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16 Nov 15 13:08
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When putting a bet through via the new site - you get the two options "cancel all unmatched bets" and "view open bets".

Now on the old version the "cancel option" was different, Im not 100%, I think it was just "cancel" that specific bet and not other unmatched bets that you have sitting there previous.

The reason I say this as - this has become rather annoying as I will usually have quiet a number of unmatched ups during before or during a race - and I might fire another bet up thats unmatched - but have changed my mind once its gone through and want to cancel it - but I then have clicked on the "cancel all unmatched bets" and I have cancelled all my other ones.

Really frustrating, as i know this was never the case on the old site - I dont see any benefit in having all your unmatched bets cancelled when processing a new order.

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Report longbridge November 17, 2015 12:28 PM GMT

If you just want to cancel one/some bets and not all:

- click the little 'x' checkbox to the left of the bet in the betslip.  Bet turns grey.
- do the same for any other bets you don't want
- click 'Update'
- bets get cancelled
Report Wicklow November 17, 2015 2:29 PM GMT
I know about cancelling via the the main bet slip page with the little cross's

Its the sub page thats different than before,  I  have clicked on "cancel all unmatched bets" by mistake - as on the previous old version Im sure the option was just "cancel" that bet. As you know yourself a race can change in a blink of an eye and when you are sticking an order up you sometimes want to cancel it straight away. You dont have that option now - you have to cancel the lot or just wait that extra second for the main bet slip page comes up and then cancel via the little X box.

Anyhow its not a big deal - as I have started to do more and more of my betting through Gruss since the change over - but it would be interesting to know why this has changed from the old version - as its just another speed bump for inrunning, where every 1/2 second counts.
Report longbridge November 17, 2015 4:24 PM GMT
@Wicklow - apologies for the misunderstanding.

I think you're right - on the old site (I still do a bit of Aus Racing betting, so I occasionally use it) the 'cancel' button on the bet receipt only related to the bet in question, on the new site it is 'cancel all'.  I wonder if this is intentional?  It's certainly confusing because - just like Classic - if you click on 'cancel' the bet receipt changes to show that bet as cancelled, but unlike Classic it has deleted every other unmatched bet on the market.
Report Wicklow November 17, 2015 8:57 PM GMT
No probs longbridge about the misunderstanding - i'm glad you have proven the difference between the old/aus version V's the new site. I was starting to doubt myself, and wonder was it always that way. Im surprised nobody else has mentioned it up until now. Like you I wonder why they have changed it - as I cant see any benefit. I doubt the IT ninjas realise the change - as they do not use the site for betting purposes so they really dont understand the impact all this little changes make on us serious users.

Report tommycockles November 17, 2015 11:07 PM GMT
Hi Wicklow- someone asked the twitter helpdesk about this issue a few days ago, they replied today:

''They're starting work on a new release which will bring back a similar feature, although I believe it will now be something along the lines of 'cancel all unmatched above' due to where it will sit on the bet receipt. All going well, it should be available in around three weeks' time.''
Report Wicklow November 18, 2015 7:30 AM GMT
Cheers Tommy - the ninjas are on the case - please bear with us :)
Report longbridge December 4, 2015 12:24 PM GMT
@tommycockles - impressively accurate forecast - looks like it arrived yesterday or today
Report Wicklow December 4, 2015 4:18 PM GMT
Yes I could nt believe my eyes when it noticed the change today - well done those IT ninjas - now just sort out "my markets" and restoring "recently viewed markets" and we are starting to make some progress.Devil
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