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shiny new shoes please
13 Sep 21 15:41
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Resistance to COVID-19 countermeasures has reached a fever pitch. Tractor drivers on strike. Large-scale protests in the street. Civil disobedience on a massive scale.
The government's reaction is one of Orwellian overreach and efficiency. This is the current situation in Australia - but soon could be happening in the United States.
Benjamin Franklin, the people of Australia are learning that sacrificing their liberty for temporary safety is a way to guarantee receiving neither.
Yes yes it's been said 18 + months ago..tick tock !
All it needs is , little push ..joker Laugh
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Report shiny new shoes please September 13, 2021 4:46 PM BST
Some Australians are willing to accept the strong arm of state and federal power in the name of their own safety,
Americans are willing to put up with pandemic theatre to protect us from a disease that for most people  is usually equivalent to a bad cold. The unwillingness of our political class to relinquish its emergency powers shows that, once ceded, rights are increasingly difficult to regain.

The blueprint for swift government restrictions with no or few exceptions likely will be utilized in the not-too-distant future against the populace.
If there are "climate change lockdowns," as has been suggested, the point of no return may be taking place across the Pacific right now.

Government tyranny usually does not come as one fell swoop. There likely never would be a coup d'etat or military junta in America. Instead, the willing acceptance of ceding individual freedoms eventually threatens all of them.
Amen.. Good writer
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