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29 Apr 24 20:17
Date Joined: 13 Dec 06
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Has anybody on here ever actually traveled to where T-H-E-Y say Wales is located and can confirm it even exists to begin with? This supposedly existing Wales thing is suspiciously quiet, whereas the other countries and regions of the UK seem to be in a constant state of ..... seeking to re-enact Shakespeare plays.
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Report Early Morning Riser April 29, 2024 8:36 PM BST
Maggie killed Wales when she shut the pits. Now the land of spice and coke.
Report Charlie April 29, 2024 8:51 PM BST
It's because the Welsh try and speak Welsh and nobody in the world understand Welsh not even the Welsh. It's a bit like German without the vowels.
Report Charlie April 29, 2024 8:57 PM BST
It's quite well known that during WW2 we didn't need an Enigma machine becuase our secret messages were transmitted in Welsh. The Germans never cracked it.
Report Charlie April 29, 2024 9:01 PM BST
And occassionaly they misspelt words to further confuse the Bosch.
Report Early Morning Riser April 29, 2024 9:07 PM BST
Cant see Vaughan Gething lasting long, That £200k donation is starting too smell. Even those closest to him are now distancing themselves from him.
Report Dr Crippen April 29, 2024 9:36 PM BST
There's no doubt the Welsh have a fine reputation for soldiering

Who can forget Ivor Emmanuel leading the singing in the film Zulu.

''Men of Harlech shoot their balls off, if they come too close.''

Rousing stuff indeed.
Report Foinavon April 29, 2024 10:01 PM BST
Wales is well worth a visit, edy. There is beautiful scenery, medieval fortresses, ancient sites and even a quirky village once used as a setting for a fantasy  TV series.
Report irishone April 30, 2024 7:22 AM BST
Dafyyd still about ?
Report PorcupineorPineapple April 30, 2024 8:16 AM BST
It's not very well known but Wales did have a referendum to leave the UK a few years ago. Was hushed up though. Turns out that 52% of Welsh people voted to leave Wales and stay in the UK.
Report DancingBraveTheBest April 30, 2024 12:25 PM BST
I can 100% confirm Wales exists Happy
Report Dr Crippen April 30, 2024 3:47 PM BST
I know The Horseshoe Pass - Llangollen.

Everybody goes there.
Report Dr Crippen April 30, 2024 3:50 PM BST
Bangor-on-Dee racecourse. I've been there often enough.

No stands, you watch from the field. If it rains you get soaked.
Report leif May 29, 2024 3:30 PM BST
"Cant see Vaughan Gething lasting long, That £200k donation is starting too smell. Even those closest to him are now distancing themselves from him."

Welsh First Minister faces no confidence vote after 70 days in office

Tories table motion following collapse of co-operation pact between Labour and Plaid Cymru and rows involving Vaughan Gething

Been in charge longer than the lettuce thoughMischief
Report leif June 5, 2024 4:58 PM BST
Poor Vaughan in tears apparently.

awww bless himMischief
Report leif June 5, 2024 5:37 PM BST
Lost the vote but not obliged to stand down.

Not in a good position though.
Report Shrewd_dude June 5, 2024 5:39 PM BST
Health Minister during covid. Surprised the muppets thought he would last long.
Report leif June 5, 2024 6:16 PM BST
wont be standing down saying he's done "nothing wrong" and will "continue what I'm doing".

Just hope it's not:

Taking a 200k donation from a company that was done for pollution [twice] and under a criminal investigation for another episode.
The company Dawson, in the same year as they donated 200K to Gething's campaign took out a 400K loan from the welsh development bank [a bank of last resortLaugh]

Gething deleted text messages during covid [as did others I guess]

Dismissed a minister for supposedly leaking info although he has produced no supporting evidence for the dismissal, publicly.

Did f3ck all wrong thoughCrazy
Report Early Morning Riser June 5, 2024 7:35 PM BST
Vaughan Gething's response after the vote>>> I will go to Normandy to do my duty to our D-Day veterans as I should. That means a long drive overnight to do the right thing tomorrow. That's how I feel about serving my country and that's my intention and for the future".

That's how arrogant the man is, lets hope when he returns back from his all expenses payed trip he will resign, but i cant see that happening.
Report lfc1971 June 5, 2024 8:01 PM BST
what on earth is going on ?!

crybabies running the country !!

Get a backbone for goodness sake - and now he’s off to
commentate the D-Day landings .. what a carry on
Report Early Morning Riser June 8, 2024 7:10 PM BST
Something is happening, I think he resigns on Monday if what i'm hearing is true.
Report moisok June 8, 2024 7:42 PM BST
Is it true that starmer says Labour in Wales is a good example of what Labour will.
I GOING to be busy now watching
speedway after typing this
Report Early Morning Riser June 9, 2024 1:46 PM BST
Well worth a read how corruption is rife within in Welsh Labour. Google (jac o' the north) and read his blog >>> the 2nd blog down.
Report casemoney June 9, 2024 2:34 PM BST
The right wing  dont run Wales EDY , there will be no bad news reported
Report Early Morning Riser June 14, 2024 5:59 PM BST
Anti-racist Wales action plan, Maybe thats why Gethin is not going anywhere, he's safe under that plan no matter what he does wrong.
Report leif June 14, 2024 10:25 PM BST
Politician in expenses probe stripped of Tory job

A Welsh Conservative politician has been stripped of her spokesperson job after texts from her phone appeared to show an employee was asked to maximise expenses claims.

Senedd Tory leader Andrew RT Davies said he has asked Laura Anne Jones, who is under investigation by police, to step back from his shadow cabinet.

The messages, reported by BBC Wales on Friday, appeared to show a member of staff being asked: "When doing petrol thing - always make more than I did – add in stuff please ok".

The context for the WhatsApp messages is not evident. Ms Jones' solicitor has previously said she is "satisfied that any allegations in relation to impropriety surrounding expenses are entirely misconceived".

The Member of the Senedd for South Wales East remains a part of the Conservative group in the Welsh Parliament.

Ms Jones has been asked for comment.

Labour's Shadow Welsh Secretary Jo Stevens questioned why Ms Jones had not been suspended.

She said: "These latest revelations about a Welsh Conservative politician are deeply alarming."

"Andrew RT Davies must be clear about what he knew about this situation and when he knew it," Ms Stevens added.

The Liberal Democrats have also called for Ms Jones to be suspended.

Mr Davies said: "I have asked Laura Anne Jones to step back from the Welsh Conservative Shadow Cabinet while investigations take place.

"We will not be making any comments on any active investigation.

BBC Wales cannot verify whether the messages represent the whole conversations between the people involved, nor their full context.

Ms Jones is currently being investigated by the Standards Commissioner Douglas Bain and South Wales Police.

It is understood the investigation by Mr Bain is on hold while the police inquiry is taking place.

Police have spoken to at least one member of Conservative staff. No arrests have been made.

The BBC has been told the original complaint to Mr Bain was in relation to Ms Jones’s handling of allegations of bullying by a senior member of staff.

A lawyer on behalf of Ms Jones previously said in a statement: "Ms Jones did not receive any formal bullying complaint in relation to any of her staff members."

They added that she "is satisfied that any allegations in relation to impropriety surrounding expenses are entirely misconceived".

"Ms Jones’s belief is that these complaints being lodged with the standards commissioner are without foundation.

"As these matters are the subject of ongoing inquiries, it would be inappropriate for Ms Jones to make any further comment.

"Ms Jones has no issue with the BBC or its sources putting these allegations to the police and/or the standards commissioner, which will provide her the opportunity to respond in a formal manner as part of the inquiry should the authorities require it."
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