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hunt lunt and cunningham
10 May 21 14:56
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Anyone else think the game is getting too soft? Obviously bad and dangerous tackles need to be addressed but its getting ridiculous. Sending off players is becoming the norm, and now the game is not even being refereed by the man in the middle , but by unseen voices from a van/ hut / room, almost anywhere. Why are these guys allowed, not just to influence ,but almost run a game beggars belief. I wish the man in the middle sometimes would have the bottle to tell the voices he is in charge, not them. Also ,(while I am ranting} so many games are stop start now , have a drink of water, little rest etc,its nothing like the game I grew up watching and playing . if we were lucky we got a slice of orange at half time!!
On the other side at least Rugby League seems to be the same game while trying to accommodate these new laws. Very rarely do you hear the 'voices'in league try to influence a game, just give their opinion when asked, which is a huge difference.
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Report San Quentin May 10, 2021 10:57 PM BST
Good post hunt,have to sadly agree,iam finding RL a much better watch and betting medium now.Some great games recently particularly in the NRl.The union game at times is becoming difficult to watch and far less enjoyable for reasons you have stated.The officials in RL at the mo are head and shoulders above those in RU.I like you grew up and played RU but easily prefer RL at this current time.Lets see what the Lions bring to the table.
Report hunt lunt and cunningham May 11, 2021 1:28 PM BST
Thanks San Q. Cant wait for the Lions matches, for me , it was always the highlight of the season.
Probably a lot older than most on here but the 1971 and 1974 tours were so so good,it was Rugby as it was supposed to be played.
Hard, physical, skilful and played with great pride by all teams involved . Any player who was picked used to say it was the pinnacle of their careers.
Hopefully it wont end up like the national football team where caps are handed out like confetti.
looking at this years squad , not sure what you guys think , but I feel we are a bit short of class in the scrum half/fly half area.We used to be so strong here and Im not feeling that here, hopefully I will be proved wrong. I think I would of been happy to give Marcus Smith a go at fly half and Danny Care at scrum half , but thats just a personal choice. Glad Sam Simmonds has been picked and lets hope Liam Williams doesn't get injured as there is not much cover.
Report mitolo May 16, 2021 10:13 PM BST
it is bonkers indeed. the influence of refs is crazy. i find myself watching the ref and his arm movements more than the game, especially if i am betting on it. one of them will score a try soon. it is absurd that a ref will tell a player not to do something because it will result in a penalty('hands off' 'dont touch it' 'you are offside'). if im the opposition i am being denied a possible 3 points because the ref has told a possible offender hes watching him. what if he doesnt warn me and i commit an offence? its just nuts, and unfair.

and its not the players fault. also, they must bring in a clock-stop so that re-sets dont take up 20 mins of the game. and remove time-keeping from the ref, and use independent time-keepers with a stadium clock. everyone knows where they stand, and its more exciting. the ref has too much to look out for as it is. this is one task that he doesnt need and is easily satisfied, to and nobody can complain.

mind you, they have most of this in the nrl and still get some crazy decisions, but overall its an electric product
Report San Quentin May 30, 2021 4:23 PM BST
Over the past weeks some great games of RL and really have to say well officiated.The teams if officials have played a very important part in allowing the game to flow.I sadly doubt the same will be said re refs and co during the Lions games.
Report hunt lunt and cunningham June 6, 2021 10:44 AM BST
Again it happens, yesterday so many games ruined by the fourth official, at Leicester, Edinburgh, London Irish incredible.
Who wants to watch games when there are only 13 left on the field in either team, its nonsense,...... Then we had two brilliant games of Rugby league in the challenge cup,which the refereees and the officials acted superbly, what a difference these two codes are displaying at the moment .
Report Reveen June 6, 2021 3:46 PM BST
Another day, another red card - this time at Northampton.
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