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26 Jun 20 00:24
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Report akabula June 26, 2020 12:26 AM BST
Couple fall out. Guy calls his exgfs new boyfriend a Leprechaun because hes Irish and small.
Taken to court and fined £280 for a racially motivated hate crime. Jezuz wept.
Report HGS June 26, 2020 12:35 AM BST
And this went to court? Cry
Report flushgordon1 June 26, 2020 10:29 AM BST
Thank feck he never called him a pygmy he would be doing a 12 stretch.
Report moondan June 26, 2020 1:45 PM BST
Jews have given me employment and some real acts of kindness and they are never shy of being racial about each other.

Black people have given me some of the great moments whether it be in sport or music.

Of course racism exists but unfortunately its getting muddled and in danger of being misrepresented in so many ways.

Its not what you say, its the way you say it.

We have to be careful that the cure is not worse than the illness.
Report flushgordon1 June 26, 2020 2:30 PM BST
There is no cure its human nature,and no matter how the liberals try to foist it upon, it will always be there.
Report jackdanny June 26, 2020 3:00 PM BST
In my circle of friends in the South of England including myself we have 3 Scottish , one half Welsh person,1 Dominican,2 Jamaican and 2 of indeterminate origin , we constantly rip each other to shreds and would be worried if we didn't, we all agree that everyone needs to chill the **** out :) our combined text messages over the years to each other would result in massive fines if the criteria that seems to be applied at the moment was used retrospectively
Report saddo June 26, 2020 4:27 PM BST
moondan, a good mate at work is 21 and jewish. If anyone at work suggests he might be responsible for a feck up he always replies, 'that's right, blame the jew'
Report moondan June 27, 2020 1:51 PM BST

Exactly my experience. I had to smile reading that.

I think people are much the same the world over if you give them respect the odds are it will be returned in kind.
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