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25 Apr 16 20:46
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Six point deduction.
May well appeal?but no chance of a reprieve it`s independant and not rfl based .
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Report khyber kim April 26, 2016 8:39 AM BST
Funny old world. The punishment was only 4 when Wigan did it, if they had imposed 6 back then it would have meant Wigan relegation.

They either don't like Dr Koukash or they didn't want Wigan relegated. Or Both!
Report khyber kim April 26, 2016 8:50 AM BST
Wigan docked four points for breaking £1.6m salary cap

Andy Wilson

Thursday 26 July 2007 00.42
Last modified on Tuesday 5 April 2016 04.37 BST


Wigan were last night docked four points for the biggest salary cap breach in the Super League's history, despite an audacious defence which included a claim that nine senior players had agreed to forgo their wages for three months last autumn.

The Warriors were found guilty of busting the limit of £1.6m on payments by £222,314 (6.3%). The punishment dumps them from fourth to ninth in the congested table and leaves them with an uphill struggle to qualify for the top-six play-offs, with only six matches remaining.

However, that is a drop in the ocean compared with the eight points they would have lost without winning a preliminary hearing to reduce the maximum punishment two weeks ago. That would have left them a point above the bottom club, Salford, and back in real relegation danger - although not quite as deep as the trouble they were in last June, when they made the world-record signing of Bradford's Great Britain prop Stuart Fielden, which led to their salary cap problems.

It emerged yesterday that the Rugby Football League, which had initially blocked that deal until it was given a personal assurance by Wigan's chairman, Maurice Lindsay, that it would not lead to a salary cap breach, would not have allowed Fielden to move had it been aware of the way in which Lindsay would attempt to wriggle off the hook.

The Fielden deal had gone through two weeks after Kris Radlinski agreed to come out of retirement, with Lindsay insisting that money had not been an issue because Wigan were at their salary cap limit.

He did manage to release some players, as he had promised the RFL - notably Kevin Brown to Huddersfield and Dennis Moran to Widnes. But that was never going to be enough, so Lindsay renegotiated the contracts of nine players - including Fielden, only two months after he had signed. Fielden and Harrison Hansen, another of the players who agreed to the new terms, attended last night's independent tribunal as witnesses but Lindsay expressed his disappointment that they "apparently weren't considered".

Lindsay said that Wigan, who have been ordered to pay costs, will reserve their right to appeal until they see the written judgment. But the verdict could also lead to legal action from Castleford, who were relegated after finishing three points behind Wigan.

Last night's revelations also raise the question of how Wigan have avoided breaching the cap this season, with all the players who agreed to defer their payments now on better or longer deals. But cynics have already noted that by the time the 2007 figures are considered next year the danger of relegation will already have been removed, with a new franchise system due to be introduced for 2009.

Wigan's punishment follows a two-point deduction for Bradford and a fine for St Helens for smaller breaches last season, and in previous years Halifax, Hull and Wakefield were also docked two points. But the Warriors have struggled with the salary cap since it was introduced in 2001, with Lindsay initially securing an exemption because the club was already locked into a number of long-term deals.

They were also docked two points and fined £50,000 for conduct prejudicial to the interests of the game last year, after a dispute over whether image rights should count towards their salary cap figures.
Report gaz255 April 26, 2016 6:40 PM BST
Rules were changed and everyone knows about it so 6 is low compared to max 20.
Most of the clubs are now run by people who know what they are doing.It`s when shareholders etc get too involved that the problems arise as the over rule the paid officials of a club.
Report The Shipbuilders April 27, 2016 5:54 PM BST
load of Ball ****.

Barrow Raiders relegated after breaking player pay rules

Barrow Raiders have been deducted 29 points after being found guilty of breaking rules over payments to players.

The Cumbrian side appeared before a Rugby Football League tribunal in Leeds on Thursday night charged with misconduct and a series of breaches of operational rules.

The points deduction will mean automatic relegation to Championship One and a reprieve for Dewsbury.
Report gaz255 April 27, 2016 8:58 PM BST

Apr 27, 2016 -- 11:54AM, The Shipbuilders wrote:

load of Ball ****. Barrow Raiders relegated after breaking player pay rulesBarrow Raiders have been deducted 29 points after being found guilty of breaking rules over payments to players.The Cumbrian side appeared before a Rugby Football League tribunal in Leeds on Thursday night charged with misconduct and a series of breaches of operational rules.The points deduction will mean automatic relegation to Championship One and a reprieve for Dewsbury.

FYI-Barrow were docked more than 20 pts as at the time it was three points for a win in that league hence max was 30 pts

Report The Shipbuilders April 28, 2016 10:36 AM BST
FYI- My reply was posted with regard to the huge discrepancy in punishments handed out (RFL or independent)to clubs not in the SL.  Thats just the tip of the iceberg. Salary cap breach,yes, it happened but they rammed it up us in more ways. Being told by the RFL that two of your games will be on Sky, then charging you £26,000 for the privilege.Seeing your post just stirred the pot again for me.

RFL bills Barrow Raiders £26k for use of temporary lights

Last updated at 14:10, Thursday, 19 November 2009

RAIDERS chairman Des Johnston has been left raging at an RFL bill for £26,000 for the use of temporary floodlights at televised games.

Sky Sports broadcast Barrows matches against Widnes and Halifax live from Craven Park late in the Championship season.

To do so, they erected two huge temporary floodlight pylons on the Popular Side, believing the levels of the clubs own lights were not sufficient for their purposes.

Johnston says he was assured by the RFL at the time that Barrow would NOT have to foot the bill for the lights being brought in, but now the money has been taken out of their central payments by the games governing body.
Report bobweenit April 28, 2016 10:46 AM BST
So there breaking the cap with 1 of the worst teams in the leagueLaugh proves my theory all DocTors are IDIOTSLaugh
Report gaz255 April 28, 2016 1:35 PM BST
All these breaches seem to occur with shall we say colourful chairman in charge.Trying to take clubs beyond where they should be much too quickly .Des Johnston Dr MK and the guy at Leigh all seem to think that rules,which are there to protect clubs from people like them ,can be ignored as they have `money`.Other chairman set clubs up to have long term futures(ironically they are in most cases somewhat richer than the gentlemen mentioned)
Report gaz255 April 28, 2016 2:12 PM BST
It`s always the fans that suffer when these things occur.Chairman of this nature come ,over hype clubs and when things don`t go their way fade away leaving behind a mess.May I add that I dread my club again coming under control of ,as I am sure football fans of Barrow and Chester will agree a chairman , shall we say the without the correct credentials and the wrong connections.
Report twonky April 28, 2016 3:05 PM BST
Didn't the bloke who fckued up Chester City try and take over at Widnes? Forget his name.
Report gaz255 April 28, 2016 4:38 PM BST
Yes he did.Barrow footy then Chester and Widnes moved to live in Malta after a spell at Her Majestys Pleasure.Stephen Vaughan was his name. Friends etc with Curtis Warren who is at present residing in a Channel Island `holiday camp`.At Chester he arranged for the club to hold a minute's silence following the death of Colin Smith another associate of Curtis Warren.
No club needs these sort of people to come and `rescue `them
Report twonky April 28, 2016 5:02 PM BST
Thought it, couldn't think of his name.
Report The Shipbuilders April 28, 2016 9:45 PM BST
Obviously this team will not be made up full time players and they will just take extended holidays when they play there away games in 5 to 6 week chunks. Salary cap my ar&e. The RFL,s stupidity and arrogance knows no bounds.

Toronto Wolfpack billed as first transatlantic professional team
Wolfpack to join third tier of English rugby league in 2017 and will play at Toronto’s Lamport Stadium
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