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30 Apr 16 12:52
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I enjoy watching rugby - or at least used to - and didn't mind who would win, just enjoying the game. However the interference of refs has now gone way beyond a joke - from high tackles that are nothing of the sort to missing blindingly obvious forward passes/knock ons to what is really ruining it and that's misuse of tmo's. Just been an incident in the super 12's where a try was scored but the ref decided to have a look at some possible foul play. Fair do's for having a look but the 'foul play' was minimal at best and the first offence was by the non penalised side (that didn't score the try). Nobody apart from the ref (and a few pissed fans_ thought anything of it and even the tmo told the ref he was wrong yet he disallowed the try and sent the player to the bin. The ref also gave a try when it seems the ball was ripped but didn't even bother to check it.
Ok we all accept that refs get things wrong (I've not even mentioned scrums yet!) but it seems they are having more and more influence on who wins games with bigger and bigger decisions not looking right, influencing the result and leaving a nasty taste - i don't even really gamble on rugby now. A Phrase bandied about recently is 'painting a picture' for the ref - wtf does that mean? A hand on the ball is a hand on the ball and an offence (when not on feet) no matter what the fecking picture being painted!
Rant over!
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Agree 100%. Went to watch club Rugby yesterday. Sure the refs make mistakes but there's no video ref and their endless bullsh1t where they seem determined to find a reason not to award a try. In my life with the benefit of hindsight I'm sure I'd be a billionaire by now. Rugby refs get the benefit of hindsight and they still fxck everything up!!!
What's this (posh boys) thing about?
Report spyker May 1, 2016 8:01 PM BST
To distinguish between union and league - I'm a fan of both and league refs wind me up for different reasons! What i don't like with the tmo's is that often whatever it is that has happened and looked at has had zero effect and nobody seems to know what the protocol is for looking anyway. It's almost 'lets have a look for the sake of it' as they think they have seen something, well they might have but there's a million other (illegal) things that have happened as well at some point in the build up. Is it up to the ref or the tmo as they disagree sometimes but it always seems to go with the ref on the pitch - fair enough but not when hew doesn't seem to have seen all the angles.
Sort the protocol out, always watch it in full speed first and don't only concentrate on whatever narrow thing it is that the refs think has happened and thus miss any number of things just as bad. Or just don't bother of course.........
Report gaz255 May 1, 2016 9:54 PM BST
League has a set procedure for try/ no try.The on the field ref gives try or no try and then the video ref( we don`t call them tmo)reviews and has to have definite evedence from the footage to overturn the on the field ref.
Sometimes like in all sports you don`t get what is really happening from tv but it`s clear when at the game
Report TheVis May 3, 2016 8:19 AM BST
NRL does it best at the moment from the bunker. Quite a quick analysis and you can hear the logic of the decision as the bloke there talks through each step he is looking at.
Report spyker May 6, 2016 11:28 AM BST
This idiot in the brum v Bulls is having a doozy, even the comms can hardly stop laughing - I genuinely do fear the future (competence) of rugby refs!
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