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11 Jun 24 16:18
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Pause Switch to Standard View Hunter Biden guilty, 3 counts.
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Report Jack Bauer "24" June 11, 2024 4:23 PM BST
But the MAGA clowns keep telling us there is a two-tier system of justice. How can this possibly happen? Crazy
Report edy June 11, 2024 4:29 PM BST
Biden Crime Family!
Report Jack Bauer "24" June 11, 2024 4:32 PM BST
He has a tax fraud case coming up in a few months too.
Report Mexico June 11, 2024 4:41 PM BST
Thank god for the Republicans.

Without them just about anybody would be able to buy a gun in USA.
Report lfc1971 June 11, 2024 4:45 PM BST
Now it’s interesting

Be ready leftists you’re accountable ..
Report casemoney June 11, 2024 5:08 PM BST
They don't like wrong uns in Prison
Report lfc1971 June 11, 2024 5:12 PM BST
Irish Joe is next given half a chance

Not because we necessarily dislike him

But he ‘ claims ‘ to be south Irish ,, and that
is enough to know ,, be ready ..
Report Ronaldmcdonald June 11, 2024 5:16 PM BST
He won't get any time for misdemeanors. As if.
Report lfc1971 June 11, 2024 5:51 PM BST
Now who cares two hoots if Biden bought a gun
or took drugs , or paid a call to a beautiful woman
Don’t dare accept this -horse manure president Biden or you’re nothing
Truly i tell you this very night .. you will disown me before the rooster crows three times “
Report Ronaldmcdonald June 11, 2024 6:55 PM BST
It's a huge setback for the second amendment. Shall not be infringed it says.
Report ----you-have-to-laugh--- June 11, 2024 7:06 PM BST
Drugs and bare arms used to be connected in a different way...
Report Escapee June 11, 2024 10:21 PM BST
Huge set back for Trump, Hunter's conviction casting a smear on Joe and increasing Joes chances of stepping aside for a younger candidate.

This conviction could be the end of Trump 2024
Report tobermory June 11, 2024 10:48 PM BST
Trump will pardon Hunter, to show he is above this Dem lawfare stuff.
Report edy June 11, 2024 10:59 PM BST
That'd be extremely bad. What happened to respecting law and order?
Report edy June 11, 2024 11:03 PM BST
Law and order president Trump should stick to commuting the sentence of the former dark net drug lord that he promised to commute for the libertarians. Shouldn't along with that pardon a president's son.
Report edy June 11, 2024 11:05 PM BST
Accountability matters, even for the sons of POTUSes.
Report ----you-have-to-laugh--- June 11, 2024 11:11 PM BST
Pardon the shark that electrocuted him, and the turkey...

Before springing himself from rikers
Report casemoney June 12, 2024 12:58 AM BST
Suspended and  Long  probation I would Imagine / they have to be seen to do Something in case he loses the plot on drugs again ,Summat about him spending 100 Large Cash in a month on drugs , I heard .. WTF

Bloke was totally off the Rails the state of his Teeth in some of The Pictures Sad

I would not be surprised if it all goes sideways and he does something Silly to himself Plain he is deffo a loose Cannon ,some of these laptop Images which appear legit are as dodgy as fook TBH

No  wonder Joes losing the Plot , Some right tragedy in his life TBH , You would think Hunter Would Try to ease the Burden not add to it ..
Report A_T June 12, 2024 11:35 AM BST
joe can pardon him in november - appeals should keep him out of jail until then
Report Ronaldmcdonald June 12, 2024 11:49 AM BST
He said he would not consider issuing a pardon for his son. He could commute the sentence instead to avoid being called a liar, but he's never worried about being caught lying before. Hopefully Trump will win the election and then he can pardon Joe and Hunter.
Report A_T June 12, 2024 11:53 AM BST
He said he would not consider issuing a pardon for his son.

he might forget he said that
Report lfc1971 June 12, 2024 12:09 PM BST
A President can’t pardon a member of his own family
Report spyker June 12, 2024 12:37 PM BST
Yet Trumpists argue he can pardon himself - like most of the far right you seem confused LFc.

Obv any Republican who has smoked a spliff in the last 6 months and has a gun license will be handing themselves in over the next few weeks.........
Report Ronaldmcdonald June 12, 2024 12:44 PM BST
A lot of republicans are on Hunter's side on this. It's a violation of his 2nd and 5th amendment rights.
Report casemoney June 12, 2024 1:27 PM BST
If HUNTER was not the Presidents son he would be on Skid Row with the rest of the Sad Cases

he should show a bit of Respect for himself and His Family , He has not even Seen his Daughter

that he denied was his, But then neither has her grand  father , Perhaps they are just a pair of orrible

Report casemoney June 12, 2024 1:33 PM BST
its not a Spliff Spyker its a Full blown addiction A man Shoving anything up his Nose or down his throat

Spending Days out of his Skull in Hotel rooms ,All his teeth had to be replaced due to being Destroyed by Drug Use

he also owes the tax man 1.5 million dollars ,wonder what he spent that on ?
Report Ronaldmcdonald June 12, 2024 2:19 PM BST
Now they can claim it's not a two tiered justice system because they charged the president's son with something trivial. It's the only crime they could have charged him with that wasn't criminally linked to Joe.
Report edy June 12, 2024 6:35 PM BST
For incompetent sacks, they sure always have the cleverest evil plots.
Report A_T June 12, 2024 7:34 PM BST
there should be compassion for hunter (and his laptop). a troubled man.
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