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15 Dec 09 16:26
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Love it!

Gonna get very cold in next few days with alot of snow!

Get on anything from 4 + and watch price fall quicker than a **'s knickers next week! ;)
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Report penguins December 15, 2009 4:57 PM GMT
Ramping is always fun.
Report Bobsyboy December 15, 2009 5:08 PM GMT
no, seriously, love snow at chrisi, and its coming, no ramp!
Taken what I want on here and with bookies, may lay some off at evens next week.
Dont mind who else gets on now!!!
Report Five By Five December 15, 2009 6:00 PM GMT
snow this weekend/early next week.. none later in week.
Report Bobsyboy December 15, 2009 6:17 PM GMT
Now I know youv'e made that up FIVE as the forecasters cant say either way at the moment past the middle of next week, its probably 50/50. You're not a worried 8's layer are you? ;)

Going to stay cold "for as far as they can see".

One thing is for sure, with all the snow we are going to get at the weekend in London, 19th -21st the price for snow on fri 25th is going to come down, the human effect, because bet quantities will rise even more.

As far as I can see theres only one bookie left at 4.3 for snow (odds checker) , the rest down to 3.5 ish.
Report No Chatname Specified December 15, 2009 8:37 PM GMT
Only predictable thing about UK/Ireland weather is its unpredicatability!
Report johnnyrant December 15, 2009 9:16 PM GMT
yeah, it'll be a heatwave come the end of next week
Report No Chatname Specified December 15, 2009 9:18 PM GMT
^ And we'll have ridiculous flooding widespread in middle of Summer!?!
Report Bobsyboy December 16, 2009 1:37 PM GMT
Certainly big extreams in the weather. This is unusual as we dont often get snowy weather so close to xmas like this.

Some long flurries of snow so far today, settling for a while. And we are told this is gonna be the best day of the week if you want to get out shopping etc! :0 Looks like the cold spell could stay with us throughout all of next week.

The "No" it wont snow is drifting (sorry about the pun!) ;) out to 1.36 with some bookies.
I dont think any bookie now brave enough to give odds of over 3/1 for snow.
Report onthehushhush December 17, 2009 10:01 AM GMT
Long-term weather experts Positive Weather Solutions claim "a White Christmas very much likely" in their new weekly forecast:
Report mad jock December 17, 2009 12:48 PM GMT
Could someone tell me if snow lying on the ground but not falling counts as a white xmas???
Report onthehushhush December 17, 2009 1:14 PM GMT
No it doesn't a snowflake has to FALL.

But that's any snowflake, so sleet is classed as a White Christmas.
Report gresty241 December 17, 2009 7:01 PM GMT
very rarely see any snow where i live, has it been snowing today?
Report GeorgeBrush December 17, 2009 7:23 PM GMT
If only they'd let you see out of the windows gresty, plenty on Dartmoor ;-)
Report gresty241 December 17, 2009 7:34 PM GMT
Report Guybrush Threepwood December 17, 2009 8:04 PM GMT
Yes, it snowing in London now!! I am ricH!!, Oh wait, xmas, its next Thursday. Doh!!!
Report Guybrush Threepwood December 17, 2009 8:04 PM GMT
Next Friday even! Double doh!!
Report GeorgeBrush December 17, 2009 8:17 PM GMT
This market could easily be rigged by someone with a helicopter and a bucket of freezer scrapings
Report Bobsyboy December 17, 2009 8:25 PM GMT
dont worry, the early forecasts are saying its going to stay very cold all next week and wintery showers most likely to continue up to and including xmas, next friday. Even if its sleet it will still count!

The bookies are running scared because they will have to pay out millions £ :)

You can still get 2/1 on 'yes' to snow though at most bookies, and even more on Betfair of course!
Report Bobsyboy December 17, 2009 8:27 PM GMT
my comment was replying to Guy.

Great idea George, now who can I borrow a helecopter from? Cowell, Branson? ;)
Report Dei Lucrii December 17, 2009 9:00 PM GMT
Oh yes I love snow, country grinds to a complete stop, it's impossible to go anywhere, and if you do venture out on foot you have to negotiate your way past streets full of lebbage lobbing gravel filled ''snow'' balls at you.
Then if you somehow make it to a park etc they'll be even more of them destroying the grass by sliding down hills on dubiously acquired corrugated iron roofs (you then get staggeringly predictable news reports filled with some grim parent sobbing about how their darren was a good boy etc after his ''roof'' has failed to stop and he's been impaled on something at the bottom of his makeship cresta run)

oh yeah, its magical :(
Report Bobsyboy December 17, 2009 9:41 PM GMT
Well lets put it like this dei -

You've no sence of fun (see the look of joy on young kids faces when they wake up to snow)
You've no artisic flare (look how wonderful the countryside looks when all white).
We only get snow 2 or so weeks a year for gods sake (this year weve been blessed with it at xmas)

so stop moaning!!!
Report Chatsworth December 18, 2009 5:43 AM GMT
Its a very white London this morning!

Betfair's snow market seems quite lop-sided compared to the bookies. You can get up to 1.36 on NO snow with bookies and only 1.28 on here!
Report Bobsyboy December 23, 2009 8:03 PM GMT
*%$* *^$% %$*+ %*$* :(

Its NOT gonna snow on 25th in London after all is it?

FCUK you stoopit forecasters! They said 'very much likely'! X-(

Report GeorgeBrush December 23, 2009 9:43 PM GMT
Met office temp forecast suggests temps might hit -1 tomorrow night in parts of London, so that's when you need your flake. After that it looks like warming all the way
Report Bobsyboy December 24, 2009 6:32 PM GMT
Just heard it on the weather, possible sleet/snow showers very early morning tomorrow in London/South East. So from midnight to 5am the 'yes' for a white xmas in London could now come in!!! :)
Report rougie1975 December 24, 2009 6:35 PM GMT
lets hope edinburgh comes in
Report Innocent Bystander December 24, 2009 6:41 PM GMT
Birmingham looked a go-er according to the local news - the northern edge of the rain coming up from the south going to be very cold with ice currently on the ground
Report The Kitten December 24, 2009 6:44 PM GMT
Great news.

I'm on the edge of London and I will be up all night looking out of the window for a snow flake.
Report The Kitten December 24, 2009 6:45 PM GMT
"Up all night" in the non-biblical sense.

Though I might knock one out if I see snow.
Report Innocent Bystander December 24, 2009 6:45 PM GMT
if you see 3 wise men following a star ..... nah , theres no virgins in London :0
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