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06 Jul 16 21:24
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Snooker player Leo Fernandez has been banned from the sport for 15 months after admitting corruption charges.

Ireland's Fernandez played the first foul shot of a World Championship qualifier against Gary Wilson in April.

The foul enabled other people to profit by betting on it, a World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association investigation found.

Fernandez, 40, had recently secured a professional tour place for the first time since 2008.

His ban runs until 27 August, 2017.

Fernandez will also pay £2,000 costs to the WPBSA, the sport's governing body, and has agreed to help with the organisation's anti-corruption education work.

I am confused and shocked by this one - This was a low key qualifier for the worlds, I cant imagine many books would have struck a bet on the match odds - So where and how much could have been bet on the "first foul".

I ve only ever seen such a market on odds checker, but it would be for a worlds final and im sure it would be one of the high street books - where be a 120% market.

So did this happen through the asian books? any got an view on this?? very strange stuff.
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Report gentlemanjohn July 6, 2016 10:48 PM BST
Have a look at the markets on PPowers for tomorrows Indian Open matches and it might partially answer your question. I don't look for such bets, but the World championship qualifiers are not as low key as some might imagine so I have no problem believing several outlets may have been offering this bet. Reminds me a little of the soccer players who were kicking the ball straight into touch from the kick off to land their first throw-in bets.
Report Wicklow July 7, 2016 12:00 PM BST
The lad must be as dumb as the come if he went down that route - ie. got mates to wager on those markets with the likes of powers, or any other of the high street mob. anything over a £10 bet in those markets would surely have red flashing lights. How he can could jeopardise what he had left as a snooker player (granted he's 40) - for a few bets on a foul shot market, beggars belief.
Report gentlemanjohn July 7, 2016 4:25 PM BST
I don't know Leo Fernandez or a whole lot about him apart from being a journeyman snooker player for a few years, but still not sure why it would beggar belief. He's the second irish player done for illegal betting within the past couple of years, this kind of stuff obviously goes on to a greater or lesser extent. Without knowing the exact details it's hard to say, but there's always potential for mishap when you have to involve others and the circle may not be that tight. All it takes is for one guy, friend of a friend, to go off script and try to chew off a bit extra for himself and suddenly the alarm sounds code red. I bet there's a lot of smart guys out there, just snicking off a bit here and there, enough to pay expenses, but there's still always a risk, just depends how tight you want to draw the line.
Report moondan July 8, 2016 10:20 AM BST
The greatest cheats in snooker are Davis and his partner, both should be banned for life for damage done to a once noble sport.
Report the stunning July 8, 2016 11:27 AM BST
A few of his mates down the club put about £1,500 on him at 4/5 with pp to be first player to foul in a qualifier game.Bit silly really as was always going to raise eyebrows when that amount of money goes on a market like this.Why not just put a ton on a few matches throughout a season.....pity as he was just back on tour.
Report moondan July 10, 2016 1:06 PM BST
The stunning,

Good to see you are still active and puting forward the best way to cheat and get away with it.

Of course I am totally against this sort of behaviour unless I am in on it.

It has to be accepted that unless you have the stunning class of Hendry and the rightful title of greatest of all time then lesser beings will undoubtably fall to temptation, after all, we in the "know", know the greatest cheater in the game has been the great pretender who has walked mid match. Folks still talk of how much was won and lost on that match.LaughLaughLaugh
Report the stunning July 11, 2016 1:21 PM BST
Moon I would like to take this oppurtunity to make it clear I am also totally against any type of cheating unless like you I am in on itWink
It must be easy though as I said earlier to gain a few quid in a season on these markets if you are down the rankings,as long as it's done very moderately and we all know this goes on wholesale in pretty much every sport.Just the greedy ones that get caught out.It's the guys at the top of the sport that I have zero time for who take part in this shady behaviour.
Thankfully we have none of these characters in our sport.
Right Moondan?
Report joevalue147 July 13, 2016 5:12 PM BST
Leo is based in England and has been for a long time. Played the Irish once as an amateur because at the time the number 1 at the end of the season was given a pro ticket.
Report jed.davison July 14, 2016 9:23 AM BST
He's very lucky he hasn't been arrested. I fail to see any difference between this and the spot-fixing which cost those Pakistani cricketers their liberty a few years back. And 15 months is disgraceful, should have been five years minimum.
Report gentlemanjohn July 16, 2016 9:10 AM BST
Sounds bit harsh jed but yeah maybe they need to make example of these guys, same as doping. I did feel bit sorry for those pakistani guys though, they were talented kids making fck all from the game and easy prey for the vultures looking to use them to make a killing. Paid a high price.
Report appformat July 25, 2016 12:12 PM BST
sounds like word got out in the club and his 'mates' wen't in a bit too heavy.
not condoling it though.
silly boy.
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