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23 May 22 04:31
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Is the Northern Ireland protocol . Amen .

To prevent the re-emergence of border posts/ checks between Northern Ireland and the rest of Ireland the NI protocol is the only solution . Aside from an "electronic" oven ready solution suggested by some UK fantasists .

The danger in a hard Brexit was well flagged up in the 5 years it took to implement it , the DUP in particular alone almost in Northern Ireland  campaigned for Brexit , and are largely to blame for the faux pas that has ensued .

The NI protocol does not affect anyone's "Britishness" . That claim is a flag waving smokescreen to cover up the inadequacy and idiocy of DUP policy .

So far there has not been one sensible alternative suggestion from either the DUP or the UK government as to how to eliminate the NI protocol . We don't particularly like our weather , but we are stuck with it , we cannot change it .  So it is with the NI protocol . Blaming the weather on the EU would be the exact  analogous scenario . Nuts .

There is a simple solution , but it involves root and branch dismantling of the hard Brexit and a rethink about the real implications political wise and economically about Brexit and the false propaganda that was involved in "Getting it done".
The DUP jumped over the cliff with the Brexit supporters , they will just have to live with the logical consequences inherent in the hard Brexit they supported .

Time will probably mean a realisation that Brexit has done nothing for most of the UK population , they were sold a pup by certain vested interests who will benefit from Brexit , mainly financially .

Northern Ireland leaving the UK via the border vote method enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement would solve the Northern Ireland protocol , replacing it with the EU/UK protocol which is brushed under the carpet daily as of little consequence . That option is not a runner at present , but may eventually register as logical and sensible to more and more UK "mainland" citizens , many of whom are fed up with the DUP and the current policies of Boris and co . The DUP would need to heed the fact that the harder they campaign a flag waving policy the less popular they are becoming with the sensible people in the rest of the UK .

If the current impasse regarding having a properly functioning Executive in NI persists , the back ground threat of Joint Authority may be the only thing that forces the DUP into sucking up the mess they have virtually alone created by their support for a hard Brexit .

Brandon Lewis and the previous non entity NI Secretaries ( Julian Smith excepted) has nothing to offer , particularly over the protocol debate , but also regarding other matters here in NI . NI secretary is a job no one in Westminster Conservative circles wants , it is a poisoned chalice .

Covid , cost of living issues , Ukraine situation all have not helped , but have affected all of the UK not just  Northern Ireland .  The real underlying problem involving the NI protocol though is 100% Brexit related .
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Report lapsy pa May 23, 2022 12:53 PM BST
Some picture being painted,tsunami warnigs from the dup,Liam Fox saying the protocol is 'unacceptable' as it leaves NI citizens as 2nd class(Sunday Telegraph)

The best performing area of the UK,less shortages of produce,freedom of movement and a lesser hit to inflation,don't let the truth get in the way.
Report akabula May 23, 2022 12:56 PM BST
As the Protocol impacts badly on the GFA it will be changed.
1% rise in the SF vote hardly a disaster for t5he Unionists.
Report lapsy pa May 23, 2022 1:06 PM BST
If you want to use an election point Mr Neal says just 7% voted against the protocol, where is the democracy? we have lies in abundance.
Report akabula May 23, 2022 1:13 PM BST
Read what the GFA says about minorities.
Report lapsy pa May 23, 2022 1:17 PM BST
The dup don't give a feck about the GFA,they were always against but now hiding behind it, they see which way it is heading and it isn't good for their precious union, sod the people and their welfare.
The checks aren't doing any good either for the dups non political wing,their drug running is getting hit.
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