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31 Mar 18 07:03
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Was hoping Latt might have started his usual weekly thread(but he hasn't)
Not surprised considering hardly anyone reply's to him.
Anyway,my biggest bet of the season to boot this morning.
Blues-13,All over that like a rash(whenever I've fancied a bet and had to start a thread they have always lost) so follow me in with care)
Meant to be slight drizzle about also.
But basically I believe the Blues are far better than 13 points against a pretty poor Sharks team.
Good Luck to all how you play.
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Report stewardsenquirey March 31, 2018 7:07 AM BST
Ooops, -11 with Betunfairsports
Pity they will only allow a few pounds on Whoops
Report stewardsenquirey March 31, 2018 7:35 AM BST
Blues are the most underrated NZ for some reason.
Not much between any of them I think.
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 7:38 AM BST
Hi Mate,

Reason I haven't started a thread is because I've been doing my bollocks on this stuff this season!  CryLaugh

It's prompted a complete overhaul of how I play these games.

FWIW, I've laid the Sharks -13.5.  My thinking mirrors yours exactly.  Cue an out-of-the-blue Sharks rampage.
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 7:39 AM BST
And so it begins  Laugh
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 7:40 AM BST
Sharks +13.5, of course!
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 7:46 AM BST
I could stop a train on this stuff this season.
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 8:22 AM BST
HT 7-26. 

I don't know HTF you are supposed to anticipate this stuff this year....  Back the Sharks one week, they get absolutely humped.  The next week, against a better side, they're completely rampant. 

Only thing left to cling to is how many points the Rebels stuck on them in the second half last week.
Report rommel March 31, 2018 8:58 AM BST
some game sheesh
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 9:02 AM BST
One of the most bizarre games ever.

28-26 up after 53 (?) and now 28-43 down after 64 and with a Blues man in the bin.

Money done on the HC, but I've got a bit of a back on the match market.
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 9:26 AM BST
FT 40-63

Shrugs shoulders.  I suppose the most amusing thing is that even if I'd laid the Sharks -13.5 (the typo in my first post), I'd have still done my balls!  Laugh

The nice thing about Super Rugby always used to be that 90% of the form was rock solid, and you could even use collateral lines.  This year, it's a mess.
Report rommel March 31, 2018 9:38 AM BST
tahs 13+
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 9:44 AM BST
My head agrees, Mate, but the Brumbies are a bit better at home and have beaten the Tahs there the last twice.
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 10:07 AM BST
Foley having a mare
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 10:31 AM BST
Try right on the stroke of HT for the Tahs.  10-12
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 11:16 AM BST
Ridiculous from Speight
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 11:31 AM BST
FT 17-24
Report The_KAMIKAZEE_DRINKING_MACHINE March 31, 2018 12:43 PM BST
Referees continue to infuriate me.

Chiefs V Highlanders. Kiwi teams have little regard for the rules and with Glen Jackson holding the whistle this game was just a free for all. At the 78 minute mark Highlanders two metres from Chiefs line ball pops out of a ruck and a blatantly off side Sam Cane falls on it. Comes back to the 13 Leinert Brown who runs around for a bit in his in goal falls over and grounds the ball gets up forms a ruck and they put in a clearance kick while Jackson just stands there with his thumb up his assss!!!

Rebels V Canes.

Rebels get a scrum penalty. Mafi takes a quick tap and charges 20m upfield. No no no no. He didn't take it from the mark. Everyone knows the mark is the back of the scrum. About 60 minute mark Canes get a scrum penalty TJ takes quick tap NOWHERE NEAR the back of the scrum and it's play on and a TRY.

I'm starting not to enjoy my Rugby.
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 5:11 PM BST
Suicide from the Bulls at the end of the first half, conceding two tries with less than five mins to go, after they'd dominated the Stormers.
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 5:22 PM BST
Surely the Blue player has got to be trying to roll away there?
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 5:23 PM BST
That is utter tosh.  Rolling maul.  Blues player laying in the middle of it and refusing to get out of the way and the Stormers are punished as it continues to move forward.  Where was he supposed to put his feet???
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 5:25 PM BST
Bulls, not Blues.
Report Latalomne March 31, 2018 5:51 PM BST
Come on.  Big finish now.
Report bobweenit March 31, 2018 5:55 PM BST
Report bobweenit March 31, 2018 5:56 PM BST
Report stewardsenquirey April 2, 2018 11:52 AM BST
I knew I'd have a mare when I started this thread.For some reason they always backfire on me Whoops
If it makes you feel any better Latt I to am having a stinker with the Super Rugby so far this season.I love watching the games,but losing money on most games is defiantly starting to take the enjoyment away.
Gonna try and be more selective from here on in(and not start any threads when I fancy something Laugh)
Report Latalomne April 2, 2018 2:33 PM BST
Doesn't make me feel any better at all, Mate....
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