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24 Feb 18 18:10
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My team won today
but some of the referees decisions were dodgy
and its the same in the scotland v england game
dodgy refs if you ask me.
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Report england_v_south_afri February 24, 2018 6:12 PM GMT
The ref in the Ireland game might as well have put a green shirt on.

Spreadbury is one of the best but they all make mistakes.
Report irishone February 24, 2018 6:25 PM GMT
just seen that OWENS fellah award a penalty for scotland
after an english fellah put his foot down at least a foot away from the ball
he done him for obstructing the scrum half
meanwhile the scrum half had picked the ball up
no problem and delivered it to a team mate no problem

wont watch this game again its BENT and the referees are making it up as it goes along
Report wondersobright February 24, 2018 6:41 PM GMT
home advantage is big for this reason

aint seen a more biased refereeing performance than that guy in the scot v eng game for a long long time
penalty after penalty after penalty to scotland laughable
Report irishone February 24, 2018 6:46 PM GMT
certainly would not have an allegiance with either team

that referee brought the sport into disrepute

no longer interested in watching it
Report fife February 24, 2018 6:46 PM GMT
Best team won
Report irishone February 24, 2018 6:47 PM GMT
best team won ....   thats funny

english were playing two teams
Report SlippyBlue February 24, 2018 6:47 PM GMT
13 penalties he gave Scotland, that's pretty much unheard of for an England side.
Report wondersobright February 24, 2018 6:48 PM GMT
wasn't my bet irish but I bet overs on points, needed 45 was weighed in virtually at 1 point and would have been had the eejit with the whistle not awarded countless penalties when england looked like scoring
Report irishone February 24, 2018 6:49 PM GMT
unbelievable  13 pens against england ... its not like i know much about the game , i dont , but when you see obvious bias like that it really puts you off watching
Report wondersobright February 24, 2018 6:49 PM GMT
13 slippy that needs investigating tbh
Report wondersobright February 24, 2018 6:49 PM GMT
infrequent viewer here as well irish just towing that's all
Report irishone February 24, 2018 6:51 PM GMT
i thought ireland got a few rubs of the green as well
Report anxious February 24, 2018 6:52 PM GMT
The game was won in the 1st half guys
Report irishone February 24, 2018 6:59 PM GMT
i think that game was won about two weeks ago after england beat wales
Report GRANTCKING February 24, 2018 7:03 PM GMT
LaughLaughLaugh this thread is hilarious
Report irishone February 24, 2018 7:08 PM GMT
the sad side grant ..... is that its not good for the sport
Report irishone February 24, 2018 7:19 PM GMT
england had more possession, more territory , yet still got done 13-7 on penalties

sadly i fear the referee has had a nightmare
Report stewardsenquirey February 24, 2018 7:23 PM GMT
england had more possession, more territory , yet still got done 13-7 on penalties

sadly i fear the referee has had a nightmare

What was unfair then?
Report irishone February 24, 2018 7:34 PM GMT
listen i know feck all about the game , i accept any judgement you want to make about me

but the ref made penalty awards for things he said happened but when you play it back he was wrong, the things he said happened didnt seem to have happened on the play back. the penalty i referred to in the first place was a good example . the scrum half fellah had already played the ball out when he decided a foul had taken place. the english fellah couldnt believe it.
Report irishone February 24, 2018 7:40 PM GMT
having said thatthe ireland gMe was the same

the commentators give it away ax well "thats a tough call" and pregnant pauses when they cant wor out what the devision is
Report EUGENE KRABS February 24, 2018 10:01 PM GMT
just a cheating taff
Report northanlite February 25, 2018 1:27 AM GMT
stewardsenquirey • February 24, 2018 7:23 PM GMT
england had more possession, more territory , yet still got done 13-7 on penalties

sadly i fear the referee has had a nightmare

What was unfair then?

you can't argue with ignorant Steward. the stats for T&P were similar. Turnovers win games and Scotland had key
turnovers at key moments. Surely we are allowed to win the odd one???
Report spyker February 26, 2018 10:21 AM GMT
One thing that i've notice Owens doing more and more and that is not indicating there is a pen, seeing how play develops and then giving a pen - re the disallowed intercepted 'try' for Eng. At no point did he indicate it was a pen until Eng intercepted it and looked like scoring and then he says 'hands in the ruck' - which was bullocks anyway. I'd also like to know when the ball was in the possession of the Eng forward who 'knocked on' for the other try - to my mind a player passing the ball, ball goes backwards through force of tackle (and it isn't obvious the ball has left passer's hand) it is play on.
Report northanlite February 27, 2018 9:33 PM GMT
the penalty was actually for being off his feet, or at least supporting himself with his hands but although tv pics
proved it was the right call Owen's didn't indicate it even when the ball left the ruck so can see why England followers would
be a bit miffed at that. Possible the touch judge called it.
i don't really understand the other question, if you mean when it was fly hacked on then it was the Scotland player
who was in possession and the ball was knocked on in tackle.
Report sewter lives again March 1, 2018 10:06 AM GMT
lets get this straight Scotland deserved to win

my old (Welsh) rugby coach used to say "offside is what the referee says it is" and Scotland adapted best-England picked an unfit, unbalanced back row and got mugged at the breakdown.

Having said that Owens was very inconsistent with his interpretations many English penalty offences were not reciprocated when committed by Scottish players. Some people call that home advantage and all teams benefit from it at some time.

as I said this Englishman thinks Scotland deserved to win
Report spyker March 1, 2018 4:41 PM GMT
Maybe the pen was fair enough but as i say owens is doing this more and more and only if things don't go as he thinks they will does he say there was a pen a few plays back. I see Wilson gets let off for clearly 'making contact with the eye area' whether intentional or not - remember Chris Ashton got 8 weeks i think for basically waving his arm and not realising somebody was there and flicking somebody's eyebrow! If Owens had of looked at it (and god knows why the tmo didn't get involved) it would have been a def red going by previous incidents.
Report irishone March 2, 2018 8:46 PM GMT
SOME OF his interpretations AT the breakdowns and some of the calls he made at different times lead me to suspect that he was very one sided.

The missing factor is news of someone looking into unusual betting patterns.
Report wisewords March 2, 2018 10:58 PM GMT
if he was at all biased, it won't be anything to do with betting. it will be to do with his employers telling him to show a slight bias to the home team because it's good for the Six Nations brand that all the fans have their happy moments to stay interested in the product and therefore carry on attending.
Report wisewords March 2, 2018 10:58 PM GMT
(an dwatching)
Report wisewords March 2, 2018 10:58 PM GMT
(and watching)*
Report The_KAMIKAZEE_DRINKING_MACHINE March 3, 2018 12:10 PM GMT
spyker that ball was definitely knocked forward by the England player in the tackle. But I feel your pain brother. Nigel is not on the guest list for any BBQ in Wallaby Land.

wisewords I doubt there's any deliberate bias. International referees have the same affliction that referees have at all levels of the game. A massive ego. Even suburban rugby has their share megalomaniacs. Next time you're watching a Test Match take not of this interesting fact. An International referee will never run between the goal posts. His head won't fit.
Report spyker March 3, 2018 5:33 PM GMT
Hi kam - maybe so but as i've said elsewhere the knock on/fw pass situation is beyond bizarre in all rugby (union) atm apparently a scrum 1/2 knocking on 6 inches isn't 'clear and obvious' enough for refs all over the world now! As you're here can you have a word with your Au/nz elastic manufacturers as I'm sick fed up of seeing antipodean arrse cheeks almost every time a Super game is on - the matches yesterday were hairy to say the least and it simply isn't needed!
Report northanlite March 3, 2018 10:34 PM GMT
oh no not the forward pass argument again. watchers moan refs are invariably correct.
as for knock on's they seem tighter than ever to me. the 9 can't even roll it back these days. personally i would like to
see non deliberate knock ons that don't affect the game ignored (as they often are) i would also like to see fair contests
in the air not deemed a knock on unless clearly deliberate.
Report The_KAMIKAZEE_DRINKING_MACHINE March 4, 2018 12:14 PM GMT
"antipodean arrse cheeks" - LaughLaughLaugh
Report wit-ham March 10, 2018 8:44 PM GMT
Not watched today's games but saw Scotland v England last week and yes thought Owens
was very home sided to the point i tweeted(rare tweeter me)"They have finally picked
up a Scotland forward pass",
  Now having said that was watching a super rugby game yesterday think a NZ side v SA side
and a pass thaT led to a try was about 5 yards forward not picked up commomtats
saying what a fantastic move pass was perfect for the guy to run on to etc
Report northanlite March 15, 2018 12:58 AM GMT
i don't know the specific pass you refer to but when it comes to forward passes you have to
remember it has to be going forward when it leaves the players hands to be wrong.
as has been gone over ad nauseam a pass delivered by a running player will always end up ahead of
the point it was delivered by the laws of physics. as long as it starts its journey behind the passer
is all that matters.
Report FredRescue March 17, 2018 8:27 PM GMT
TMO was either bent or incompetent today.

1st try was a clear knock on today by Ireland in the air. He didn't make any comment on it.

2nd try the ref asked him to look back to the final pass which looked forward. Again he didn't even bother and just looked at grounding.

Very odd.
Report The_KAMIKAZEE_DRINKING_MACHINE April 28, 2018 2:42 PM BST
I loved how in a QLD V ACT game a few weeks ago QLD scored a try from a Brumbies knock on in the tackle. Serevei grounded the ball several times to emphasise his point that the try must be looked at by the TMO. The ref declined. Said it was a knock on and to pack a scrum. Then everyone in TV Land and the the ground on the Big Screens and the TMO -YES THE TMO!!!- even the ref himself if he sneaked a peek at the big screen. So everybody watching the game knew it was a try but the ref had to pack a scrum even though he knew it was a try.

What a joke. Either you use the technology or ignore it. I watch club rugby every Saturday. They make a decision on the spot takes two seconds and is about as accurate as a TMO without all the BS.

I saw a shocker in the NRL last week as well so they're no better.
Just watched Waratahs v Crusaders. A casual observer may conclude that the kiwi ref Ben O'Keefe is bent. Not so. He has been equally pathetic in every match so far this year.
Just done a trip down memory lane. 1973 Grand Final Manly V Cronulla. The joy in watching Terry Randall. Leg chop tackler extraordinaire. Wouldn't get a gig in NRL these days where it's all about holding the ball carrier up and getting in more defenders and taking about 10 minutes to effect a tackle. League has become so boring.
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