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11 Sep 21 02:23
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How has this been allowed to happen in the UK ,  Will there be a full public inquiry ? 

The marriage process was called a nikah and involved Mustafa and his two friends as witnesses. It is not clear if Miss Khan was present, but the tradition states that this is not required.Mustafa promptly collected Miss Khan from her family home in Bradford and her family never saw her again.

What are Boris and Ms Patel doing regarding the continual abuse and Murder of women in this country ?

The perp had already been in prison for carrying appalling acts on his first wife Sad
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Report Giuseppe September 11, 2021 3:44 AM BST
thought this might have been about the film
Report impossible123 September 11, 2021 7:22 AM BST
Regardless, the law of the land must be upheld. We're in the UK thus UK law must be practised and upheld. Others do not come into the equation, period.
Report saddo September 11, 2021 9:41 AM BST
Ring a woman, tell her she's married to you and go and collect her. These different cultures we let in are great aren't they. What were her family thinking, this is ok, this is normal?
Report akabula September 11, 2021 10:22 AM BST
Must serve a minimum of 32 years.
Nothing but a savage.
Report saddo September 11, 2021 10:27 AM BST
I'm guessing there are many more women who are 'married' and carted off, the families must just not report it. Is it tacitly accepted by everyone?
Report moisok September 11, 2021 11:35 AM BST
Report casemoney September 11, 2021 12:30 PM BST

This takes some Believing have a look at the two cases  , One where a bloke Rams the car his brother in laws are in, Mounts the pavement then Stabs them  a complete Nutter 

22 months

2 drunks break into a derelict hotel 

12 months Plain
Report peckerdunne September 11, 2021 1:44 PM BST
Give them 50 million to try prevent future kidnaps,sorry weddings.
Report Foinavon September 11, 2021 2:58 PM BST
Stress in Mustafa’s personal and family life were seen as key triggers, noted in assessment reports throughout 2015, including in July 2015 when he was discharged from Cygnet to community care monitored by Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.


One of the key takeaways in the report is a crucial missed opportunity, Niche says, relating to a sexual relationship Mustafa conducted with a health care worker at Cygnet Hospital in Derby.

The worker in question disclosed the relationship herself in October 2014, due to the fear she had of Mustafa.

The staff member was subsequently fired and the emphasis of reports at the time was that Mustafa was the victim in the incident, due to his mental health status.

The above is and has been liberal elite thinking for the past 50 years.
The perpetrator is seen as a victim of his personal circumstances. He is unwell and needs understanding and TLC to heal his wounds and make him into a normal loving person who can be released back into society. In reality this type of person is a vicious, self-centred individual and is only concerned for his own personal gratification with no regard for those he hurts in the process. such dangerous individuals need to be locked away for good for the protection of everyone else.
Report casemoney September 11, 2021 6:02 PM BST
Spot on Foin
Report casemoney September 14, 2021 1:14 PM BST
86 year old war veteran beaten to death

Confronted troublemakers outside his home

The old re occurring name involved Sad
Report casemoney September 14, 2021 2:24 PM BST

Looks like some are taking the law into their  own hands  , at least the Councillor

seems to find it Amuzing

Man has hand ‘chopped off at the wrist after Whitechapel vigilantes corner him’

Cllr Khayer Chowdhury, crime lead for nearby Redbridge council, said on his Facebook page that locals had cornered a man who had reportedly brought a machete to the scene.

He wrote: “ don’t mess with the people of Tower Hamlets. Plain
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