couple of weeks ago in the front row of an AI crowd (I assume it was from a previous series,not this one) and given my perceived lack of quality in this years competition,she has the look to me of a "handicap plot".

The negatives are not originating from one of the southern states,and the possibility of getting swamped by the country genre vote if say Janelle does well.
George Bailey
When: 09 Mar 13 10:17
Interesting year this.  Paul Jolley would have ticked a lot of the obvious boxes if he had been straight and less cabaret.  I know we go on about WGWG and southern MAMs deciding this but if you look at the winners there is a kind of consistency of them having some level of artistic authenticity ie knowing who they are and not just about doing what they have to do to win. Phillip Phillips, Scotty, Kris even Lee a bit and then the earlier female winners.

On that basis its who ticks the most boxes..authenticity, male (preferably), southern..dunno yet..Angie 1 out of 3...Lazaro will go far but may fall a bit short....
When: 10 Mar 13 03:25
So having just watched the results show and the celebration performances I'm astonished Candice can still be backed at 20/1 on bet365. An offer too good to refuse! She is really very good and that price is way too big. Angie I think maybe a bit too arty farty for the mainstream audience...she'll go far but later down the line without her piano? Hmmm. I'm going off Janelle a bit too...price a bit too short didn't like her performance either...I'm not sure yet she is good/convincing enough for the country lot to get behind her fully. Hopefully get the market up soon Angry
When: 10 Mar 13 03:26
*Hopefully betfair
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