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the stunning
04 Dec 14 21:06
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Seems every tourney has one these the standard at an all time high or are the tables easierMischief.Well done Ronnie whatever.LEGEND.
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Report wildmanfromborneo December 4, 2014 10:13 PM GMT
Pockets are undercut and huge,cloths faster,great break all the same.
Report Senyatta December 5, 2014 1:08 AM GMT
remember when you were certain a ball wud not go balls are going into middle pockets after hitting the near jaw....balls hitting the cushion a foot or so from pocket but still going in.

arcade snooker
Report DAVID HASSELHOFF December 5, 2014 2:11 AM GMT
lighter balls as well
Report frames December 5, 2014 9:07 AM GMT
Agree with all ,not the game I used to know.Piece of pi$$ these days.
Report GREEDISGOOD December 5, 2014 9:29 AM GMT
40 grand for 147 + 4k for highest break at this years tourni.
Report judorick December 5, 2014 1:33 PM GMT
did you see that shot from Fu yesterday? It was a brown he played into the brown pocket, think played with the rest...

anyway, got a massive kick, brown ball hit the knuckle and still went in

was amazed
Report GREEDISGOOD December 5, 2014 4:27 PM GMT
Fu is going home tonight.
Report Platini December 6, 2014 11:30 AM GMT
the game is far easier than it used to be. Alex Higgins in his pomp would run riot in these conditions.
Report ZEALOT December 7, 2014 8:35 AM GMT
Why don't they get an old table and have a tournament
On it
Report Platini December 7, 2014 6:19 PM GMT
prob cos nobody would even manage a century break.
Report The Bhoys December 7, 2014 6:23 PM GMT
Laugh i think ronnie would
Report Angel Gabrial December 7, 2014 6:48 PM GMT
In 1980 a 67 year old Fred Davis was in the world top 16.

Pretty certain that if he could get century breaks back in those days, the modern players would.
Report Angel Gabrial December 7, 2014 8:13 PM GMT
Players are going into the pack much earlier now when break building so more chances of 147.

The finer cloths are also spreading the balls out making it easier for break building.
Report Platini December 7, 2014 11:58 PM GMT
in a nutshell. the game is easier. much easier.

so, higher breaks, more 147s
Report Angel Gabrial December 8, 2014 12:43 AM GMT
In a nutshell the modern day players have more break buildings strings to their bow.

The game isn`t easier if it is easier for your opponent to clear up in one go. Back in  the 70`s you would always expect to get back to the table!Wink
Report The Bhoys December 8, 2014 12:39 PM GMT
angel u play dont ya, is the tables easier than 20 years ago?
Report Angel Gabrial December 8, 2014 3:21 PM GMT
Super fine cloths have changed the game from the 90`s Bhoys, but everyone focuses on the size of the pockets, which is rather a myth that they are bigger. Science behind the game regarding the table construction has changed in 20 years, the balls glide of the rails onto the jaws and drop more easily now. It`s a different surface now, like a race track you get different responses. Of course the players want to score heavily and the game is now set up for break building.

So yes it is easier to score big breaks, without a doubt but that goes for you opponent also, so will it also be harder to dominate. My answer is yes.
Report Angel Gabrial December 8, 2014 3:26 PM GMT
By the way, if you ever get the chance to play on one of the match tables in a club then you will notice a world of difference between that and your club table and you will appreciate just how well these professionals cue the ball. The cuing and timing needs to be absolutely perfect for any club player on these tables, there really is a world of difference. The corner pocket cameras on TV give us the illusion the pockets are bigger than club tables but the polar opposite is true.
Report Platini December 8, 2014 3:30 PM GMT
I never mentioned anything about "dominating". Its irrelevant here. Fact is (and you've just admitted it in your post), the game is easier now. There's more high breaks, more 147s, because the game is easier.
Report Angel Gabrial December 8, 2014 3:35 PM GMT
I wasn`t even talking to you Platini, it was The Bhoys who asked me the question.
Report Angel Gabrial December 8, 2014 3:38 PM GMT
Conditions are better like every sport. Name a sport where conditions have not improved through science? this improves standards. It`s quite simple really.
Report gentlemanjohn December 8, 2014 3:55 PM GMT
Yet Angel there were more kicks than ever during this tournament and none of the players seemed happy with the conditions of the table and the cushions in particular. In one of the opening frames yesterday trump had 3 kicks within the space of 5 shots. how do you explain that?
Report Angel Gabrial December 8, 2014 4:21 PM GMT
The conditions at this event where poor john, but that aside and regarding the overall progression of conditions for a higher standard of break building, the cue ball is king. The players can manipulate the cue ball far better now than ever before.

Will they ever cure the kick issue? but overall break building is easier due to improvement in conditions.
Report moondan December 8, 2014 7:07 PM GMT
147s and big breaks have everything to do with improved conditions and that has always been the case, even Hendry the father of the modern game required the improvements on the cloths and tables that did not exist in the seventies or most of the eighties.

Hendry is not discounting a comeback and this has much to do with the type of player these tables are producing.
Davis would have you believe anything his strange thought patterns conclude but the fact is, he has always been thought 2 pence short of a 5p although a once great player who unfortunately believes he is the professor of snooker.

Ronnie learned his trade in a harsher arena when players had more nous and since many of his peers have bowed to natural decline he is making hay against players who are completely without genuine class other than the odd big break.

Many players of those tougher times have returned although well into their twilight years to find softer conditions and even softer players and finding a success that does not surprise them a bit.

Its the game today but is it better?
Report Angel Gabrial December 8, 2014 7:44 PM GMT
What type of player do you think these tables are producing Moondan?

Long drawn out frames are less likely these days. It was an old mans game back in the 70`s Moondan. Those heavy clothed, heavy ball days are gone and probably for the better as well. Do we really want to go back to the days of 30 breaks and took up on baulk cushion 4 times a frame?
Report Angel Gabrial December 8, 2014 8:07 PM GMT
Just to add Moondan, society is not producing characters of the 1970 ilk. There is a lack of substance in the modern person, less likely to be opinionated for fear of offending(unless hiding behind a laptop), credit card culture created a `want it, have it now without making sacrifices` culture. 18 year old lads drink alcho pops and not beer. They spend hours styling their hair, the modern man who irons his own shirts, everyone has to smell nice, no more pipe smokers, no more fishermen, no more coal miners, no more ship builders, health and safety here, health and safety there. We are producing boys and not MEN!Surprised

There you go.
Report moondan December 10, 2014 7:47 AM GMT

The biggest change to the tables was made about 5 seasons ago when the thinner cloth was applied to the cushions and the long ball pot became much easier to achieve because of the slide in factor.
The breakoff has become so important now, not because of player improvement but because the pockets are accepting what would have been rejected in times gone by.

They are still trying to improve the table and not to make the game harder, they want to make the game faster.
For my money the 90s player was a class or two above the players of today and its a great shame that Davis and Parrot are such poor quality commentators who will say what they do not really believe.
Anyway, agree in general with much of what you say, Definitely a place in snooker heaven for you my friendGrin
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